[TRANS] 2PM's "Thanks To" from GALAXY OF 2PM

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Special thanks to

To everyone who was involved with our 5th Album gGALAXY OF 2PMh

Our leader J.Y. Park PD.
Company president Jimmy, Cho vice president, Byung vice president and Pyo vice president who are full of love.

Matsumura-san who is very lovely.
Thank you always for everything! Aoki-san.

Everyone at JYP JAPAN.
Wefre always touched by your great teamwork.
Shannon-san who is the one and only person, is getting nicer and nicer.
Wefre always grateful to you, funny Yasu-san.
Chung-san who is kind and considerate.
Ayumi-san who has a sense of responsibility.
Narita-san who is strong-minded.
Jihoon-san who has a spirit of tenacity.
Thank you always for your wonderful ideas! Seonga-san.
Please continue your support! Seyoung-san.
Let's do our best together! Hyunbi-san, Sonbob-san.

Everyone at JYP ROOM.
Park-san, thank you for watching over us like a father.
Kasai-san who is always funny and cute.
Charismatic Nangu-san who treats us with the mind of a mother.
Reliable noona Izumi-san, we are always grateful to you!
Charming Kwangmyeon-san who is always by our side.
Seunghwan-san who is a well put together and earnest hyung.
Igarashi-san who takes photos to make 2PM look cool putting in every nerve.
Risako-san who is shy and has a lovely smile.
Kumi-san who always greets us with a smile.

Everyone at Epic Records.
A passionate man, Tanigawa-san.
A romantic pianist Baba-san who has an attractive smile.
Jinkei-san who is full of individuality.
Isebo-san who is full of eagerness, Candice-san.

Gouei-san of OBELISK who has a unswerving belief, Iehara-san.
Suzuki-san of united lounge tokyo who has exceptional sensitivity, Hirota-San.
Cameraman Tommy-san who is kind and energetic.

Kurashige-san of SOGO TOKYO who is passionate and cool, Tanaka-san.
Great stage directors Furuhashi-san and Okuzumi-san who are careful about stage safety.
Thank you for your cool lightings, Maeda-san!
Aizawa-san and Shimizu-san who make cool images for us.
Hyesung-san who is always smiling and kind.
Yamamoto-san and Fukuoka-san of Mount Alive who warmly welcome 2PM throughout Japan.
Sugiyama-san of SOGO TOKYO, Endo-san and Nakamura-san of Sunday Folk Promotion,
Nakanishi-san of SOGO OSAKA, Nagar-San of BEA.

Drivers Muroi-san and Hayashi-san who are careful about our safety.

Interpreters Yeon-san and Park-san, thank you for always making the atmospheres at the sites fun with your smiles!

2PMfs guardian angels whom we respect! We love you!
Hana-san, Jane-san,
Heewon-san, Seungjong-san, Junghan-san, Kyujae-san, Sungwoon-san,
Namyong-san, Hyungwoo-san, Heeso-san,
Taesub-san, Youngwoon-san, Hyejin-san, Hongseok-san,
Jeongyun gLiah-san, Mini-san, Daye-san
Hyoungshim-san, Ara-san, Dohyeon-san and Moonjeong-san.

And all of composers and songwriters who participated this album,
thank you for the wonderful songs.

All of JYP Entertainment Korea, China and Thailand staff.
All of SN promotion loop room ERJ publicity team and staff.
Everyone at Sony Music Publishing.
Everyone at the sales team of SMM.
All of the staff who always support 2PM.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Member thanks to

Jun. K

Ifm happy to be able to send our music to everyone and have live concerts as 2PM and as Jun. K!!!
Please be together with us forever.


Thank you HOTTEST for all the good times I never thought I would be able to experience.
Itfs been such a pleasure to have such a good family that loves us no matter what.
Up until this day I still donft know how to give back all that you have given the 6 of us.
But thatfs our goal. To give back what we receive from you all.
So whether it takes 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, just stick with us and we will make sure to do so.
May take longer and I donft know when. So in other words stick with us forever.


Everyone who is reading this gThanks toh, I really appreciate it.
I pray that all of you will always be healthy and happy.


It has already become the 5th album that 2PM has released in Japan, you know.
I think that the precious and passionate love of each person makes 2PM exist as what we are.
Even while looking at everyonefs love and surely feeling it,
there were a lot of times when the love existing there seemed to be unreal to me.
Recently, Ifve been realizing how big and great everyonefs love was.
I sincerely appreciate that you built up constant efforts for us at each place.
I'd like to express my gratitude toward all of the Hottest who support us.
Ifll keep everyonefs love to myself, and never forget it! I love you.


Before I knew it 5 years had passed since our Japanese debut.
We were given a lot of love from everyone during these 5 years.
To respond to the love, we were always intent on returning to everyone with our good music.
Looking back on those days, everything is really shining, and itfs very hard even if I am told to pick up some memories from the time we spent together.
Because all the memories remain in my heart. The 5 years seemed long and short, that was really fun.
I believe that 2PMfs encounter with Hottest is forever.
2PM who will continue to keep growing will always be by your side.
I really appreciate all of staff who were involved in this album and our members I really like.
And I love you.


First of all, everyone who made this album together with us, thank you very much!
I think that if it had not been for everyone who made up the best music and stage for 2PM,
such a great album and tour couldnft have been completed.
From now on too, Ifll work even harder to make everyone think that itfs fun whenever you are with 2PM!
All the Hottest who warmly watch over and encourage us! Thank you very much!
Wefll do our best to be able to become 2PM who is loved by everyone from now on too. I love you.

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