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Beard Affiliates

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all about beards - Recognition of beards tips on growing and grooming, links and additional information.
Beards and Life - A social site that discusses beards and life topics.
Beard Care UK - Beard care products for men.
Beard Community - Forum regarding beards, moustaches, handlebars, goatees, tailbacks. - Beardsley beard care products for men.
GoateeSaver - Get a perfect goatee with the adjustable GoateeSaver shaving template
GrowBH - Yahoo! Group: Info on male body hair enhancement.
Growing Long Beards Club - Yahoo! Group.
Handlebar Club - An international club for men with handlebar moustaches. Founded in 1947. Based at the Windsor Castle pub in London, England.
Men's Long Hair Hyperboard
The Society of the Bearded Gentlemen - A social site for ALL Beard wearing folks and Admirers!
Whisker Club - A beard and moustache club dedicated to having fun and helping the community.
Whiskerino - Site of Whiskerino 2007 featuring a beard growing challenge which runs from Nov. 1, 2007 through Feb. 28, 2008.
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THE YEARD THREAD - see those amazing beards after 1 full year!
THE TWEARD THREAD - double the length, double the awesomeness. the place bearded bamf's get their crap going on... ~~~ and that's with a CAPITAL "THE".
BeardChat - the revolutionary concept is up and running. join in now!!