London 7/7: Surreptitious Media Editors

Keeping an eye on the media coverage of July 7th, and taking the media to task over their inaccuracies, mis-leading statements and distortions. Post all your complaints and responses here! If you spot inaccuracies in the media coverage, here's the place to tell us about it.

London 7/7: Surreptitious Media Editors

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The BBC and the Daily Telegraph are already in the process of correcting long-standing stories where they report incorrect facts about the train times on the morning of July.

If they have corrected these errors without first acknowledging the factual error, they are in breach of the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice and can be complained about.

The main offenders can be caught via Google-cached versions of the stories, or even the summaries shown in Google search results.

Here's a couple from the Telegraph to be getting on with:
Telegraph | News | Police appeal for bus bomber information
The four bombers had travelled together on the 7.40am train from Luton to King's ... The fifth man police are hunting is thought to be the bomb-maker or the ... ... altop.html - 29k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

Source: ... altop.html

Daily news from the UK, business news, countryside news, UK
the four bombers had travelled together on the 7.40am train from Luton to King's ... the fifth man Police are hunting is thought to be the bomb-maker or the ... - 7k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

Source: ... xml&site=5
And the BBC who has removed the train times from the article that once proudly announced that the alleged bombers caught the 0748 train which couldn't have got them to King's Cross in time to board the bombed trains:
BBC NEWS | England | Police search two 'bombers' cars
Passengers on the 0748 Thameslink from Luton to Kings Cross. Commuters travel on the bombers' train route. Haji Abid, himself a Muslim, said: "I'm sad and ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

The Times is guilty too. Here's another Google search snippet which refers to the 0740 train that did not run on the morning 7 July:
London bombs terror attack The Times and Sunday Times Times Online
... the day before the bombings and may have stayed with Germaine for the night before taking the 7.40am Thameslink service from Luton to King's Cross. ...,,22989-1693916,00.html - Similar pages - Filter
The above story links to the now edited version of the story entitled, Jamaican-born Briton named as 'fourth bomber' from The Times, July 15, 2005. The edited article, with the train time reference removed, is here:, ... 16,00.html
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