Tapatalk platform migration

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Tapatalk platform migration

Tom E
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Tom E
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August 16th, 2017, 6:58 pm #1

As you can see the Beard Board migrated to the new Tapatalk platform for desktop users.  We've been on that platform for quite a while for those who use their smartphones to access the Board.  The timing of this was not our choice, nor did we have a choice to stay on the old platform.  We know that many of you are frustrated with this, so is the Beard Board team, but please know that we're working through it as quickly as possible.  

We've discovered a few issues, such as loss of photo galleries and old PMs, that we're trying to work through right now, so please bear with us.  Some members also appear to have lost post counts.

If you have any problems please open a ticket directly using this link for support:


Please also let a moderator or admin know, so that we're aware of the problem.

Murkimart has started a thread on using the Tapatalk app for those unfamiliar with it.  You can find the link below.  Feel free to ask him any questions about using it for the Beard Board.


Hang in there.
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