Iveco cruise control

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Iveco cruise control

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Hi everyone.
Absolutely brand new to this forum, and joined 'cos I have some questions. (Quel surprise)

I've read a most of the posts and replies to previous threads (~ yr2011) regarding retro fitting of cruise control on Iveco Daily 3's. This seems to consist of acquiring the correct 'wiper' stalk on the rhs of the steering column, and plugging it in to an existing black connector which (hopefully in my case) is already there, but tucked away a bit.

I have a 2003 Optare Alero 16 seat minibus which I'm certain is based on an Iveco Daily3 chassis which includes the 2.8turbo diesel engine (code no. 8140.43S), and FWIW a ZF manual g/box
In the Optare Alero electrical section there is mention of cruise control, but as my minibus stands, it does not have the correct wiper stalk to activate CC.

So, my question(s) are as follows:

1) I assume that essentially ALL of the Iveco Daily dashboard (certainly looks identical to other Daily's that I've seen), wiring looms, relays, switches, pcb's etc., would be used as a rolling chassis for subsequent fitting of a 3rd party body. Does anyone know if this assumumption would be correct?

2) Would it be fair to assume that if I investigate and find the 'black' connector, that my minibus may have been supplied ready to retro fit CC?

I've follwed a previous link to Vexi parts and the 'correct' stalk appears to be available, but obvs I don't want to just waste £60 if there's no chnace it might work.
Might there be any other clues - micro switches on clutch or brake pedals that might also hint at a successful retro-fit?

I'm also aware of one guy - Ash Pollard - who has a YT channel relating to conversion into motorhome of a 2002 Iveco Daily who also did this retro-fit, I think only last year (Aug-Sept?)

Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully received, and perhaps I should just say, apologies to admin if I have broken any rules on posting so soon after joining.

Regards Mark

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I will be honest and say the back looks more like a merc on the Optare BUT if it is based on the Iveco then really you personally need to go look. Read the cruise control posts down abit from this post and go take a look at your van. If in the same place or near you have the block with the right cable colours then boom your on it and can move to deciding what stalk you need which if you post back that the black block is there I or someone else can help find the right stalk. Otherwise just asking here is just a stab in the dark to be honest unless we have an Optare owner which can help.
They did not make a seperate wiring harness even for their buses or sold to bus manufacturers so if its there its using the harness and you should be able to use it (if the ecu is similar?)
Well the speedo looks exactly the same so ecu and harness should be setup