Discussing the use of Minoxidil or its variants (Rogaine, etc.)

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To Beard Board Members discussing the use of Minoxidil or its variants (Rogaine, etc)

After months of consideration, the Beard Board staff decided in December 2016 that it is no longer compatible with the goals and rules of the Beard Board to allow separate threads discussing the use of Minoxidil to promote beard growth.

The primary reasons are:
  • The Beard Board staff made a policy decision in August 2016 to no longer remain neutral and added language to the Beard Board Rules to that effect:
    Use of Minoxidil and any of its variants (e.g. Rogaine) on the face is explicitly discouraged by the Beard Board, unless it becomes approved for such use by the manufacturer and/or the FDA. Further, the Beard Board explicitly forbids discussion of Minoxidil, or any of its variants, in the Teen forum.
  • The Rogaine Experiment and Minoxidil FAQ threads were largely unmoderated and as such, this and other Beard Board Rules are sometimes broken without consequence.
  • The Beard Board would like to encourage all members to create Journey threads in either the 20-25 or 26+ fora in Starting or Establishing Any Style Beard rather than sub-threads.
  • Example Drug Facts Label for Minoxidil from the FDA explicitly states:
    do not apply on other parts of the body
What if you still want to discuss Minoxidil or one of its variants?

One option, if you are 20 years old or older, is to discuss your own experiences with the product in your personal Journey thread (and if you have not done so, create one!). You must keep the discussion to your personal experiences and you cannot promote the use of Minoxidil directly for other members, or make unsubstantiated general claims about the product's effectiveness for anyone using it.

Another option, search the Internet for similar discussions.

Final notes. IMPORTANT!
  • Do not start any new threads where Minoxidil or its variants are the topic of discussion. They will be immediately removed and you will be warned. Blatant disregard of this policy will likely result in a ban.
  • Do not start a thread to complain about this policy change. This will result in an immediate ban and the thread will be removed.
  • Our decision is final. While you are always welcome to send a PM to any staff member with questions or concerns, understand that the policy will not change at least until the FDA approves of the use of this product on the face to grow facial hair.
Thank you very much for reading this post to the end. While you may not agree, we ask you to understand and accept our position.

All the best,
Beard Board Staff