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“2PM, their state of mind before taking a hiatus from their Japan activities is...”

2PM, who are going to pause their Japanese activities as 6 for a while. Their 11th single “Promise (I’ll be)" was written and composed by Taecyeon for their fans who won't be able to see 2PM for a while. It can be said that the work means a lot to them. They will have the 5th anniversary of their Japanese debut, and not only they themselves, but also the situations surrounding them have changed during this time. They have outgrown "idol" and became "artists" and have expanded their activities to include producing music themselves, working actively solo, and so on. We had them look back on their past 5 years and talk with honest minds before taking a hiatus.

Interviewer: The 11th single “Promise (I’ll be)" was produced by Taecyeon-san but what kind of feeling is in the song?
Taecyeon: It’s a song that I made with the feeling of being reborn anew while being tainted by musical suffering and earthly desires. What I have thought since I started to make this song was to be particular about the title song at any rate. And I wanted to make one that contains the members’ sweet voices and sweet feelings, so I was conscious of the chorus part in order to draw their singing abilities. Our members sang each part out wonderfully, and I think that it was completed better than I had imagined.

Interviewer: Also it has become a song in which the new 2PM can be felt, hasn’t it!
Taecyeon: With 2PM’s songs so far, I think that there are many ones in which one of us stands out, but I wanted to make one which sets all of us off as a whole and our harmony can be expressed. We made our Korean debut with a song called “10 out of 10” in which our freshness can be felt, and then we experienced many things, so I think that we are now able to express manliness more so than before. Not just the meaning of a great fighter, but a matured manliness of someone that can promise something to a woman. That is what I wanted to express in this song.

Interviewer: Since you are taking a hiatus from Japanese activities, did this influence you?
Taecyeon: We are taking a break from our activities with us 6 as 2PM for a while, so lastly, I wanted to make a song that can romantically make a promise to everyone who listens to it. I wrote the lyrics to our fans while hoping that they will take our inability to meet for a while positively.

Interviewer: I heard that the coupling song “WOW” was written and composed by Junho-san.
Junho: I expressed a youth who is fashion‐conscious and vigorous!
Jun. K: (Instantly) You mean me, right?
Junho: That’s right! I wanted to make a song as if 6 of Jun. K-sans are in it (laughs).
Jun. K: You mean that it’s young, right?
Junho: That’s Anida(아니다)! (It’s a word play of “That's not it” in Korean and “It’s big brother” in Japanese)
2PM: (Laughs)
Taecyeon: Adding to that, “Mayday” which is written and composed by Chansung-san is also included!
Jun. K: Big band is used in the song, but it was hard since we had huge amounts of work to do that needed to be matched to the sampling sound. I’d been watching over Chansung working in the next room, and I thought he really accomplished something great!
Chansung: It was really hard for me. The word “Mayday” means "rescue signal", and I expressed the communication with our fans through the lyrics.

Interviewer: The phrase “I really like you” which comes out in the middle of the song is also impressive. And the way it's said is mischievous and I felt cozy.
Chansung: I edited this song while imagining our Tokyo Dome live concert. I added fans’ voices too in addition to the 6 members’ lines and I feel like it has become more realistic and emotional by doing that.

Interviewer: You had the 5th anniversary of your debut, not only yourselves but the circumstances surrounding you have also dramatically changed during those times. Above all, you have turned into artists from idols, creating and producing music pieces by yourself now, and each of your solo works have also become actively done. Your activities have been expanding more and more, but how do you feel now looking back again on your five years?
Wooyoung: I think the 6 of us have grown up to be much better people at a very desirable condition. We’d like to continue to be “Forever Idols” for everyone rather than wanting to be acknowledged as artists. In that way, I think that we are able to give everyone some energy through our music. So we don’t have anything like being obsessed with the idea that we have to become artists. Instead, we’d like to show you our good figures as idols from now on too.
Jun. K: From what I think, the bonds between us 6 people have been growing deeper like a family year after year and our relationship is turning into something strong. I know how they feel and what they think with just a glance now, so I really feel sad even if one of the 6 is missing. On the other hand, the energy comes out a lot when 6 of us have gathered!

Interviewer: Are there times when you feel much more power by having experienced solo activities?
Jun. K: Yes! My solo activities were also very fulfilling to me, but I fully realized that our members are still indispensable to me.

Interviewer: How about you, Taecyeon-san?
Taecyeon: If I hold up what changed specifically, I have come to be involved in making songs and producing, and even on the stage, I have become interested in direction not just dancing… I think that my field has spread out steadily by having continued activities for such a long time. Besides that, personally, my eyes improved a lot. Because I had LASIK surgery! Thanks to it, I’m able to see the fans’ facial expressions clearly and grasp what kind of things they are happy with, so I have also become even more hyper.

