Chynoweth interview

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Don't know how many of you heard Jeff Chynoweth on Fan 960 can hear it again here if you didn't: ... next-year/

Few things to take away from his comments:

- they expect to be back in the playoffs next season. Said it would be a huge disappointment if they weren't.

- they are looking to add one more top-six forward before next season. Mentioned the 1999s as an age group they'd like to strengthen up front.

- they are optimistic that Josh Prokop will report next year and he would be a top six forward if he did. Although he is a 2000 and not a 1999.

- they expect to have as many as 11 defencemen competing for jobs next year. He didn't mention any names but we can count: Esposito, Klassen, Krebs, L.Prokop, Schmiemann, Toder, Van de Leest, Viggars, Yeryomenko, and Zamula are 10 at least.

- acknowledged they have an import problem, with the #8 pick in the draft plus Yeryomenko and Zamula. Was noncommittal about what they might do, but extolled the virtues of both current players. So don't entirely rule out that they might pass on the pick.

- said there were offers at the trade deadline for Stukel and that Stukel "might" have wanted to be traded, but there were no offers that made sense for the Hitmen, so they didn't trade him.

- said they have 8 picks in the top 71 picks in the draft (so what I speculated a couple posts down from this is likely accurate) and would like to pick 10 players. They aren't fixated on any particular position in the first round.

- said they feel there are four really good players available in the draft who are in a group of their own. So the fact that we have the #4 pick means we'll get one of those, which is good.



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It's great that he discusses the team and players. Different from the last few years.

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