Did anybody else wonder if Ross was gay? (Friends)

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06 Dec 2009, 14:53 #11

Yeah, I always thought Ross was just THAT geeky. Image

Now, if it turned out Joey was gay (or at the very least bi), that wouldn't have surprised me!

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06 Dec 2009, 15:41 #12

His pink shirt... I mean "it's SALMON!!!!" Image
lol I forgot about this one!

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06 Dec 2009, 15:53 #13

JCfanaddict wrote:
Yeah, I always thought Ross was just THAT geeky. Image

Now, if it turned out Joey was gay (or at the very least bi), that wouldn't have surprised me!

I can kinda see Joey getting it from anyone and anywhere. He's a manslut like that. Image

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06 Dec 2009, 17:16 #14

Molieshka wrote:
haha no I never thought that of him. I can see where people might think that but I always felt he was just strange and corky, not gay
...do you mean quirky?

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06 Dec 2009, 17:42 #15

I never thought he was gay...he was just special. Image

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08 Dec 2009, 00:27 #16

i never thought he was gay, but in some episodes, epecially toward the end, they made his character a lot more..um, flaboyant and feminem imo.

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10 Nov 2017, 06:03 #17

CutiePie07 wrote:
  PoetryNjcEyes wrote:  
  Yes, I thought that often. I thought the same thing about Chandler! Image

THIS. I love Chandler, but at the very least, I thought he was bisexual. Image
I still watch the show. I know it's a comedy, and none of this might mean anything, but just to theorize... I think it's possible that Ross and Joey are bisexual. Ross has those "qualities" that come out from time to time. Plus, he's homophobic, which could be another indication of his closeted sexuality. Joey and Ross clearly liked taking naps together.  Also, remember how the whole thing went when Ross found out that Rachel and Joey were going out?  Ross freaked out! That episode where he cooks Mexican food and gets drunk is hilarious, and many of his mannerisms are obvious. It's interesting to imagine that Ross was not only upset that Rachael was going out with someone else, but that it was precisely Joey who she was going out with. Maybe he was doubly jealous because Joey was no longer going out with some random girl that he was never going to call back, but he was seemingly going steady with Rachael!  About Joey, he slept with a lot of women, but he usually didn't call them back. The first one he fell in love with was Rachael.  And he might have had feelings for Chandler. I considered, but never thought, that Chandler was gay or even bi. He and Joey were very close, but I only saw it as a close friendship, at least from Chandler's part. Chandler's being homophobic was probably more due to being immature and because of his parents' divorce. His dad left his mom for the butler!  I never thought Monica or Rachael were either gay or bisexual. They kissed for a minute once, but it meant nothing. They got their apartment back. Phoebe, on the other hand, I believe is bisexual. Among other things, she admired Monica's body, including her breasts. When she massaged Monica, even though she was freaked out about Monica's screams at first, she got into it. She liked Ross and Monica's cousin, Cassie, and even considered asking her out. She kissed Rachael once and said "I've had better".