Duty Operation Managers Reports 7/7

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Duty Operation Managers Reports 7/7

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Early Turn Commentary:

02.00 DOE advises that 2 squat defects were found in the platform area at South Harrow, they have been clamped to be repaired tonight, no requirement for a speed restriction as in the platform area.

04.55 Spoke to Metronet DOME regarding 20 mph between Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith, but no further information forthcoming, so TSR remains in place.

05.30 Piccadilly Circus station remained closed due to late finishing track work on the Bakerloo Line. First trains in both directions were non-stopped.
The station re-opened at 05.51.

05.37 DOE advised that ultrasonic testing has discovered a further defect at South Harrow, a 20mph TSR imposed as a result between the EB station starter, and for 100 metres towards Sudbury Hill.

At 0754hrs, E270 was delayed at Caledonian Road when a passenger alarm was operated. On investigation, the train operator found that there was an unusual smell in the 4th car of the train. Train services were suspended between Kings Cross and Arnos Grove The Kings Cross Train Maintainer, ERU staff and LFB personnel attended. The traction motors and brakes were isolated and the train was worked empty to Cockfosters depot for further investigation. Initial indications are that brakes were hanging on in car 4. A 32 minute delay was booked. The train service was severely delayed as a result of the incident, particularly westbound from Arnos Grove with headways up to 12 minutes between trains.

At 0850hrs, the tunnel telephone for Holloway Road – Russell Square westbound Current Rail Section tripped. The train service was held whilst station staff checked the tunnel telephones at relevant stations. Early indications were of a serious power failure, with loss of CCTV monitors in the central area. At 0856hrs, heavy smoke was seen issuing from the west bore of the eastbound platform tunnel at Kings Cross. W311 was stalled between Kings Cross and Russell Square, according to the signalling diagram, over the crossover leading from the eastbound to westbound running lines. It was mostly impossible from this point to gather information or make outgoing calls from Earl’s Court due to overloading of the telephone system. At 0900hrs, customers were seen exiting the westbound tunnel onto the platform at Kings Cross. Traction Current was discharged from the Russell Square – Holloway Road Current Rail Section at 0900hrs. The Northern Line DOM was contacted and requested to stop train movements in the Kings Cross area in case customers got lost and worked their way into the Kings Cross loop. At 0908hrs, a report was received from the Russell Square supervisor that a loud bang had been heard on the westbound platform but that there was no damage or debris in the platform area. Efforts were made to hold trains in platforms but a number of trains became stalled in tunnels. These included E302 approaching Russell Square, E301 approaching Caledonian Road, E310 approaching Hyde Park Corner, E317 approaching North Ealing, E366 approaching Alperton and W334 approaching Holloway Road. All trains were worked forward under rule and detrained quickly, apart from W334 which was crush loaded. It was unable to proceed into Holloway Road due to the discharge of Traction Current ahead. The Arsenal station supervisor detrained W271 in his platform and travelled to W334. Many customers were transferred from W334 to W271 but it was impossible to transfer all customers to the assisting train. W271 was therefore worked back to Arsenal, arriving at 1032hrs. W334 was also worked back to Arsenal, arriving at 1049hrs. One customer was treated for the symptoms of a panic attack but no other issues were reported.
Staff at Russell Square quickly made their way to W311. They found that there had been an explosion in the first or second car. Their initial assessment indicated many casualties and a number of fatalities. At 0919hrs, a Code Amber message was sent by NCC, soon followed by a Code Red. Trains were gradually evacuated of their operators and planning began concerning the searching of all trains and provision, if required, of operators to move trains later in the day.

At 1132hrs, smoke was seen issuing from the roof vents of E255 at Barons Court. The station and local area were evacuated and BTP attended to investigate, arriving at 1226hrs. All clear given 13.55.

12.00 Last (Live) casualty removed from train at Russell Square
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OPO Monitor checks carried out at all stations. All satisfactory except Harrow & Wealdstone Up platform. Blank monitors.

05:27 late surrender protection implemented Embankment to Baker Street both roads due to over run of engineering work at Piccadilly, all clear received at 05:31 however Piccadilly remained closed until 05:52 whilst contractors cleared equipment form the platform.

Early Turn Commentary:
Good start this morning a defective train at Picc Circus caused delays to the train service during the peak followed by a major bomb alert in London closed the Underground.

09:00: AM peak. 3 trains cancelled (1 DIS, 2 Picc Train Incident). All Stations open.

