I want to grow a beard but..

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I want to grow a beard but..

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I am 18, starting to grow my beard, but there is an issue, with all the love for beards i have, there are hairs growing on my cheekbones and starting to grow up to my eyebrows as well, for now only the cheekbones hair are visible, and when i get closer to the mirror I can see the eyebrows hair from the beard up..

Now, what can I do? Is it a normal thing? I'm plucking the cheekbones hair for now (i used to shave them - fucking bad idea haha).. Thinking about the electric thing that is similiar to laser but for the face
Anyone knows the price ranges?

Anyone knows someone that did it or experiences that kind of hair growth? how does he deal with it?

I'm extremely self concious about it

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Let it grow dude!  Then trim it down to where you want it.  

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While the ridiculously high cheekline can be much, I would say let the beard grow, and shave/sculpt for the cheekline that looks nice and natural.

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