Look Alikes?? ... O.K. I've Been Wrong Before, but ...

Look Alikes?? ... O.K. I've Been Wrong Before, but ...

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Look Alikes?? ... O.K. I've Been Wrong Before, but ...

I've mentioned before that the "Family Channel" has been running I SPY on TV. And even though they are thankfully available again on HULU (luv you, Hulu), I find great delight in tuning in Kelly & Scotty at 11 PM each night (even with commercials and all) and watching them romp around my TV screen before heading off to dreamland (with a smile on my face).

Well, the other night "A Day Called 4 Jaguar" was on ... not one of my favorites, but I'll watch anything with our charming guys going off on their adventures. And I always - without fail - discover something new when I watch an episode that I never noticed before.

So, in "A Day Called 4 Jaguar," there is a scene where the guys go to a remote village to enlist the help of the locals to help them find the "tall, blond giant" (a.k.a. Cosmonaut Dmitri Balin, a.k.a. the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl).

They are met with great belligerence and hostility by a group of villagers and are later kidnapped
by these same men and taken exactly where they wanted to be - to meet Dmitri.

Well, I took a double-take at the leader of the local villagers ...

"Is that" or "is that not" GOZA ... our man of the many-colored Jimmy Mitchell coat???

O.K. in "Turnabout for Traitors" Jose Chavez gets screen credit for his role as GOZA ...

but nothing - nada for "A Day Called for Jaguar."

The extra cast in "Jaguar" are listed here

with Jose Dominguez being listed as "the peasant."

I looked up both actors, but could not find any photos of Joe Dominguez, but did find lots of acting credits for both of them.
I found this bio on Joe Dominguez ... "Mexican-born utility actor Joe Dominguez claimed to have entered films in 1913, and to have appeared in over 300 pictures. Primarily a bit player, Dominguez usually showed up in Westerns, serials, and historical films with South-of-the-Border settings. Among Joe Dominguez' larger roles were Gonzalez in Fritz Lang's Rancho Notorious (1952) and the Grandfather in I Love You, Alice B. Toklas (1970), his last film.

Jose Chavez was in (among many other films) "The Wild Bunch," "Romancing the Stone," "The Magnificent Seven," and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." For photos of him in the last 2 roles, go to

O.K. ... with our assorted collection of film buffs and experts of the obscure out there, does anyone know about Joe Dominguez and could that have been him as the village leader in "Jaguar"??

Or perhaps Joe Dominguez was some other "peasant" in "A Day Called for Jaguar," and these WERE photos of Jose Chavez, who was just uncredited??

And this "uncredited" status HAS happened before, and in these exact episodes ...

Regina Torné who later starred as the evil mother "Mama Elena" in
the wonderful film "Like Water for Chocolate" (1992), also starred as the
evil Elena in "Turnabout for Traitors."

Regina Torné as evil Mama Elena in "Like Water for Chocolate"

And remember the photo from above ... well here she is as
Evil Elena in "Turnabout for Traitors" (thanks to Jimmy's photo)

(Well, Kelly didn't catch on to her "evilness" right away ... )

Here's her I SPY "Turnabout" screen credit

BUT in "A Day Called 4 Jaguar," she is definitely the young woman who
is the leader of the synchronized swimmers group who asks Kelly for help
when her electricity has gone out at the Las Brisas hotel.

But she is uncredited in the screen credits at the end for this episode - not a mention.

NOW ... I have been known to be wrong (now and then).

I have always mixed up Richard Carlson and Hugh Marlowe,
from the 1950s Outer Space, horror, science fiction genre of films.

Richard Carlson starred in "It Came from Outer Space" and "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" among many others.

Hugh Marlowe will always be remembered for his role in "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and others like "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers." But he was also in a variety of great dramatic films like "All About Eve," "Twelve O'Clock High," "Elmer Gantry," "Birdman of Alcatraz," and "Seven Days in May."

And except for the age difference, Eileen Baral (Leno in "Child Out of Time") and Evelyn Rudie could have been the same person or twins to me.
... Yes, yes, "He's Worked with Everyone Out There Twice"!!

"Eileen Baral" (Leno in "Child Out of Time" - and -
doppelganger "Evelyn Rudie" (in Alfred Hitchcock's "A Man Greatly Beloved")

And lastly, I thought George Serengi Alicia's ill-fated boyfriend in "Dragon's Teeth"
was the same guy who played the nasty Señor Porada in "There Was A Little Girl"

George Serengi and Señor Porada

... except George Serengi is listed as being played by Mike Faulkner
and nasty Señor Porada was played by Harry Raybould. Go know!!

Any other great "look-alikes" come to mind for you??

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Re: Look Alikes?? ... O.K. I've Been Wrong Before, but ...

I recently saw "Apollo" With one of my fav Villainesses " Bobbie" the wonderful Pippa Scott.
It hit me Hey, Is there a resemblance to Jacqueline Scott? AKA Donna Kimble Taft on the "Fugitive?
Tash could you run Photos of Pippa And Jacqueline Scott.? Could they be related.? I know thats a lot of Questions. Sorry about that. Without even seeing you, I know you look great today Tash. Love IHPL .

Ps: Even if you dont thats ok too. youre busy.

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Look-Alikes - Jacqueline Scott and Pippa Scott

Here they are, Bob ...

And there is a resemblance.



(Bobbie in APOLLO)

From everything I've read, there is no relationship between them.

I had written this up awhile ago about PIPPA SCOTT, a most interesting woman, and this seems like a perfect spot for adding it.