08:12 N245 Picc Circus NB Platform. T/op reports defective doors and after checks carried out a main line burst on the rear car 3242. Customers detrained and TM in attendance. One train held at BP12 signal N231 from 08:15 this train was on the move towards Picc Circus under rule at 08:25 and arrived in the NB platform as soon as N245 departed. At 08:30 the TM and T/op reported that the train would be moving shortly. N245 departed Picc Circus by 08 35. 30 minutes delay. Train services suspended Paddington- E&C both roads from 08:15 – 08:30.

09:10 N245 Stonebridge Pk Down Line. The defective train above came to a stand across the junction from the Down line to the depot with the DDM who was now riding on the train reporting that it had been gapped.
NR Willesden Team Leader/DLCM agreement that N241 standing at WS35 signal approaching Stonebridge Pk would be moved up behind N245 customers detrained then push N245 to depot. Train services in the area suspended in conc. By 09:34 N245 was fully clear of the DC lines and on its way to depot. DDM & DMT in attendance. NR Trust delay 707170.

09:15 The NCC advised due to a major bomb alert on London Underground a code amber alert was issued to all, LU lines to stop services in platforms. All Bakerloo trains were stopped and detrained. Several T/op’s on trains had to be requested to detrain then enter the tunnel to allow stalled trains to enter platforms. All trains with customers on board were in platforms and detrained by 09:38. The trains that were requested to enter the tunnel empty were also placed in platforms by 09:50. This was at Maida Vale and Baker St NB platforms.
A number of DSM’s made their way to assist on lines where major Incidents were in progress. LIM updated where required.
At the request of Silver Control NR Willesden Team Leader made arrangements for all LU trains on the DC route North of Queens Pk to be detrained and then depart empty to Stonebridge Pk Depot direct or via Kilburn High Road. One train S237 arrived at Queens Pk Up Platform by 10:10. This was security checked by the TOM at QPK. All clear given to Silver Control at 10:20. This train departed to Stonebridge Pk Depot a short while later. This check had to be undertaken due to an Up Silverlink Train with customers aboard stalled in section directly behind S237 approaching QPK.

10:00 All station S/S’s reported to Control Centre Staff that all staff including T/ops were in station accommodation clear of trains. From that point on with all trains in platforms and stations secure, the DLCM/Silver Control awaited instructions from the NCC.

Late Turn Commentary: 14:10 E/T T/ops leaving stations after stabling trains in platforms.
14:38 Advised by Willesden Team Leader that Silverlink DC services now restarting
15:05 Trains being checked by Duty Managers and Station Supervisor using the hot procedure. The BTP
advised the DDM that all trains had been checked in the depot and an all clear given at 15:26.
17:30 Re NCC all clear to now run trains to depots after checks completed,.
17:35 Limited work during engineering hours only essential work to be carried out.
18:24 Trains now moving in the Queens Park Area
18:40 Suspect item reported on a Bus in the Warwick Avenue area as per Station Supervisor cordon going up ok for S/S to remain on station at present.
18:55 All trains now confirmed as checked at all stations
18:57 Silver Control [ ] handing back operational railway to undersigned
19:00 Trains now in the process of being moved to depots/stabling points
19:00 All clear Warwick Avenue from Station Supervisor.
20:00 Silver Control now stood down
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Early Turn Commentary:
Bank closed and non stopped both at 07:05 due to a reported security alert in the Central Line booking Hall area until 07:27.
W 66 was withdrawn at Northolt at 07:08 due to defective door controls.
Liverpool St closed and non stopped at 08:52 due to a report of an explosion in the area.
Bank closed at 08:53 due to a local power supply and the service non stopped.
A request from NCC to instigate CODE AMBER was received at 09:18 and this was implemented and passengers were reported cleared at 09:40.

At 09:48 a request from NCC to check all trains and stations for the possibility of security alerts.
[ ] coordinated the checking of trains and premises both in Ruislip and Hainault depots at 10:18. This was completed by 11:10.

At 10:19 a request from NCC for all T/ops to secure their trains and report to the station operation rooms . Also those trains that were stalled between stations to be worked to a station under rule and secure and report to the station operations room.
This was completed by 10:55.

Late Turn Commentary:
At 13.45 all early turn train operators sent home per N,C.C instructions.

