Something to Add to the Resume of Two Female Guest Stars

Something to Add to the Resume of Two Female Guest Stars

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Something to Add to the Resume of Two Female Guest Stars

We were talking about Robert's early resume in a recent thread .... ... 332980858/

Well, here's something to add to the resumes of 2 of I SPY's lovely guest stars.

Yep, that's Laura Devon (Tatia) and Joey Heatherton (Katie from Brattleboro, VT in
"To Florence With Love" ) circa 1964 for some bathing suit ad in a Portuguese magazine.
And it looks like the decidedly non-blonde looking Ms. Heatherton,
may have been modeling some lingerie other than a bathing suit.

If anyone out there reads tiny, blurry Portuguese, we may find out.

(And I have no idea what that creepy clown thing is on the far left is either.)

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Movie Promotions?

I can't read the Portuguese Tatia, but Laura and Joey seem to promoting movies they are appearing in. Above Laura, I can just make out in the text the names Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds, "Goodbye Charlie" and Vincente Minnelli. And yes, Laura Devon was in the cast of "Goodbye Charlie", starring Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds, directed by Vincente Minnelli, released 18 November 1964.

Same for Joey. I can read in her text the title "Where Love Has Gone." She appeared in that film with Bette Davis, Susan Hayward and Mike Connors. It was directed by Edward Dmytryk and released 2 November 1964.

We will need a translation to figure out if they are wearing wardrobe from their movies, or merely trying to give the impression that they might be, and I guess there's the promotion. I'll probably watch Goodbye Charlie at my next opportunity just to see Laura Devon, whether she's wearing the bathing suit or not, that is, whether she's wearing the bathing suit or is dressed more conservatively!

I have no theory about the "clown thing", but now I'll have trouble getting to sleep tonight.


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And Laura Devon on YOU TUBE ....

Thanks Jimmy for shedding some light on the Portuguese promo of Tatia and Katie from Brattleboro.

And with that thought in mind, here's some more on Laura Devon.

If you head on over to YOUTUBE ... you can find the film RED LINE 7000 (1965) posted in 8 parts.

The film is notable for starring a very young James Caan and our own "Tatia," Laura Devon.

I, of course, have a great affection for the lovely Ms. Devon - what a beautiful voice she had ...
RED LINE 7000 is a film about race car drivers and their girlfriends -- and was directed and co-written by Howard Hawkes. And some others of interest also appear in the film - including George Takei of Star Trek fame, and also a 2 time I SPY visitor (the secondary Samurai in "Tigers of Heaven" and the butler in "The Barter") ... and Marianna Hill (Joanne in "Night Train to Madrid").

You can find Part 1 of Red Line 7000 at

Carol Connors also appeared in the film as a waitress.

The talented song-writer was a one-time girlfriend of Bob's. So for all you romantics out there, here are her comments again about our own Kelly Robinson and their relationship ... in an interview with Paul Payton.

CC: "By the way, you do know that I co-wrote probably one of the most important love songs of all times...

PP: "With You I'm Born Again"...

CC: It's one of my favorite songs of all times.

PP: I haven't gone to stuff that was covered on your website, or was out of this particular era.

CC: Just as a little history, I wrote it for my love affair with Robert Culp. I was going with him at the time, and I wanted Robert to feel that way about me - and he did - and I felt that way about him. It was from a film called "Fast Break," the Gabe Kaplan film; it was just a little melody in the film that David Shire wrote."

In the article, Ms. Connors is quite open about her past loves, mentioning
Elvis as one of her earliest, and her relationship with David Janssen.

Later in the article, she talks about "Red Line 7000" ....
CC: Yes. Thanks to Howard Hawks, who absolutely fell in love with me when I used to drive in with my Cobra, I wrote two songs for it: 'Wild Cat Jones', for which I wrote music and lyrics, for the lead, a lady named Gail Hire, who was one of Howard Hawks' finds. James Caan was in that, and Skip Ward, and I was in the film with Cissy Wellman - she was [famous Hollywood director] William Wellman's daughter. I ended up in the film because Howard Hawks said to me, 'You're so pretty that I want to put you in the film.' I said, 'I can't act,' and he said, 'Neither can anyone else! You're in the film, or I won't use your songs!' The reason he wanted my music was because I'd just come off [the big hit] 'Hey Little Cobra'. So I'm in the film; there's a scene of me dancing - I play a waitress. Also I wrote 'Waiting For You' - although I don't remember if that's the exact title - with Nelson Riddle. I wrote most of the song, but Nelson took some of the credit because 'he had to' - but that was okay with me. And that's a cult film today, by the way.
You can find the whole interview at

And back to the lovely Laura Devon.
We've had several past postings about her, but haven't mentioned them recently.

So for a general overview .... check out ... 220845029/

And on YOUTUBE, you'll also find a very funny promo for her film "Chamber of Horrors" (1966).
It includes schlocky gimmicks like a "Fear Flasher" and "Horror Horn."
(Enter at your own risk, you've been warned!!)

"Chamber of Horrors" promo

And connecting some of these ends into a full circle, here's Ms. Devon with Ms. Connors' other boyfriend, David Janssen, in The Fugitive episode "Chinese Sunset." Also starring is Paul Richards "Chanetsov" from I SPY's "The Spy Business" ... ( Have I mentioned that everything in the world is connected to I SPY?? )

The Fugitive "Chinese Sunset"

Part 1

Part 2

- or -

a short 4 minute videoclip from the episode

And Ms. Devon was also an accomplished singer, besides being a talented actress (remember she sang a bit in "Tatia.") And she sings in the film "GUNN" starring Craig Stevens. She was married to the composer Maurice Jarre for many years. Mr. Jarre composed the amazing film scores for "Lawrence of Arabia," "Dr. Zhivago." "The Longest Day, "Gambit," "Ryan's Daughter," and "Shogan" to name just a few.
And thanks to our great Jimmy Mitchell, cool dresser and expert audio guy,
you can listen to Ms. Devon sing.

Dreamsville ... ville.html

I Like the Look ... elook.html

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Re: Movie Promotions?

Nice backtrack, Jimmy, but we know exactly what you meant about the bathing suit.