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spy pen

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spy pen

Designed to look like a business pen, it is actually a DV camera for recording motion video or to capture still photographs. This model also comes with auto sound detection that records audio and video.

This elegant and compact spy pen fits anywhere, and is perfect for use in HR, education, security, media, PR, tourism, and other areas. Place it on your desk, on a shelf, or in your shirt pocket - for perfect covert surveillance.


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SPY Equipment

Normally we don't sanction ads on the FORUM, but we'll give this "Spy Pen" a pass,
just so we can re-visit some old (but fun) postings about the
International Spy Museum and the infamous R.T.K.s ...

If you ever get to Washington, DC, you have to visit the International Spy Museum downtown.
It was put together my members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and ex-CIA and KGB staff.
It is definitely worth a trip and is something I know you will all enjoy very much.
And yes, you will find references to Kelly and Scotty there, too.

So speaking of "Spy Equipment" ....

When the Museum first opened they had an article in USA Today, which - happily - is still up.
Among others things, it described some of the unique and unusual spy equipment and gadgets on display.

Like the "real" shoe phone

and one of Tatia's particular favorites

and objects like this warning sign (Ya think?? )

The article also mentioned this unique item ...

"Among the more unusual spy gadgets: The CIA's "rectal tool kit" - a capsule containing cutting implements that
could be hidden in a body cavity and used in case of capture, issued to those on dangerous missions in the '60s."


For more of the article and a link to some additional photos (unfortunately the video is no longer up) ... check out

http://www.network54.com/Forum/172251/m ... 026772498/

Follow the postings at the bottom and he sure to check out


http://www.network54.com/Forum/172251/m ... 026884673/

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