from Anthony Fairclough (Lib-Dems)

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from Anthony Fairclough (Lib-Dems)

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Received a couple of days ago, this email response from Anthony Fairclough (representing Merton Liberal Democrats).

Dear xxxx,

Many thanks for your email about the Government's refusal to consider a public inquiry into the events of 7 July 2005.

The Liberal Democrats strongly support the need for a public inquiry and have repeatedly called for one as more and more information has come into the public domain.

To best explain our views on on these issues:

See our statement in the House of Commons on 11 May 2006 following the Intelligence and Security Committee report on the event: ... l#19-%3Eid

and news coverage,

See further our press release of 9 Jan 2007, following reports that the head of MI5 told MPs that the country faced no imminent terrorist threat a day before the attacks, ... 11650.html

See also our press release on 1 May 2007, following revelations about links between the 7 July bombers and those accused of the fertilizer bomb plot, ... =news.html

and news coverage

See comment is free article by Nick Clegg MP, Lib Dem shadow home secretary: ... truth.html

I hope you have found this information useful.

All best wishes

Anthony Fairclough

Chair, Merton Liberal Democrats

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Thanks for posting this, UrbanBadger.

Have you tried gauging the opinion on the Inquiries Act 2005 with your MP, particularly with regard to the joint statement issued on the 22nd March 2005, during the week in which the Inquiries Bill was being discussed by a Standing Committee of the House of Commons, in which Amnesty International, British Irish Rights Watch, The Committee on the Administration of Justice, Human Rights First, The Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association, INQUEST, JUSTICE, Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada,The Law Society of England and Wales, the Pat Finucane Centre and the Scottish Human Rights Centre jointly expressed their concern stating that if the Bill were to be enacted it would:
"alter fundamentally the system for establishing and running inquiries into issues of great public importance in the UK, including allegations of serious human rights violations. Should it be passed into law, the effect of the Bill on individuals and cases that merit a public inquiry would be highly detrimental.

In particular, in those cases where one or more persons has died or been killed, the right of their surviving family members to know the truth about what happened and to an effective investigation could be violated by the operation of the Bill."
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At the moment I am waiting for a response from Siobahn McDonagh (Labour MP for Merton). The response will be slow and generally dismissive (if at all), I know from personal experience that she needs to be badgered, but then that's something at which I excel.

Thanks for the link, I'll have a read.