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This forum is intended as a place to show off your short full beard and solicit feedback. 

Before starting a thread in this forum, please make sure you have met the following criteria:

1. Your beard should be established, generally meaning that you’ve been growing it out for at least 3 months and that you have accepted your beard coverage as you currently have it.  You should feel bearded and be comfortable wearing your beard any place you go and you should be able to tell to others why you have chosen to be bearded.

2. For the purposes of this forum, a beard can be any facial hair style, such as a goatee, van-dyck, balbo, mutton chops, etc. Predominantly solo-mustaches should be posted to the Mustaches forum.

3. Your beard as measured from the bottom edge of your lower lip to the bottom of your beard should be no longer than 4 inches (10 cm) as is it hangs naturally. Do not stretch the hairs to make the measurement. 

4. Post a current picture of your beard journey and describe how you feel your beard meets the 'Established' criteria as defined above.  If you have had a previous established beard journey and are in the process of reestablishing your beard but have not reached 3 months, then post a picture of the previous journey in your thread.

For assistance, look into the Pictures Section in the Getting Started page.

5. Your thread may contain questions about style or maintenance in order to get suggestions from others; however, questions pertaining to obtaining coverage should be posted in the Starting and Establishing Beard section.

Considerations for posting your journey in other forums and having multiple threads:

6. If your goal is to grow what you consider to be a shorter beard of slightly longer length than the 4 inch (10 cm) cutoff, then you may indicate that you prefer this Short Full Beards forum for your thread instead of being moved to Long Full Beards forum.

7. If you are currently wearing a short beard but decide or plan to grow it longer, start your thread in this Short Full Beards forum.  When you reach the 4 inch (10 cm) length, you may request your journey be moved to the Long Full Beards forum.

8. If you choose to leave your prior thread in this forum, please post a link in that thread to your new active thread.  While you have multiple threads in multiple journey forums, the moderators may choose to lock your prior threads.

9. If your thread is inactive for some months and you return to resume posting, please do not start a new thread but instead add on to your existing thread. The moderators may merge these prior threads unless there is some reason you state that you want to start a new one.

10. Please do not use upper case letters as the thread title. 

Management of this forum:

Forum Manager : gato

This forum will be visited on a frequent basis by the Forum Manager who is responsible to keep things running smoothly and to address any posts that violate board rules in this forum. For questions, issues or problems you may observe with other posters that need moderator attention, please contact the Forum Manager by clicking the above link, and then hit the "Write Me" link under the Manager's avatar. Please do not post your concerns about questionable posts in the thread as these tend to take the thread off course.

Please note that the Forum Manager, at his discretion, may lock a thread at any time if it is going in a direction off-topic or inconsistent with the board rules. 
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