Pole-Vaulting circa 1947

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Tatia once said to Kelly, "I know what you are." Kelly tensed, reacting with a concerned look - but just momentarily. But then she continued, "You're a tennis champion."
Well, I just ran across this article from the LA TIMES by Jerry Soifer.
100 Years Of The State Track Meet: From Future Olympic Heroes To Johnny Mathis, A Tapestry Of Talent
It's all about the talented athletic youth that come out of the state of California.
"If there is one high school event that celebrates the wealth of athletic talent in California, it is the state track and field meet. It might have the richest history of any state championship in any sport in America.
Nearly 80 men and women from California high schools have won Olympic medals in track, including ... L.A. Jordan’s Florence Griffth-Joyner. Many more have made the U.S. Olympic team as well as teams from five other nations."
Well Kelly may have been a tennis champion, but the article mentions young Robert Culp, who was a pole-vaulting contender.
"Berkeley's Robert Culp cleared 12-3 to tie for second in the pole vault in 1947. He went on to an acting career, most prominently in the "I Spy" television series."

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To Florence - Pole Vaulting painting.jpg

and as to Johnny Mathis mentioned in the title of the article ... 
"Johnny Mathis of San Francisco Washington tied for sixth in the high jump in 1952. He has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame during a recording career that includes many gold and platinum albums."

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You can find the whole article at ...
http://www.latimes.com/sports/highschoo ... story.html
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