Some Interesting COLUMBO Connections ...

Some Interesting COLUMBO Connections ...

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Some Interesting COLUMBO Connections ...

We knew about the MAD Magazine "take-off" of I SPY ... 215471835/

and MAD's tribute to TGAH and "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice"
(a.k.a. Boob & Carnal & Tad & Alas & Alfred" ... 216012868/

BUT ....

I didn't know MAD had one of COLUMBO featuring suspect "Dr. Robert Culpable" ....

The issue is from 1973 (#156) and it's titled CLODUMBO.

(If anyone knows anything more about this one or can scan some of it for us, we'd love to see it.)

It appears to be showcasing "Death Lends A Hand" -
with Investigator Brimmer and his great rectangular glasses.

This is from an article on the British COLUMBO site.

for the full article go to:

And on YOU TUBE, you'll find a great 4 1/2 minute clip from "Death Lends A Hand"
featuring the ingenious  "blue glasses" murder scene and Gil Mellé's cool music.

From the YOU TUBE description ... "To illustrate this highly-visual scene,
composer Gil Mellé injects a wide array of musical styles from musique concrète
to electronic music and jazz" ... superbly done.

(Gil Mellé also did the music for 2 other Culp TV movies -
"A Cry for Help" and "A Cold's Night's Death.")

There's another "Culp-Columbo" video up on YOU TUBE, but quite different.
It's called "Kings of Murder" and features footage from "A Most Crucial Game."
The background is "Queens of the Stone Age" music "You Would Know."
There are some great shots of Columbo confronting Culp at the end.
The beginning of the video is a bit strange, and there's a little dialog in French,
but hang in there. The YOU TUBE description is in French and it seems the episode
is called " Le Grain de Sable" (A Grain of Sand) when it was shown in France.

AND as long as you are hanging around YOU TUBE ....

"A NAME FOR EVIL"  has just made an appearance over there.
(Yes, the full "Wardrobe Deficient" version.)
If you need to take baby steps towards this one, let me suggest you visit
Lisa's Consummate Culp site first for her complete review of the movie.

and then take a deep breath and head over to see the whole thing.
(Move fast, because something tells me this one
isn't going to be up all that long.)

A Name for Evil

~  ~  ~  ~ As always,

~  ~  ~  ~ "Information R Us" Tatia :-)

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Re: Some Interesting COLUMBO Connections ...

I'd love to see the whole "Clodumbo" parody. I have a stash of MAD magazines in deep storage in a closet under other artifacts of a misspent life. A retiring colleague gave them to me over a decade ago when he retired to Hawaii and wanted to relocate unencumbered by the refuse of his own misspent life. I was happy to take on the extra refuse. Unfortunately I think 1973 is a little too recent, but I'll have a look.

I didn't realize Gil Melle composed the music for "Death Lends a Hand". I really like his electronic score for "The Andromeda Strain". It was one of the first, if not the first all electronic score for a film. I'll have to go back and rewatch "A Cry for Help" and "A Cold Night's Death" just to check out the music. Watching the "Death Lends a Hand" clip reminds me how wonderful the Culp Columbos were.

I appreciate all the connections and links Tatia. However I have drawn a line in the sand and I'm not even going to take baby steps in the direction of "A Name for Evil". In fact, as we speak, I'm running as fast as I can in the opposite direction.

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Robert Culpable: Not guilty?

I was browsing around an article about Columbo I had found on IMDB ( ... es-columbo) and stumbled on a list of conjectured outcomes, had each episodes' case gone to trial ( Amazingly enough, according to this fan all of Robert Culp's murderers would have been found "not guilty" or their case been dismissed. Which maybe I could see for Robert Brimmer (that was at best manslaughter, anyway) and perhaps for Coach Hanlon (I agree with "insufficient evidence", and the anomalies Columbo discovered were too easily explained away to hold up in court), but Dr. Bart Kepple? Come on! If they didn't get him for the client they would have gotten him for the projectionist! IMO. Happy to hear others' opinions.

As for "Clodumbo", I remember reading it when it came out -- it was in one of the first three or four Mad magazines I ever bought, now long gone. I had probably seen I Spy at that point but I didn't make the connection. On the one hand, there was Kelly Robinson, sexy young tennis player; on the other there was Robert Culpable, middle-aged guy in suit. Mostly I thought "Clodumbo" should have been funnier. My pre-teen expectations of... everything!... were still very high