Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary

Come inside and discuss ideas for potential Julie related campaigns in regard to her roles and more!

Days of our Lives 50th Anniversary

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"Days of our Lives" will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in November 2015. Would you love to see Julie and her fab hubby Billy return to Salem for #Days50th ? YES!! Great, you can show your support by helping with the campaign and using your voice on social media and tell the folks at #Days that you would love to see Julie & Billy return to Salem in the roles of Billie Reed and Frankie Brady!

Facebook: Days of our Lives & Days of our Lives 50th Aniversary

Twitter: @nbcdays, @greg_meng, @DenaHigley, @tvjoshgriffith and don't forget to follow and tweet @JuliePinsonCom & @BillyWarlock they LOVE hearing from their fans! 😃

OR you can write & send mail to: Days of our Lives c/o NBC Studios, 3000 W. Alameda Ave., Burbank, CA 91523

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