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This forum is intended as a place to show off your teen beard of any style and solicit feedback. 

Before starting a thread in this forum, please make sure you have met the following criteria:

1. You are a teenager and, of course, under 20 years old.

2. You should be currently growing facial hair, meaning that you have been letting some portion of your facial hair grow for at least 1-2 weeks.. Be  aware that it takes at least three months to assess most men's full  potential to grow a beard and that your facial hair pattern will  continue to develop as you age.  This forum is here to help you work through the initial growth phase..

3. Post a current picture of your facial hair.  This is critical for providing feedback and encouragement on your journey.  It  is best to post four pictures, one facing the camera, one of the left  side of your face, one of the right side of your face, and, if possible,  one under your chin.

For assistance, look into the Pictures Section in the Getting Started page.

4. Try to describe the beard style that you'd most like to grow and why it appeals to you.   This will help encourage feedback from those most experienced with the  style you seek.  If you're unsure of what style you want just state that  you're interested in growing your facial hair and are seeking advice on  what's best for you.

Considerations for posting your journey in other forums and having multiple threads:

5. You may only have one active thread in Teens forum at any point in time. 

6. When you reach 20 years old, you must start posting in an appropriate adult forum of either Established beard or Establishing a beard section. You go to Established beard section forums if you have accepted your beard, that is when you feel bearded, your questions are about style or maintenance rather than obtaining coverage, you are comfortable wearing your beard any place you go and you are able to tell others why you have chosen to be bearded. Otherwise choose Men, age 20-25 years old forum in Establishing a beard section. You may request this thread be moved to the new forum or you may leave this thread here and start a new thread. If you leave your prior thread in this forum, please post a link in that thread to your new active thread.

7.  If you feel you have achieved the beard of an adult and it meets the criteria for posting in Established Beard Section [see point 6 above] and is longer than 4 inches (10 cm), then you may request permission from the teen forum manager to start a separate thread in Long Full Beards forum.  This is intended only for teens who feel they have an established beard and would like to show it with the adults. Please note this privilege is at the discretion of the forum manager of Long Full Beards forum and must be approved before any thread may be posted there.

8. If your thread is inactive for some months and you return to resume posting, please do not start a new thread but instead add on to your existing thread. The moderators may merge these prior threads unless there is some reason you state that you want to start a new one.

Management of this forum: Forum Manager: jasjes 

This forum will be visited on a frequent basis by the Forum Manager and Deputy Manager who are responsible to keep things running smoothly and to address any posts that violate board rules in this forum. For questions, issues or problems you may observe with other posters that need moderator attention, please contact the Forum Manager by clicking the above link, and then hit the "Write Me" link under the Manager's avatar. Please do not post your concerns about questionable posts in the thread as these tend to take the thread off course.

Please note that the Forum Manager, at his discretion, may lock a thread at any time if it is going in a direction off-topic or inconsistent with the board rules.
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