[JKS SCANS] 161223 CanCam magazine - Jun. K

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[JKS SCANS] 161223 CanCam magazine - Jun. K

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LOVE and MUSIC Jun. K(From 2PM) talks

- Handwritten message -
To CanCam, please always be with a smile - Jun. K -

Jun. K (From 2PM) who gives off a skillful aura as a vocalist of 2PM, solo artist and music producer. As a 28 year old, he thinks ’Love and music’ is here and now.

- LOVE -

In my previous albums LOVE & HATE, Love Letter and this album’s NO SHADOW, I have basically expressed ‘love’ for all of them. I think that various kinds of love such as family and friendship, not only as lovers, exist for the word ‘love’. If I think of love… my ideal is, let me see, it’s a relationship (with a woman) where we can trust each other. A time I felt love recently is? I went back to my parents’ house during the Chuseok holiday in Korea for the first time in a while, and I felt the warmth of my mother and younger brother very much at that time. As expected I become a really natural version of Jun. K while I spend with my family(laughs). It was really lonely to have to go back to my house where I live alone after that, and I felt the love from my family at that moment. Love… it’s hard to express in words but to me, it could be described as ‘pain.’ Even if I started dating someone, there are times when I for sure will feel pain. I think that I shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ to her unless I’m willing to accept that properly. Because we'll never meet without ‘parting’ no matter what the relationship is, whether the parting is due to there being someone else you're interested in, or a breakup because of rash actions, or there might also be separation through death. Every parting must have a painful moment. No one can be always fun and happy. For example, if I had a dream, I would make an effort to reach it and there will be many difficulties. But I could grow up and actualize the dream through that method. I think that love is also the same. A ‘loving’ feeling develops more from pain, so I think that love should be started when you're aware of the pain.


'NO SHADOW’ is my 3rd mini album, but I made it without thinking of its popularity at all (laughs). I think that it's become an album jammed with my favorite music! You might only know it after you listen to it, but there are many parts that will amaze you [and make you say], ‘Eh? The rap part suddenly came during this part?’, ‘Is this a song?’ and ‘Shouting at this time?’. At any rate, I truly honestly expressed what I wanted to express in this mini album. It was perhaps in early 2016 that the idea for the title song ‘NO SHADOW’ came to me. A ‘SHADOW’ always exists wherever there is sunlight, light from something else and ground, doesn’t it? I compared the existence of a shadow to a woman I like. The song expresses the feelings of when the existence of someone I thought would always be there regardless suddenly leaves me. If I give a score to the mini album? Mh.. maybe 60 points (laughs). Because I think that the sensitivity in my mind is changing. Even songs I made myself before, I sometimes feel like they are completely different like ‘Something just isn't right during this part’, and ‘I should have done it like this’ when I hear it now. So, it should be 60 points including the feeling that I must work even harder from now on(laughs). I still want to continue to change without staying in one place. But I think that it must be an unconscious change. I’m really happy that I’m able to express what I want to express through my music and also that I have people who listen to and sympathize with it. Having that kind of job is everything to me. I love music too much(laughs). That is especially why I think that I want to continue music from now on too.

I’m neither a genius nor a hard worker.
If I were a hard worker, I would have become a more talented
person while trying to do my very best.
If I were a genius, I might have made much better music
without making as much of an effort compared to what I’ve done until now.
I simply just like music very much, that’s all.

Scanned and translated by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet
Translation editing by Heartfelt @JunkayStreet

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Thank you for translating <3