Report: Dealing with Iran

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Flynt Leverett, Century Foundation

Dealing with Iran: Assessing US Diplomatic Options
A Century Foundation Report
By Flynt Leverett ... omatic.pdf

The Whitehouse is clearly not happy with Leverett's report :

CIA approved Iran report but White House blocks former official's Op-Ed based on it
December 17, 2006 ... _1217.html

A former Bush official has been blocked by the White House from writing an Op-Ed for The New York Times based on a report which was already approved by the CIA. On Friday, Flynt Leverett, a former government official who worked on President Bush's National Security Council staff and now serves as a senior fellow and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Initiative at the New America Foundation, revealed in remarks made at a Center for American Progress panel that the Op-Ed which includes "stuff that Secretary Powell, Secretary Rice, Deputy Secretary Armitage have talked about publicly" has been blocked by the Bush Administration.

Flynt Leverett Blasts White House National Security Council Censorship ... 36523.html