Patchy Beard success stories Before and After photos

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Such a great thread! Definitely very inspirational and confidence boosting!

A big thank you to everyone who posted their success stories!

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24 May 2017, 14:21 #362

This thread is awesome! My profile pic and username are good indicators of where I am at the moment (4 weeks). With luck, I'll get my success story up here!

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amk5401 wrote:
Here is Week 6 -> Week 23.

The patches definitely filled in earlier than week 23 but these pictures are the most recent and the best to show the change. I would like to note that the sides mostly filled in with new hair, but the underside barely did. The underside only looks like this due to length and is basically a combover...but no one can tell unless they start parting the hair and looking for it.

auzcarSince this thread has been very good motivation for me during my journey I thought that I would share mine as well and hopefully give a bit of hope to the patchy beards out there Image

                               3 weeks                                                                  2 months                                                              3 months                                                               10 months          
These two gave me some motivation to carry on as I'm closing in on 13 weeks in 2 weeks time. For a few days now, I've wanted to shave it off due to the very light color. I have tried to find someone with a lighter color similar to mine to see their growth, but to no avail. These two were closest, and sure looks amazing and made me decide to continue. Image


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Many thanks to everyone who has shared their journey to the Bearded Life in this thread. I point new Beard Board members to this thread almost every day and often multiple times per day. It is truly inspiring to see the successful results of patience and perseverance documented here.
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This is awesome. I've been trying to grow a beard for a while now. Not seeing as fast and good progress as a lot of you guys but I'm sticking to it thanks to this

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Really is best to grow it out for a few months and try and not let the patches get to you. I dont have pics but mine is patchy to begin with and after like 4 months it turns into what my profile pic is, i was very surprised. Now im not saying everyones will all fill in etc, but you just dont know until you grow. So if anyone is on the fence just do it, and if it isnt what you want at least you know and you never know what the future may bring.

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First photo is 7wks or so, second is something like 55wks with occasional trims. 
Still have some thinner spots on my cheeks but they have filled in pretty significantly since the first pic and there are some slow growers that are still coming in.

(Updated again bc photobucket deleted my photos)

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I love to update on this thread every now and then! Here is patchy starting point me vs 3 year in experienced beardsman me. I trim and maintain it myself at this length.....



I can can definitely say that time is still improving my coverage. That and becoming experienced at grooming the beard the use of quality products of course! Beardsmith Beard & Hair Wax in particular is great for styling and making the beard look fuller.
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After my first attempt from Nov-January of this year, I thought I wouldn't be able to grow a good beard, but time and patience proved me wrong. I was 21 when I began growing in November of last year, and am 22 now. 

I think for us younger guys it's just a matter of waiting until our beards come into their own. At 13 weeks in January, my beard was sparse and thin. Now, at 9 weeks in August, it has gained much more fullness, and coverage. I can't wait to see what it looks like 8 months from now!

Just be patient guys!

First Attempt (left): 13 weeks in, January 2017. Second Attempt (right): 9 weeks in, August 2017




My sides are still growing in, but compared to where they were only 7 months ago, I'm very happy with them. Hopefully this inspires you guys, because this thread really inspired me. 

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Matt and the Wind...nobody, really nobody would believe that you were be able to develop so HAMMER beards. Both of them are fantastic now and enviable ...thank you for posting makes all of the weak starters so much reasonable hope. 

I am flashed!!!

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This thread really is inspirational, seeing how people like myself have their weak cheeks covered by slow growers and patience gives me hope moving forward!!

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kbsa wrote: Some photos of my progress.

ImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage

Follow my journey: ... FF-H9zF-84


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This image popped up on my Facebook feed under memories


I confess that while I always have had issues with the lower lip, I never viewed my beard as "patchy" until seeing how that area looked seven years ago.

Seven years, length of hair, and a bit of creative brushing later.

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My transformation

My sides hardly grow in so I kept them shorter and let the goatee get large.  ROCK WHAT YOU GOT! Also wait and length does eventually win out against patches!
zzzzzzzz beard.png

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endorvet32 wrote: My transformation

My sides hardly grow in so I kept them shorter and let the goatee get large.  ROCK WHAT YOU GOT! Also wait and length does eventually win out against patches!
Awesome beard, endorvet! My beard grows similar to yours in the beginning stages but I still have quite a way to go. How much time passed between your first photo and the last?

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Hey there everyone. I hope that this post can give someone out there some hope. I do have to have to add a couple things though.

First is that when I first started growing this thing I was 24.

If you are down because you want a beard but its patchy and you are say 16,17, or 18, and see my progress and get hopeful, know that men's body's usually keep growing until around 25 so you might have to wait until around then for your body to start producing your maximum/best growth your body will ever have.

Second is that my beard is about as curly as possible. Almost like steel wool. This helps add the look of density, thickness and coverage. The trade off though is unlike a straight beard it takes forever to gain length.

Anyway, here is my beard about a week and a half after a fresh shave.


Now here, I have no idea exactly how long I had been growing it but it's somewhere in the vicinity of half way between the first and last pictures.


Now this was a selfie I took yesterday after a shift at work after about a year and 9 months of growth. You can see what I mean about the lack of length with curly beards.


Going to add this as well.

Here is a few months of growth vs a year and 9 months.


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Thanks in advance. This thread really boosted my confidence.
I am 4 Weeks in and can't wait to post my results in a couple of weeks.

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Mr. Cornetto wrote: Thanks in advance. This thread really boosted my confidence.
I am 4 Weeks in and can't wait to post my results in a couple of weeks.
Same here.  Thin and patchy sides (which I have) are really hard to be patient with.  I'll see if I can keep going. Thanks to all for sharing.

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Great thread... I have a bald patch on one side that has mostly covered up now at the 13 week mark...

At the 7 week mark:

butImage it was very noticeable for about the first 8-10 weeks, just hung in there long enough... now I'm hoping that it only gets better from here... great to hear others stories!

And now, 13 week mark ImageImage

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Time for another story that only happened because this thread exists: I've been wanting a proper full beard since at least 2008. Problem has always been the patches on the cheeks. So I started over many times, and failed just as many. Usually ending up with a stache and goatee combination. I tried growing what I have except that I would remove the patchy parts on the cheeks. Didn't work either as that forced the whole thing into neck beard territory. Also the curve would be asymmetric and drive me crazy. So I went back and forth a lot. The feedback of a particular individual lady didn't help either, her being pro-beard but expecting quality or a shave in lack thereof. Neither did taking my evaluation photos with a flash. Pro tip: Don't do that. Use daylight!

Well... 13 weeks ago I decided to give it yet another shot... and STUCK with it. I did get a pro to do some trimming a few weeks back just to keep the lower sections at bay while the slower-growing parts catch up. The same is scheduled again another 2 weeks from now. While things are still not perfect today, I can say that I'm over the hump for the first time now. I accept the current state enough to keep at it. The goal is to keep growing - with the occasional pro trim - until Dec 23rd, which happens to be the 180 day mark and a perfect milestone on the day before Christmas. By then, the bottom of the cheek hairs should have fully caught up to the bottom end of the trimmed jaw piece.

The pictures below are from 3 different attempts over the last 2 years, but you can see where the weak spots are. The most advanced state is from the exact 13 week mark yesterday. Thank you to everyone who shared their photos on this thread.This got me over the line.

(I also learned that short hair is not a smart decision for me, but fortunately that's fiable too.)

Here we go:

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