METEORA - Skyriders ...

METEORA - Skyriders ...

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Someone recently sent me this website about METEORA in Greece.
Meteora is the picturesque clifftop region where strange caves and sheer vertical rock structures jut out of nowhere. It was originally home to religious hermits and ascetics seeking to be closer to heaven. Several monasteries were later built on the tops of these unusual clifftops.
I visited there many years ago, and it is more than you can imagine. In the early days, the monks would ascend and descend in nets pulled along the cliffsides. Though there are roads up there today, there are still many, many steps for visitors to climb to reach the different monasteries and churches. And the views are truly incredible.
There have been a few films made up there, including SKYRIDERS (1976)It starred James Coburn, Susannah York and our man Robert Culp. The movie is filled with wonderful location shots of Greece, but especially of Meteora.
The story centers around a wealthy woman and her two children who are kidnapped and held for ransom. They are held in an abandoned monastery in Meteora. Robert plays her industrialist businessman husband, Jonas Bracken, who is desperate to do anything to get them back safely. And James Coburn plays Jim McCabe, her "soldier of fortune" roguish and charming ex-husband and father of one of the children, with whom he has had little contact.
The terrorists and their hostages are holed up in an unreachable mountain-top monastery, placing them out of reach of conventional attack. While Jonas negotiates with the terrorists and arranges for ransom payment, Jim assembles a group of hang-gliding circus performers to become a rescue team.
As one review puts it - "There’s a solid, unspoken dynamic between the two men that continues through to the end, but where most films would make Culp’s character the ineffectual one in the face of Coburn’s cool cat, here they’re both allowed to be good and successful men in their own rights.
(Can you imagine how much fun those two must have had on and off the set?)

And thanks to our wonderful ability to now embed - here's SKYRIDERS for your viewing enjoyment.


Here's another interesting webpage about Meteora. ... teora.html
And an extensive and well-done piece on SKYRIDERS with photos on Lisa's Consummate Culp's website.
And one other film you may have seen that had a scene filmed in Meteora, also.

For Your Eyes Only (1981) with Roger Moore. The scene was filled at the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Meteora. Here's an article about it for those interested. ... teora.html
As always,
Tatia :-)

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I saw this recently and found the setting spectacular, the hang gliding scenes beautiful but maybe overlong, and the plot not very believable. All I could think was what a harebrained scheme this was that in real life would be bound to get a bunch of people killed. 
I did like the dynamic between Coburn and Culp. Naturally I feel that Mr. Culp was underused. :-) 

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A great deal of TV Movies and the like from 40 years ago all have pretty stupid plots, at times, during the story. Some of the Columbo plots finishes would never have really caused the criminal to be successfully charged and prosecuted, and that includes 2 of 3 of the Culp ones.  So, I watch these things because Robert Culp is handsome and an amazing actor, and it is easy entertainment.