Hotel Featured In "Vendetta" Identified

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I've been going over the episodes of I SPY that were filmed in Italy and Greece in preparation for an upcoming trip there, and I FINALLY identified the hotel where Kelly and Scotty stayed in "Vendetta."  This is one of my favorite episodes because it appears it was 100 percent filmed on location.  About the only other episode that reaches that same level is "Sofia."  

As I was watching the opening scene where the episode name is flashed, I saw a sign for the hotel.  It wasn't quite clear enough to make out all the letters, but I went to Google and typed in several variations.  Viola!  The hotel's name is the Grand Hotel Villa Fiorio and is situated in the Roman suburb of Grottaferrata.  

Here's their website:

It appears that the place no longer functions as a hotel but is available for weddings, special events and private parties.  However, the website may be obsolete.  Another listing on the Internet said the place is "closed permanently."    

I compared video and photos from the website and it appears the place has not changed very much in the 52 years since "The Boys" paid a visit.  In the publicity photos from the website, the swimming pool area looks exactly the same.  However, when I looked at the place from above on Google aerial photos, it looks like it has fallen into disrepair and, in particular, the pool area looks like it needs a lot of work.  The water looks dirty and the surrounding deck appears to show deterioration.  Google street view pics shows that graffiti has been painted on the wall that surrounds the complex.  Like a lot of other places, the neighborhood may have lost some of its luster over the last five decades.          

I'd like to track down the location where Kelly was confined and the "trial" took place.  That will be pretty difficult.  

We have a pretty packed itinerary, but I think I might have time to visit this hotel (hopefully it won't be all locked up) and the port ruins -- the location where Kelly was captured at gunpoint.  "Fish milk."  There are a lot of Google street view photos of the Capitolium (where Kelly was first confronted) and some of it has been cordoned off from exploration since 1966.  

Our itinerary involves Vienna, Rome, Florence, Venice, Athens, Mykonos, Delos, Santorini and Rhodes.  The "I SPY" tour!  

I wonder how many people who were involved in the production of "I SPY" are still alive?  They might be able to provide some answers as to where various episodes were filmed.  

Sheldon Leonard provided first class lodging for his people when they traveled the world.  Although the hotels may have developed some age over the years, I'm sure this was probably a five-star hotel in 1966.  It may be in the negative numbers now!   

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Hi there Mr. Conway,
So glad you were able to join us here at TAPATALK.
Great hotel discovery!!
Your upcoming trip sounds really wonderful!! Have a fabulous time.
I don't know if you saw my Italian (I SPY) postings from last summer. But following your lead (your Hotel Atlantis in Lotus Eater), I hunted down some hotels featured in I SPY in both Venice and Florence - and - located LOTS of I SPY sites in both cities and in Rome.
If you didn't see them, just enter the cities in the Search box - and look for my postings from June to August 2017.
Here are the specific hotel postings to help you find them for Venice...
VENICE - I SPY THEN & NOW - Part 9 - Very Cool Discovery! August 21, 2017 - from Bridge of Spies
(The Hotel Marconi E Milano - now the Hotel Marconi right by the Rialto Bridge)
continuing-up-here-venice-i-spy-then-no ... tml#p15655
and also check out 
CONTINUING UP HERE ... VENICE - I SPY THEN & NOW - Part 8 - about the Hotel Daneli .... 
continuing-up-here-venice-i-spy-then-no ... tml#p15652

and for Florence...
LAST OF FLORENCE - THEN & NOW Part 4 ...  July 9, 2017 for To Florence With Love
(The Florence Grand Hotel Villa Medici)
viewtopic.php?f=172251&t=3355&p=15589&h ... tel#p15589
Have fun hunting with your exploring ... it is so cool to turn a corner and discover an I SPY site!! 
And it was so nice to find that 50 years had made very little difference in so many of the places we visited - these cities are ageless and truly retain their eternal beauty.

Tatia by Trevi fountain.jpg
Take lots of photos!!
All my best,
Tatia :-)

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Thanks for the info Tatia! 

I also tracked down the Hotel Imperial in Vienna where they stayed in "I SPY Returns." 

I watched "Rome Take Away Three" today and noticed they had scenes filmed at four different sidewalk cafes.  The first is right when the episode title is being shown.  Kelly, Scotty and Alf Kjellin's character (Dean Sherman) are shown and I noticed there's a big fountain across the street.  The next one was where Sherman was sitting at a cafe and the guy he hired to kill him was interrupted by Kelly and Scotty.  The third one was where there's a cute girl who starts flirting with Kelly and then they spot the truck that has the poster plastered on the side of it that shows a picture of Tilde, the model they're looking for.  The fourth cafe is at the end where Scotty picks up a young lady and Kelly ends up empty handed.  I noticed there's a big concrete arch structure on the opposite side of the street that will help in identifying the location.  You can see it when Kelly's "girlfriend" climbs into a horse carriage.

Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to try and figure out where these places are.  Google aerial and streetview pics are very helpful.  

I also noticed that the opening and closing song was used in the opener for "An American Empress."  Earl Hagen was so talented.   

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Aahh Mr. Conway, so glad you stopped by with your personal Return to Glory.
I checked out the website for the Grand Hotel Villa Fioro you shared with us.
And I found some photos there Suitable for Framing
Even the pool chairs are identical to the ones in Vendetta
Here are some of the Grand Hotel Villa Fioro's website pool photos ...

Hotel Villa Fiorio Pool-B.jpg
Hotel Villa Fioro Pool-A.jpg

And Kelly and Scotty 50 years ago, right there poolside.

Vendetta - Scooty & Kelly pool.jpg Vendetta - Kelly & Girl by pool-B.jpg Vendetta - Kelly & Girl by pool-1.jpg

And a shot of the outside of the hotel from the website also ...

Hotel Villa Fiorio - outside.jpg
And  Kelly & Scotty enjoying their balcony many years ago - note the same wall color and the green shutters.

Vendetta - C&C on garden porch at beginning.jpg Vendetta - Kelly on hotel balcony.jpg

And for the Hotel Imperial in Vienna that you mentioned also. Here's a photo from their website.
Hotel Imperial Vienna.jpg  
And from 1994 I SPY RETURNS  - the same statues and corbel supports above the front entrance.
  I SPY RERURNS - C&C by carriage B&W-A.jpg

And check out the cafe to the left of the entrance of the hotel. It's the same cafe the Dads and the kids had breakfast together.

I SPY Returns - Cafe-A.jpg
Love the Name of this Game Mr. Conway. Keep on I SPY hotel-hunting! 
And you are so right, I am sure Sheldon and the gang always stayed at primo 5-stars hotels on their travels. 
(Of course, there was a bit of a difference of opinion in Tokyo. :-) )
All my best,
Tatia :-)