I SPY NBC Promotional POSTER

I SPY NBC Promotional POSTER

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I SPY NBC Promotional POSTER


Quite awhile ago, someone wrote into the FORUM asking about information on the I SPY Poster.

And no one knew anything about it and could barely make out the artist's signature.

Well, this was information was just up on eBay. Hope it helps whoever was looking for it.

<font color=blue> I SPY - NBC Promotional Poster </font>

Size: 21" x 24"

Age: 1966

Illustrator: Gustav Rehberger

"In the summer of 1966, when the NBC Television Network was getting ready for its' new season, they threw several parties for their larger affiliates. To decorate these parties and to help promote the shows, NBC hired some of the day’s outstanding artists to produce eleven different posters.

The eleven promotional posters produced to be given to NBC's major affiliates as decorations for parties celebrating their 1966 season premieres were Bonanza, Daniel Boone, Flipper, Get Smart, Hey Landlord, I Spy, The Monkees, Star Trek, T.H.E. Cat, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. NBC did offer the Bonanza, Get Smart and I Spy for sale for a very limited time afterwards.

These posters are highly collectible because they were very limited and were intended to be used ONLY in the network's promotional campaign and then returned or destroyed immediately after use. Combine that with the fact that these were used as decorations at affiliate parties and you've got an idea of their rarity. It's hard to say how many of these are even still available as NBC didn't keep a record of how many were produced to begin with.

..... the I Spy promotional poster which promoted the 1965-1968 NBC TV series starring Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson and Bill Cosby as Alexander Scott. I Spy will be remembered as the first television show to feature an African-American actor, Bill Cosby, in a lead role. The poster measures 21" wide by 24" high and features an illustration by Gustav Rehberger of portraits of Robert Culp and Bill Cosby above the I Spy logo in large block letters over a white background. This illustration was later used as the cover to the I Spy #4 paperback "Wipeout" by John Tiger published in 1967."

Here's the link to the eBay auction

http://cgi.ebay.com/1966-NBC-TV-PROMOTI ... 52367538QQ

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((Jonathan - I posted the information about the original I SPY RETURNS Posters under that thread.))