Up to Close:
The rest of the evening was taken up by organising the movement and clearance of the 69 trains stalled in platforms.
This was fully complete by 02.30 following some problems with operators at Leytonstone.
A near full service is expected to operate on Friday 8th July
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Commencement 10:00
SOT Victoria – St James Park – TSR imposed
Following ultrasonic testing the length of track the 20mph TSR imposed between Victoria – St James Park eastbound applies to has been increased (now from 42.275km - 41.553km )

05:08 Fulham Broadway – Station remained closed
E161 non-stopped Fulham Broadway which remained closed due to a shortage of staff at said station (as a result of a late running staff taxi). The station opened at 05:16 hours. 8 minutes delay.

05:53 Ealing Common depot – No ok stock
E121 was cancelled in Ealing Common depot due to no ok stock as a result of the ongoing run back protection modification programme. 2 minutes delay.

07.06 Monument – security alert
The station was closed and all trains non stopped due to staff calling a security alert, unattended bag in the booking hall area (Central side of complex). All clear given at 07.28 and normal services restored. Station closure 22 minutes.

Traction current discharged between Tower Hill – Whitechapel & Whitechapel – Cambell Road and loss of signal mains. First reports indicate a power surge affecting the whole system. Then reports were received, and confirmed, of explosions on trains and buses. Three explosions were recorded at Edgware Road, Liverpool Street and Russell Square on the Underground, and on a bus in Tavistock Square.

09.08 Traction current and signal mains restored to the district at 09.08 and arrangements made to move trains. However as this about to take place NCC broadcast a “CODE AMBER”. This resulted in trains moving to the nearest platform and remain. This resulted in a number of trains becoming stalled in tunnels. Arrangements were made to move these trains into the nearest platforms and to permit detrainments and evacuation into the streets.

10.06 All District line trains in platforms and all customers detrained. Train operators advised to go to station supervisors offices and to remain available.

10.50 A H&C train which had been stalled on the North Curve between Aldgate East – Liverpool Street was finally and successfully detrained with customers walking to Aldgate East. Traction current was discharged to enable this to happen, Tower Hill – Whitechapel, remained discharged.

16:30 Plaistow. Duty Station Manager (DSM) appointed silver control for security checks on all trains between Upminster and Whitechapel inclusive. Duty Manager Trains (DMT) appointed silver control for crewing trains between Upminster and Whitchapel inclusive. Trains to the west of the line already being checked.

17:55 NCC advise that trains have been released for return to depots.

18:50 Gold Control confirms that the area from Tower Hill to Aldgate East has been released by emergency services. DMT to secure points at Aldgate East for through running.

19:35 Line Incident Manager confirms that the London Underground network will remain closed for the remainder of the day.

20:00- Close of traffic
21:25 Routes 28, 42 and 43 secured between Aldgate East and Minories junction. This was required due to a defective air main in the area thought to have been damaged during incident at Aldgate.

21:40 Traction current recharged Whitechapel to Tower Hill on authority of Silver Control DSM.
21:45 Aldgate signalling: Attempts to clear signals are failing. Technical Officer later restores normal signalling from the Interlocking Machine Room.

22:05 MRSSL DOME advises that a concession has been granted for the preparation of trains for the start of traffic.

22:10 First train departs Aldgate East under authority. The Metropolitan Line confirms that it will work two C stock trains from the Bayswater area to Barking via the inner rail. Trains to be numbered 501 and 502.

22:22 As per Metropolitan Line DOM – Outer rail 501 & 502 in process of being worked back to High Street Kensington under the wrong direction movement procedure, where they will be worked to Barking via the inner rail.

22:49 Reports that some signals in the Aldgate East area are displaying dual aspects.

22:57 Signals EJ1, 2 and 3 reported to be failing at Tower Hill. FRC 313830. 7 points secured in consequence.

23:03 Metropolitan line train 501 arrives at High Street Kensington.

23:17 Upminster Duty Depot Manager unable to provide figures as to potential service provision for start of traffic tomorrow. There appears to be some dispute as to what checks are required before depot staff can prepare trains.

23:17 Metropolitan line train 502 arrives at High Street Kensington.

00:30 Last eastbound train to be stabled at Upminster Depot arrives at Upminster (E42).

00:34 Last eastbound train to be stabled at Barking sidings departs Whitechapel (E502).

00:37 DMTs confirm that night crews are in position for start of traffic. Preparations under way to prepare for start of traffic with DMTs reviewing crewing and DSMs contacting stations to identify any potential problems at start of traffic.

00:52 Tower Hill – 7 points unsecured.

00:54 All District line trains are now stabled and the line clear of trains. Gold Control requested to permit, and granted authority to discharge traction current.

