The Greatest American Hero(ine)? Reboot Not Picked Up by ABC

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Just saw this article ... 

It's titled
The Gender-Swapped Version Of The Greatest American Hero Isn't Going Ahead At ABC
Thank goodness ... we had discussed this last Sept. when this pilot was first introduced ... AND the premise was truly awful.
"The new Greatest American Hero is about Meera, a 30-year-old Indian-American woman from Cleveland, whose talents include tequila drinking and karaoke and not much else. All that changes when some aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet."
And from the article also ...
" -- one can't help but be intrigued by what modern TV could do with the central mystery of The Greatest American Hero. Season-long arcs dealing with the nature of the suit, the identity of the aliens, and the involvement of the FBI (the original show, which is quite good, is worth seeking out for Robert Culp's performance alone), all seem like they'd fit right in these days, don't they?"
For the full article: ... -up-by-abc
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Oh hurray! Whew

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Great news. It would have been disastrous.

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Well, I'm not sure it would have been disastrous. It depends on it if was just comedy, or comedy/drama, who was the producer and so forth.  It is an intriguing storyline. The main potential problem is why choose Meera?  At least Ralph was a decent sort, helping under-priviledged/problematic kids and Maxwell was a good guy, a good Fed, a good friend.  Neither were out of control millenials.  Aside from that, the questions posed above are solid questions a good show could slowly answer.   It's just that they need to choose a better set of characters, male or female, to have EARNED being associated with the suit.