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Forum Rules and Posting Regulations [center]
[b] [u] [size=32]JaK WAVE MESSAGE BOARD RULES [/size] [/u] [/b]

By joining the message board you agree to abide at all times by the following rules & regulations

which are subject to change at any time without notice!

If any of the rules below are not adhered to the JaK Wave reserve the right to suspend, restrict

or ban users without warning.

[size=20] [b] [u]RULES: [/u] [/b] [/size]

The use of the JaK wave message boards is made available for you to talk about topics brought

up on the website, or for general chat about movies, TV or other subjects not

completely related to JaK Wave unless covered by but limited to the particular rules below.

Even though the JaK Wave allows this to be a Public message board all rules must be adhered

to and we will not enter into any discussion relating to them!

We expect any posts that are made on the message board to be constructive; this is not to say

that we will delete posts that are not positive as long as a clear and concise explanation is given

and in our view is not considered an attack. We appreciate constructive feedback as this helps

the website to grow and move forward.

[b]1) [/b] The JaK Wave message board service is not provided as an advertising medium for events,

conventions, signings, websites or appearances organised by other companies or groups other

than JaK Wave or those approved by the JaK Wave Group, this also relates to any companies

or organisations not directly related to the JaK Wave Group. We do not allow discussion of the

above or gesturing in anyway whatsoever.

[b]2) [/b] Do not publicise websites or companies outside of the JaK Wave Group or partner

companies unless cleared through ourselves first.

[b]3) [/b] Use of the JaK Wave message board is there as a chance for fans to chat generally about

the JaK Wave events and submissions, and help to build a community.

[b]4) [/b] The Official Admins and Moderators of the JaK Wave message board have the right to

restrict, suspend or ban any user that they feel is causing a problem in any way or not keeping

within the terms and conditions of use without notice and their decision is final at any time. A

discussion will not be entered into, this also includes deleting an account if it is deemed to have

been used to make a posting on the boards that is considered ill advised.

[b]5) [/b] We will not allow the bashing or badgering of any member of the JaK Wave community in any

way, we are more than happy to hear from anyone who feels they have a grievance and we will

investigate it for them and take relevant action.

[b]6) [/b] Signature image size, please note that you must stay within the following signature image

size: 200 x 650, if you image is found to be outside these dimensions it will be deleted without


[size=32] [b] [u]WARNING AND ACCOUNT SUSPENSION PROCESS [/u] [/b] [/size]

[b]1) [/b] If a moderator considers any rule has been flouted or not adhered to then the offending

message will either be edited by a moderator with an explanation as to why the post has been

edited, the message will be deleted, or a an official warning will be posted within the original


[b]2) [/b] If a second instance arises where the registered user persists in flouting the rules &

conditions of use then the users account will be suspended! The user then has 7 days to

contact us and explain why the terms and conditions were breached, if this is not done their

account, username, email address and IP address will be deleted and blocked without recourse!

[b]3) [/b] JaK Wave will not consider pleas or questions from any third party in respect of a suspended

or banned user and no users have the right to post on the forums regarding suspension or

deletion of an account, if done then this would render that users account liable to suspension or


[size=32] [b]Thanks, and we hope you have fun on the boards!! [/b] [/size] [/center]

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