01:02 DMT Upminster advised that he had been told no trains would be available from Upminster Depot tomorrow. DOME investigating.
01:26 All traction current discharged on District line managed sections.
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East London

East London Line services started on time this morning with no reported problems.

A full service was offered for the 06:00 snapshot.

08:51 Service Suspended on East London Line in consequence of a Signals Mains Failure together with Traction Current supply failure; caused by a major power failure in Leicester Square Power Control Room.
All trains were in stations at the time of the incident with the exception of train 172 that was approaching New Cross station and became stalled in section.
Stations Rotherhithe, Whitechapel, Wapping and Shadwell were all closed and evacuated due to loss of station lighting and power.
Traction current was restored at 09:03 together with the signal mains; however numerous track circuits on the East London Line failed.
Train 172 was brought into New Cross Station under rule, arriving at 09:07.

The East London Line continued to operate a service until 09:21, when a general “Code Amber” message was advised by the NCC following the terrorist attacks on the system.

All trains remained in platforms and at 09:48 the NCC requested that all trains and stations be checked/security sweeped by Duty Managers; all completed by 10:14.

At 10:56 the NCC requested that no further security checks were to be completed until further advised.
All Train Operators were evacuated back to New Cross depot in consequence.

Due to the numerous track circuit failures 37 points at Canal Junction were secured in the normal position at 12:32.

At 17:23 The NCC requested that all trains and stations be searched/security sweeped again. All checks completed by 17:58.

Due to the nature of today’s events all trains were then authorised back to New Cross Depot.
To facilitate this train 777 departed from New Cross depot at 18:32 with additional Operators on board carrying out a “leap-frog” exercise to ensure the manning of all Trains previously evacuated earlier in the day.

All trains were brought back to New Cross Depot under rule; all stabled at 19:46.

At 19:56 the East London Signaling system was restored; however no services operated through to the close of traffic on the instructions of the East London Performance Manager.
All stations remained staffed by station supervisors; all train operations staff were released from duty.

All Traction Current sections were discharged within agreed parameters.
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06.53 – SB 360 at Stanmore sidings ran empty to Neasden due to defective safety equipment. The train re-entered at 07.06.

07.30 – SB 305 appr Bond Street, Passenger Emergency Alarm activated in car 6, this was reported as accidental and following the reset the train departed with a 7 minute delay.

Network Incident from 08.51

08.51 – Report received from LSQ power control room that traction current had gone off in SMD. In addition to this it was noted by control room staff that the phone system went down for 4-5 seconds and the radio began to log itself off.

08.53 – Power confirmed on at SMD.

08.54 – Tunnel Ventilation showed a loss of communications to the A comms.

08.56 – Green Park was non-stopped on both roads while escalators where restarted following a power failure, normal services resumed to the platforms at 08.58.

08.58 – Westminster requested the service to non-stop while they restarted their escalators. It remained closed until further notice.

09.02 – Baker Street advised that there was no interchange onto the Met and H & C.

09.05 to 09.16 – A number of reports where received of an incident in the Aldgate area on the Met and smoke in the tunnel in the city area.

09.17 – CODE AMBER issued for all lines via NCC.

09.18 – Code Amber issued and all trains stopped. A number of trains where stranded in section, 340 Westminster to Waterloo, 342 appr Bond Street SB, and 371 appr Wembley Park SB. All trains had been moved into platforms and detrained by 09.45. Stations where advised to close and evacuate.

09.56 – NCC advised all staff to be evacuated from station.

A system wide suspension was put in place in response to reports of explosion occurring in the City.

10.54 – Report was received from the Metropolitan line performance manager that the train in platform 1 at Wembley Park was suspected of being tampered with. The train crew facilities where evacuated and the police conducted a search with the all clear received at 12.13.

The remainder of the early turn shift was spent arranging the transport of train operators back to depots.

The service remained suspended for the remainder of the day


At 17:26 the all clear was given to run trains to depot and stabled. After visual checks of all the train on the railway, this was commenced at 17:35.

Thanks to the effort of all staff on the line, this was accomplished without problem by 19:46.


The evening was used to ensure that all trains were in there required depot to ensure as good as possible start up in the morning.

Close of Traffic

All trains and crews in position for an expected full service start up.
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06.00 Northern Line services
A full service, right time. All stations open.

06.01 Approaching Old Street – Failure of signalling department equipment
N36 delayed arriving due to signals A628a and A628b remaining at danger. N32 and 77 delayed in consequence. N25 diverted via CX in consequence. Job no. 638136. 13 minute delay. Track picked up after passage of first train. Signalling department carrying out investigations.

