More Chisel news

More Chisel news

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Posted on the MMM Melb/Bris website friday 28th May 4 days ago!

Cold Chisel must have a thing about Triple M in Brisbane
because the station has again broken news about Australia's most iconic rock band.
Triple M's Jo Lynch spoke to one Mr. Ian Moss and he revealed the band are doing another show
and, drum roll please, a new album! Hear the interview below: In the video link at the bottom of page!

Mossy said last year's reunion show at the V8s was not a one-off. "We definitely have plans to do more,
" he said. "We're right in the middle of negotiations for another gig later in the year.
"I can't say where, [but] it won't be a standard entertainment centre. It'll be out n' about,
not even in the city I imagine."
And if that wasn't enough he said all five members are working on songs for a brand new Cold Chisel album
for next year.(Dammit Too Long to wait LOL)
"We've spoken about the idea of recording and everyone's really keen but that wouldn't
happen till next year.
"We're hoping to get stuck into some recording and if it goes well then for a release next year."
As recently reported, since gaining new management Cold Chisel have been following it up
with stacks of activity.

Here is the link to the video with Mossy on the phone To MMM! ... 9091059001


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such good news cant wait till next year looks like the boys are gonna be busy!!