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I was recently cleaning down in the Loring Photo Archives, and realized that a number of my Culp photos were from different celebrity photo sites. I used to visit them more regularly, but I still occasionally stop by to check them out.
These sites often get people and names wrong, especially identifying Steven Culp or Robert Conrad for Our Man Culp. Most of the photos they display I've seen before, but every now and again there will be a totally new one, as a reward for hunting through them. Some sites "water-mark" their photos, but they are still fun to check out and look through.
As a Culp photographer myself, I do appreciate these sites. :-)

Tatia Photographing - Kelly 4 set.jpg
They can include shots from OMC's different movies, TV appearances, private life, and often attending events and premieres. And there are usually lots of photos taken with the different women in his life. Most of the photos are just a hodge-podge when it comes to any sort of chronology, but that kind of makes it fun bouncing back and forth through the years and seeing all the changes in hair color and clothing outfits.
Here are some of the Celebrity Photo sites to check out, if you are interested.

Most everyone is familiar with Getty Images - they have 10 pages on Culp. ... st#license

But here are some others ...
Alamy Photos - with many from Zuma Press - 4 pages of Culp photos
WireImage - many taken by Ron Galella (one of the pioneer paparazzi - famous for his lawsuits with Jacqueline Kennedy and feuds with Marlon Brando) - 5 pages of Culp photos ... 20culp&s=4
Picsearch - 5 pages ... ert%20culp
Rex Features by Shutterstock Images (1 long scrolling page, which they list as 4 pages.)

This last site has some photo groupings from Robert's different movies. The last time I stopped by, I found some photos I don't think I have ever seen before. On what they list as Page 3, I found some color photos from Married Alive, which was a 1970 British ITV production co-starring Diana Rigg ...

Married Alive - Culp & Rigg B&W-a.jpg Married Alive - Culp & Rigg-D.jpg

- and - No. 1 on our current list of the Holy Grail of Missing Culp Performances.

Culp Holy Grail cup-BB .jpg

And from the Married Alive photos, I discovered this in the "Guess Who Came to Dinner?" category ....  
The gentleman on the left side of the table, in the middle, is none other than Sir Geoffrey Cyon from Spectre. (O.K. and also evil devil demon in his free time.) He is also known as the actor James Villier.
Married Alive - Dinner all.jpg Specre-Sir Geoffry Cyon-a.jpg Spectre - Geoffrey Cyon - black robes-2.jpg

And to my surprise, I discovered one other dinner guest with an I SPY connection. 
It is the lady with the pony tail sitting to the right of Robert with her back to us. 
Married Alive - Dinner all.jpg  

Tah-dah! It is none other than the WarLord's Catherine Faulkner (Jeanne Marsh).
I wonder what they had to say to each other??
Married Alive - Culp & Marsh & others.jpg
Married Alive - Culp, Rigg, Marsh.jpg
Are there any other photo sites out there that you like and would recommend??
All my best,
Tatia (girl photographer)
P.S. I am off on assignment this week, and it looks like I will not have very good internet reception.
I'll look forward to checking in on the FORUM next week-end.

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I knew I logged on again at the exact right time. I was just thinking yesterday that I didn’t have enough I Spy/Robert Culp pictures. And here they are. The wonderfulness of the Tatia Loring Archives!

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As Catherine Faulkner has been known to say to her WarLord, I am glad ...
“I could be of some value!”


P.S. And we all know there is NO such thing as having too many pictures of Our Man Culp ... ever!! :-)