Rettendon Three Autopsy Pics.

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Rettendon Three Autopsy Pics.

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Well, I have no doubt that the Rettendon Three were 'dispatched' for being in the ecstasy supply chain that ultimately led to the demise of Leah Betts. She was the daughter of Inspector Paul Betts and, given the Barry George-esque obsession with stitching innocent parties up for it, I can only conclude it was an organised, masonic execution.

Anyhow, as I am sure people here probably know, unedited autopsy pics of the Rettendon Three lying totally naked on slabs with their heads blasted got leaked online a few years ago. I am unsure about how this could have happened and hope someone can help me out with the answers. Bernard O'Mahoney, who I don't think is too bad a bloke nowadays to be honest, reckons that the pics were part of the evidence at the murder trial and that they were also printed in The Daily Star around that time. I am open to the idea (no legal background) that unedited pics might have been part of the trial evidence, but don't find it credible that The Daily Star got hold of and were allowed to print such unedited pics. My take on it was that the leaking of the pics was a thoughtless and malicious act, they couldn't hurt the deceased any more, by the people responsible for the murders.

So, does anyone know what did or might have happened that led to the pics being leaked online? Is it something that could have happened within established procedures or must there have been wrongdoing somewhere down the line? Cheers.

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