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Nobutsuna Kamiizumi book rec.

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Hey guys. Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know as I know id have loved to have known about this my self, not trying to presume anything of course as perhaps this is common knowledge yet I was shocked to find this.

Well firstly let me say I found an English translation of the Baishoran that also includes a translation of the Nantaiheiki by Ryoshun. Having seen tidbits of the Nantaiheiki in the Azuma Kagami I always longed to be able to read it but figured that was high fantasy for me so it was a huge delight to have found that

Additionally now the topic at hand here this was a sort of series called "famous samurai" from what I can see though only two people were covered in their own respective books. And the two are quite complimentary to each other as the first is Kamiizumi Nobutsuna and the next is Yagyu Muneyori.

There's so little out there about the late Muromachi period that focuses on anything unless it's got to do with the so called big three and I resent that so it was awesome to find this.

It was so cool to learn that the Kamiizumi family came from Ogo. It was cool to learn about his sword master Aisu who claimed to have learn his Shinkage Ryu during his days as a Wako terrorizing China. It states that Aisu learned Shinkage Ryu in China. It talks about Kamiizumi fighting in a Satake clan civil war after which Hidetsuna as he was first called returned to his home castle and then it goes into the complex wars between later Hojo and the Yamauchi and Ogigayatsu Uesugi. The book perpetuates the idea that Hidetsuna was bestowed the Nobu in Nobutsuna but i understand this issue is much debated and that the evidence seems to favor the idea that it is not the case.

Also interesting is the fact that the book says Nobutsuna arrived in Yamato in 1567 which is clearly after the death of Yoshiteru so it puts into question how Kamiizumi could have been his tutor, im puzzled by that. Anyway I do think it's a good read and anybody interested I found it via Amazon kindle. And that's also where I found the Baishoran Nantaiheiki translation so if anyone is interested I recommend these books and if anyone is aware of any gems please share