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My cousin was one of the 52 lost in the attacks. I wanted to let you know that I have been working on a project since July 2005 in relation to the bombings and my experiences as a family member affected by it. It is a documentary and it was released online via the website www.thehomefrontmovie.net

I am having to do everything myself as there have been a multitude of barriers to overcome, not least the transport for london's unwillingness to co-operate with me during the film's production. I discovered so many disturbing things during the making of the film, and because of me relationship to events, I feel that I really need to get this film to the kind of people that come to this site. These are the people that will want to see this.

the site again is www.thehomefrontmovie.net

thank you

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A very warm welcome to the J7 forum to you, tjialpha :)

We have been discussing your film and website here. It would be great if you feel there is anything you would like to add to the discussion. I was very intrigued by the comment you made in your email about the disturbing things you discovered during the making of your film.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and get in contact with us. J7 have also come across many disturbing things while researching the events of July 7th 2005 and the surrounding issues, as this forum is testament to. We sincerely hope that one day there will be transparency and that legislation such as the 2005 Inquiries Act will be abolished, allowing us all a cohesive account of how this appalling event occurred.

Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your cousin, everything I have read of him suggests he was a very inspiring man.

In solidarity for truth and justice,

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Thank you Kier. To be honest I just did everything I could with this film with what resources I could muster. It has been a gruelling process. I just hope people arent expecting a film like farenheit 9/11 where the govt is lambasted with conspiracy theories and the like. The discoveries I speak of are human ones. Realising just how unprepared we are for the war we are already fighting. Finding out how much is being kept form the general public as far as what the govt. really knew and know about those that want to rip the country apart. This film is just me doing my bit, and as a filmmaker, if this film does well enough, I aim to continue making films to investigate these issues.

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Hi tjialpha

What would you say are the main conclusions people would draw from watching your film?
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This is a hard question to answer mainly because i'd prefer not to determine any 'conclusions.' The documentary is about raising questions and points for debate not answering questions. It isn't a conspiracy film but rather one that charts a human experience and investigation. Overall, I would hope people will realise just how important regular folks are in the fight against terrorism.

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Thomas kindly sent J7 a copy of his documentary Homefront for us to watch and review. Some quick points while we put a longer piece together:

. The families of the victims, including Anthony's mother, have been treated disgracefully to the point of being ignored. Something we are all aware of, as the bereaved families are absent from media coverage and appear to not be organised in the same way that survivor groups have.

. The first policeman on the scene is interviewed after making the comment that Thomas has been stonewalled and refused interviews, so he offers to speak with Thomas and accompany him to the scene at Tavistock Square.

. There is an interview with Paul Dadge shot around Edgware Road

. Stagecoach refuse to allow Thomas to interview George Psaradakis, the driver of the number 30 bus.

. One of the issues which many of us here may disagree with is that Thomas begins from the point of believing the official version, suicide-bombers, and that is the starting point and end point of his journey.

I would like to ask Thomas if he feels there can be any healing possible if we have been deceived about the cause of these explosions, or is that too painful to contemplate on top of the grief he already feels?
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I started the film almost immediately after July 7th 2005 and was 100% engulfed in it till completion almost a year and a half later. The official version of events is clearly false, but it was impossible to cover all angles of the debate in one film. It is true that I do begin and end in the frame of mind that suicide bombers were involved, and that is the view of about 99% of the public because they have been kept in the dark. In order to fully explore these issues, people need to be brought in gently. My film is a human introduction. A viewpoint showing how regular folks think and are acting under these smoke and mirror circumstances. Once people can warm to that approach, when you then introduce the questions, it instantly becomes less antagonistic than coming in with what many consider 'conspiracy theories.'

This is just the first phase of what I am trying to do. I am directly linked to 7/7 and therefore can not be dismissed as not being in a position to comment. As such the governement and the public will find it harder to overlook what I will eventually put out in relation to the public enquiry and the huge holes in the official report. The doc shows the barriers and closed doors. The real experiences, tears and the like. It is something to be built on because this topic is THE most important situation in british history. If folks think WWII threatened to destroy the UK, then they need to really start realising that there is nothing worse and more deadly than being destroyed from the inside.

There can be no healing or resolution till the public enquiry happens. That is for sure. There is much work to be done.

I look forward to your more in depth analysis of the film and your questions.