06.25 Balham – train became defective in service
N104 detrained and departed empty due to a broken axle box on car 52533. N3 stalled in section to rear of train. All other trains were held in stations. Service suspended Stockwell to Morden, both.
06.30 T/Op confirms that the axle is glowing. LFB, DMT, DSM, TM and ERU requested to attend incident site.
06.39 N104 moved forward to allow N3 to pull into platform after carrying out the appropriate procedure.
06.40 LFB on site.
06.50 NA100 introduced with Station Supervisor made Silver Control.
06.55 Special service introduced. High Barnet to Stockwell via Bank. Edgware to Kennington via Charing Cross.
06.57 TM on site
07.01 TM from Kennington confirms that the D2 axle on car 52533 has collapsed.
07.10 ERU on site carrying out investigations
07.21 N104 moved forward a few yards to determine if train able to proceed.
07.23 DMT[ ] on site. ERU carrying out further investigations to establish extent of damage to axle box.
07.30 DMT on site, relieved Station Supervisor of Silver Control
07.38 TM from Morden on site confirms that train can only be moved with skates.
07.57 ERU have skates in position on Balham platform.
08.04 Traction current switched off South Wimbledon to Balham northbound, Balham to Clapham Common northbound to allow ERU access to track to apply skates. DMT advises that it will take approximately 40 minutes to complete.
08.50 DMT confirms that skates are in position, all staff are clear of track.
08.54 Traction current switched on South Wimbledon to Balham northbound, Balham to Clapham Common northbound.
09.02 N104 departs Balham at 5mph. N3 pulls fully into platform.
09.05 Northbound service restored. 160 minute delay

07.05 Bank – station closed due to security alert
Station closed and non-stopped due to an unattended bag on station. Station re-opened 07.27hrs. 22 minute delay.

07.55 Kennington – T/Op PNR
S36 delayed departing due to Train Operator requiring an urgent PNR. S354 reversed south to north at Moorgate in consequence. 6 minute delay.

08.33 Camden Town – station closed and non-stopped
Due to overcrowding station was closed and non-stopped. 5 minute delay.

08.51 Stations closed due to loss of power supply.
Angel, Kentish Town, Bank, Kings Cross, Camden Town and Old Street stations were closed and the City branch was suspended due to stations closing following a loss of local power supply. Mornington Crescent was closed due to lifts becoming defective and stalled with 20 customers who were released at 10.10hrs.

09.00 Northern Line services
A 68 train special service was in operation due to the defective train at Balham. Seven stations were closed due to loss of power supply.

09.13 Stockwell – train became defective in service
S362 delayed departing due to no forward movement in car 51566. DMT and TM attended. Release taken. S364 and S21 were delayed in section. Train eventually departed empty to Clapham North. 37 minute delay.

09.17 Northern line services – service suspended following a Code Amber being issued
All Northern Line trains were instructed to stop at the next station and detrain following the issuing of a Code Amber. It was identified that a total of 7 trains were stalled in section.

N342 was stalled outside Kings Cross.
S415 was stalled outside Chalk Farm.
S411 was stalled outside Euston [CX].
S370 was stalled outside Waterloo.
N406 was stalled outside Kennington platform 1.
S7 was stalled outside Kennington platform 4.
S364 and S21 was stalled outside Stockwell.
All trains were detrained and all stations closed and evacuated by 09.50hrs

12.00 Northern Line services
All stations were closed and the train service was suspended following security alert to London Underground

15.00 Northern Line services
(Start text here)

18.00 Northern Line services
(Start text here)

21.00 Northern Line services
(Start text here)

During this evening, all stalled trains returned to depots. Train 104, the train involved in the incident this morning at Balham, was moved to Golders Green depot at 5mph, on skates, arriving at 23.25, stabling on 9 road. During Engineering Hours, Tubelines track made arrangements to walk the route this train had taken to ensure no damage left.
The last train to stable was S342, at Morden which was used to convey staff from Golders Green, via Charing Cross. This train arrived at Morden depot by 00.15.

00.00 Northern Line services
Network closed to customers.

Traction Current
All traction current sections were switched off at or by the published time. Essential engineering work only overnight. The booked ETUs due on the Northern Line were cancelled.

The rolling stock balance at close was:
Edgware minus two, Golders Green plus one, High Barnet balanced, Highgate plus two (however two trains stopped, so balanced) and Morden minus one.
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