Interviewer: I see you have become able to communicate with fans more than before. How about you, Chansung-san?
Chansung: Compared to 5 years ago, I can feel that I have grown. But I think that it’s closer to the word "upgraded" rather than saying “changed”. It’s because we do our best for everything. We have received some reactions from those around us that 2PM has been working hard on music, has been showing artistic aspects, and has become an artist who can produce their own live stages. We are really happy to be able to be in that state, and we really appreciate that we are accepted like that. And we’ll continue to grow and upgrade ourselves from now on too.

Interviewer: Hasn’t there been any clashing opinions between members since each personality has been getting stronger as you have grown?
Chansung: I think that it’s different from not being able to understand others just because each personality has become strong. Our color deepens while respecting each other's colors and the ways of expressing them has been spreading and upgrading, so I think that our ability in expressions and producing for our stages as artists has improved.

Interviewer: I think that it’s important to respect each member that way in order to continue as a group for a long time, and the best thing is that all the members are able to think like that!
Wooyoung: I think that it really is lucky!

Interviewer: How about you Nickhkun-san?
Nichkhun: I’ve been able to afford to control myself for these five years. I built up a lot of stress from trying to control a variety of conditions before, but now I have spare feelings that if I do my best and do well, everything goes well.
Taecyeon: Nickhkun-san originally has a gentle personality, but he has much more space for feelings and sometimes trips us up (laughs).
Nichkhun: (Looking at members with a tender smile)

Interviewer: Has this smile often saved and healed you?
Jun. K: We’ve been saved a lot and got energy from him even without him having to say anything special.

Interviewer: Then, Junho-san.
Junho: I feel like how I'm seen by others better expresses me, though.
Jun. K: I’ll do that then! Junho has become a great actor, not to mention an artist, hasn’t he? Honestly, five years ago, I never imagined that he would become an actor. Besides, he hasn’t just become an actor, he has become the one who has been getting very good evaluations. He has a lot of skills as an actor including his tone of voice, and people around us say in chorus that he will probably become an even better actor in the future. I’m proud of Junho who has actually earned evaluations like that! Moreover, he has been improving his solo activities and has been going through it with passion, such as holding live concerts and working hard to make songs! I think that this can only be achieved with an extraordinary will. Junho who has been working with such enthusiasm is really cool!!
2PM: (Claps)
Wooyoung&Chansung: Junho-san, fighting~!
Junho: (Looking down shyly)

Interviewer: Those solo activities have begun from Junho-san, but If Junho-san hadn’t succeeded, would the other members’ solo activities still have been realized?
2PM: That’s appreciated!
Wooyoung: It’s because Junho-san did it well!
Junho: To be honest, I have been under great pressure since I may trouble our members if I fail. But it just happened to start from me, so I think that it went well even if the other members took the lead in doing so!

Interviewer: And yet, you actually opened the path!
2PM: Oh, yes~!
Junho: ….. I’m greatly honored by your words.

Interviewer: Then, what do you think has changed with each member compared to 5 years ago?
Jun. K: First of all, Wooyoung-san is skinnier than he was 5 years ago. And he’s continuing to lose weight even now.
Taecyeon: And, he has gotten better at expressing.
Junho: Also he has talked as a whole just now.

Interviewer: It seems that he always thinks of 2PM more than himself. That’s not only Wooyoung-san, though.
Jun. K: Wooyoung-san has a strong sense of duty. He talks while thinking of various sides. He really pays careful attention to all kind of fields when he talks seriously, which makes me feel that he is quite a man.

Interviewer: What has changed with Jun. K-san?
Chansung: His hairstyle?
Wooyoung: He lost weight?
Junho: He has got muscles! It has suddenly been done this year!
Jun. K: It’s not!
Junho: And, as for his inner changes, his feelings are expressed spontaneously. His sense of responsibility has become increasingly stronger than before. I call Jun. K-san “Genius of the 21st century”, and when I listened to “THINK ABOUT YOU”, I thought that this can be written only by a genius!
Jun. K: (Embarrassed grin)

Interviewer: What has changed with Chansung-san?
Nichkhun: I think that what he wants to do and his desired directions have become definitely clearer than before. His personality hasn’t changed much, but I feel that he has grown in many ways~. I often play golf together with him lately, and there are many times when I catch a glimpse of his grown-up side during that.
Jun. K: Chansung hasn’t changed at all since I met him for the first time. He already looked older than his real age at that time, so the look has been kept ever since. I think that he is a young boy in the true sense!
2PM: (Laughs)
Junho: In that sense, Taecyeon-san also looks like nothing has changed. He is as good-looking as he was 10 years ago!
Taecyeon: I have become a bit more stylish.
Jun. K: Taecyeon-san didn’t care about how he was thought of by those around him at all.
Taecyeon: I remember that Wooyoung-san was surprised when I wore jeans with its hems rolled up.
Wooyoung: I could hardly sleep that night from the joy.
2PM: (Laughs)

