Jean Charles: The Hatchet Job Begins

In the aftermath of the murder, a cascade of misinformation and lies from the very top down. From Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair to the trigger-happy plain-clothes shooters identified only as "carrying a long-barrelled weapon", the actions that day have been exposed as a cover-up of the events that resulted in the extra-judicial execution of an innocent man.

Jean Charles: The Hatchet Job Begins

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Here we go folks, ramping it up with another of the fascists' favourites:
Shot de Menezes accused of rape

Detectives are investigating allegations that Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes carried out a rape three years ago.

A woman has come forward claiming the electrician, who was mistakenly shot dead by anti-terror police at Stockwell Tube last July, attacked her in London.

The claims, first made three weeks ago, were angrily denied by the de Menezes family on Sunday.

Patricia da Silva Armani, Mr de Menezes' cousin, said the leaking of the allegation showed the Metropolitan Police were trying to "smear" him.

She said: "The police are clearly culpable for Jean's death and now the smearing of his name. This is a disgraceful and outrageous attempt by them."

According to the Sunday Mirror, the woman, in her early 20s, contacted police in the capital last month after seeing Mr de Menezes' photograph in the media.

She told officers he bore a striking resemblance to the man who raped her in a hotel room after she became separated from her friends while celebrating New Year's Eve 2002 in West London.

She apparently also gave police a DNA sample at the time which could be compared to genetic material from Mr de Menezes' body.

The de Menezes' solicitor Harriet Wistrich said the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is handling the probe into the 27-year-old's shooting, asked her several weeks ago whether a DNA sample could be taken for the rape investigation.

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Source:  The Scotsman
Now the state can execute you in a ritualistic, Mossad-style, seven-bullets in the head type way, lie about how and why they did it, then do a hatchet job on you just for good measure.

More from the Independent:
De Menezes family furious over Met 'sex smear' on son
By Sophie Goodchild, Chief Reporter
Published: 12 March 2006

Scotland Yard was at the centre of a new row over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes following allegations that he was the suspect in a rape case.

It has emerged that the 27-year-old electrician, gunned down by armed officers at Stockwell Tube station, is being linked with a sex attack in London.

Officers have contacted lawyers acting for the dead man's family to ask for permission to examine DNA samples taken after his death. These are understood to be held by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which has been investigating the shooting and has also been contacted by the Metropolitan Police.

The inquiry is in response to a call, more than six months after the Brazilian's death, from a rape victim who named Mr de Menezes as her attacker.

Sources close to his family have reacted with fury to the allegations. They accuse the Metropolitan police of deliberately leaking the details of the rape inquiry in an attempt to deflect attention from the investigation into the shooting of Mr de Menezes, who was mistaken for a terrorist by armed officers.

His relatives are already pursuing a complaint against Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who, they allege, misled the public in the wake of the shooting.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is also considering whether to bring charges against the officers involved in the death of Mr de Menezes.

A source told The Independent on Sunday: "This is a deliberate attempt to deflect the blame. First [the police] tried to say he was a terrorist and now this... he is no longer here to defend himself."

Last night, the Metropolitan Police confirmed that inquiries were continuing into the alleged rape, which happened in the West End of London.

The Met said in a statement: "The victim of a rape in the West End more than three years ago contacted us earlier this year and provided the name of a suspect. The name was given as that of Jean Charles de Menezes... and inquiries are continuing."

Mr de Menezes was shot dead by armed officers on 22 July, the day after the failed copycat bombings on the London Underground. Eyewitness accounts of the shooting initially suggested that the Brazilian electrician was a suicide bomber - an impression the police did not try to alter.

Surveillance officers searching for Hussein Osman, who was allegedly involved in the failed bombings, had been staking out the flats in Tulse Hill from which Mr de Menezes emerged.

The Independent on Sunday last month revealed that the IPCC report alleges police tried to fake evidence relating to the killing by altering the police log. According to the report an officer outside the flats wrongly identified Mr de Menezesas Osman and firearms officers were dispatched to stop him. Once it was known an innocent man had been killed, the log was altered so that instead of reading "it was Osman", it read "it was not Osman".

Source: The Independent
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