In my unending quest for information about all the great guest stars on I SPY, I ran across this fascinating article on Pippa Scott (evil Bobbie in APOLLO) ... and what she has been doing in more recent years.

Ms. Scott was married to Lee Rich and helped him found "Lorimar Productions" ("The Waltons," "Dallas," "Falcon Crest," "Knots Landing," "Eight Is Enough," etc., etc. They also produced Bob's "Killjoy" a.k.a. "Who Killed Joy Morgan.") She did a great deal of behind-the-scenes work at Lorimar, but was never credited with it. Their marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Several years later, she formed a small production company and became involved with digitally organizing film footage of war atrocities and human rights abuses during the Serb-Bosnia conflict and in other countries. These films were used when cases of human rights violations were brought to trial at The Hague. She later founded the "International Monitor Institute" that continues this work and also produces documentaries.

Here's her bio page from IMDB, which mentions her Human Rights work


and an excellent, but long, detailed article, about her and her work ...
(it's very interesting, even if you only want to peruse a little of it).

http://articles.latimes.com/1999/jan/17 ... e/tm-64365

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Boy, Chavez REALLY does look like Dominguez! If they aren't the same person, they have to be twins, or the world has less DNA than we thought and repeats itself in interesting ways. Good eye, Tatia! Another fascinating post!


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A Vote 4 Jose Chavez

I'm pretty sure that's Jose Chavez in both roles Tatia. As a kind of addendum to the first part of my Acapulco "Then & Now" trip report back in 2008, I noted the odd coincidence that both Jose Chavez and Regina Torne appeared without credit in A Day Called 4 Jaguar and then had significant parts in Turnabout for Traitors.

http://www.network54.com/Forum/172251/m ... iff+Divers

It didn't occur to me that anyone but Jose Chavez played the guy who removed the distributor cap from Kelly and Scotty's pink jeep in A Day Called 4 Jaguar, and I still don't have any doubts. Joe Dominguez was born in 1894 and would have been about 72 at the time of the I Spy episode. I don't think the guy in question is that old. Here is another comparison.

I've also confused Hugh Marlowe with Richard Carlson. There are other pairs of actors that tend to blend into one another in my mind. Chad Everett and James Brolin. Richard Kiel and Ted Cassidy. Keith Andes and Skip Homeier. John Gavin and John Saxon. Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton. It's worse, as in the last two examples, when they share first names.


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Re: A Vote 4 Jose Chavez

I agree, Mr. Chavez has to be in both - listen to the voice and I think you'll find it the same. I wonder why he and Ms. Torne didn't receive credit in this episode? It was an earlier episode - maybe contracts were not as complete this time around?

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Jimmy's LOOK-ALIKES ...

Great LOOK-ALIKES, Jimmy!!

I'm going to focus in on the ones you mentioned that are I SPY-related
(since as we all know, everything is connected to I SPY! )

First there's Keith Andes and Skip Homeier,
definitely "separated at birth" look-alikes.

Keith Andes played Kelly & Scotty's superior in 3 episodes -
Room With A Rack and Laya where he displayed some definite character flaws,
and Now You See, Now You Don't where he went all bad!

and here's his twin Skip Homeier

Now let's put them together, early on and a bit older ...

That's Keith on the left -- and -- Skip on the right.

And here's what STAR TREK did to both of them ...

That's Skip on the left -- and -- Keith on the right.

And the OUTER LIMITS actually put them together in a 1964 episode called Expanding Human.
The only photo I could find, though, had Skip already "changing."

Here's a comment by Keith Andes about the episode, from a David J. Schow article ...

"My recollection" said Keith Andes, "is that Skip and I were related somehow, which is funny because we were frequently mistaken for each other.
One of us - I think it was him - took this drug and turned into this kind of monster. I was the good guy who tried to intercept and help him.
That's about all I can tell you."

To read more about the episode and see the video, check out

http://wearecontrollingtransmission.blo ... human.html

AND Jimmy also mentioned

Richard Kiel and Ted Cassidy.

Richard Kiel is, of course "our" TINY for A Few Miles West of Nowhere.
But he was also in my all-time favorite TWILIGHT ZONE To Serve Man,
as the helpful alien Kanamit, with his all-purpose cookbook.

And he is most well-known for his role as JAWS, in two Bond films
The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.
Here's a fairly recent photo of him with Roger Moore.

and then there's his Look-Alike Ted Cassidy, best known for his role as LURCH,
the rather tall butler, on the TV series The Addams Family.

But some enterprising person on the internet, thought he also had a
very strong resemblance to a well-known political figure.

Thanks, Jimmy!

Any other LOOK-ALIKE ideas out there??

~ ~ ~ ~ As always,

~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia

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My Alleged LOOK-ALIKES ...

Typically great photo essay Tatia, lending a little support to some of my random look-alike ravings, at least for Skip Homier and Keith Andes. Ted Cassidy and Richard Kiel don't really look all that much alike, but confusion can come from biometric parameters other than facial patterns like, say, height. I saw Richard Kiel at a WonderCon in San Francisco a while back and then found myself sitting at an adjoining table in the lounge on the 39th floor of the Marriott Marquis (the official WonderCon hotel). Nothing to report except that his mobility is a little impaired these days. Mine may have been a little impaired as well, but for different reasons.

I looked for some John Gavin-John Saxon and/or Chad Everett-James Brolin look-alike photos but couldn't find any convincing ones. I guess they really don't look that much alike. Still, I continue to confuse them for reasons I can't really articulate, even to myself. Maybe I'm afraid that if I discover the source of my confusion, it won't reflect well on me.