Interviewer: I see it was such a shocking event.
Wooyoing: It was a shock itself (laughs). I couldn't stop thinking about why he rolled the hems up, so I thought, “I wonder if he got the hems wet and rolled them up…” or something (laughs).
Jun. K: We kept saying to him from before that “You should care about that a little more”.
Chansung: Then, he came wearing sweat pants that have Mickey Mouse printed on it. We asked him “Did you walk out looking like that?”, and he said “Yeah I did” as if nothing had happened, so we were like “For God's sake, don’t come near me” (laughs).
Wooyoung: Because those were pajamas. He was out in pajamas. That’s a complete mistake.
2PM: (Laughs)
Wooyoung: Anyway, he became able to style himself. Actually, everything looks good on him no matter what he wears!
Jun. K: As for me, I’m really happy! He finally came to have an interest in fashion.
Taecyeon: I made them worry this much… (bitter smile)

Interviewer: (Laughs) Then, what has changed with Nichkhun-san?
Jun. K: As for Nichkhun-san, his figure hasn’t changed at all!
Nichkhun: Only my face has put on and lost weight, though.
Junho: You can gain wight since your face is small.
2PM: (Laughs)

Interviewer: Many K-POP artists have made their debut so far, and 2PM can be said to be the pioneer.
2PM: No no, we’re not the one! We are a mid-pioneer!!
Taecyeon: Not enough time has passed since the word K-POP has been born, but we made our debut in Japan after the word K-POP has been already formed, and BoA senior and TVXQ seniors have worked in Japan since a while back so I think that it’s unreasonable to call us a pioneer.

Interviewer: But, artists who can perform at Tokyo Dome are limited under such situations, right?
Wooyoung: I think that we were just lucky.
Jun. K: It can be said that we were supported by a lot of people!
Taecyeon: It’s really appreciated that we made our debut in Japan, have been supported by our fans, and were able to hold Tokyo Dome concert twice. We have never felt on top of the world and never felt that it’s because that we have been successful even if we have achieved that. I think that our encounters with the staff members during the time we have spent in Japan so far and the fans who have supported us are all due to fate and we’re really in luck. I sincerely appreciate meeting those people around us and the luck we received.

Interviewer: However, there's no doubt that your activity on the front lines for five years resulted from your efforts as well as your fans' support!
Junho: There’s no doubt that we’ve been making utmost efforts (laughs). We have worked hard to death. Still, the fans’ warm support made it possible for us to do that!

Interviewer: Many of your juniors have also been making their debut, but is there something you’d like to tell them?
Jun. K: I’d like to tell them that you can do well if you try hard while looking far without being concerned with what is before you. I think that you cannot grow up if you stumble over something or get hurt just because the result isn't what you wanted. Please do your best with the constant vision of the future.

Interviewer: Following your activities during these five years, your activity as 2PM will once be paused..
Taecyeon: It’s break time.

Interviewer: Taecyeon-san and Jun. K-san will be away from 2PM activities for a while, so please tell us your honest feelings right now.
Jun. K: (Solemnly) We must go… my heart will hurt for an hour after saying these words since I'm sad. Our fans have been supporting and watching over us until now, but we can’t meet them as 6 until 2 or 3 years from now…. (While getting lost for words) I really hope that you will be fine! We’ll also fulfill our duties well and come back to you, so I’d be happy if we could meet with smiling faces then!

Interviewer: You mean that your upcoming experiences upgrade 2PM.
Jun. K: That’s right!

Interviewer: Then, please tell us Taecyeon-san’s feelings.
Taecyeon: I felt emotion welling up like “I wonder when I can stand on this stage with these 6 again” when we were practicing at the rehearsal for the Tokyo Dome concert. I’m saying to myself that I will never cry at Tokyo Dome, but Nichkhun-san and Chansung-san were saying “He will surely cry. We’re sure” (laughs). Honestly, I feel very sad…. I’ve acted a lot as a solo so far, but even so, I always can't wait for the performances and stages together as 6, and I was able to get the most excited and have fun during those times! Actually it doesn't seem real yet so I wonder what it'll be like, but I’d like to come back as soon as possible and do something together with the 6!
Chansung: I hope that you can write our title song again!
Taecyeon: (Tearing up in his eyes) I will probably miss them… We’ll perform with all our love at Tokyo Dome!
Jun. K: We will express it with our souls! Please receive our feelings at Tokyo Dome.

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