Greater Toronto Bearders & Stachios ?

Beard Legend
Beard Legend
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8:58 PM - Feb 10, 2018 #1

It's been awhile, so I thought I'd see if there were any 'new' members from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) on this forum.   I live east of Toronto in Oshawa, and I know that there is another member on here who lives on the opposite side of the western GTA, but what about all places in-between:  Toronto itself?

It'd be nice to meet-up with some local board members.   

I had once met up with a group here 3-4 years ago, but they were a hard group to keep in-touch with.  They'd say they were meeting, but didn't say where.  So I'd e-mail them and well ... crickets  🐜  grew beards that year.   Like Phil Collin's song:  "No Reply At All"  🎼

A bit too esoteric for me.  Secret rulers hidden in back pockets?  I didn't measure up?  I just don't know.  Frustrating. 

Let's give this another go!   

GTA, to me is NOT, Grand Theft Auto 😆
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