Hello All

Hello All

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Hello All

Hey Gang, it's been a very long time since I've been on the forum, although I have read up on it from time to time. Hope to be a more frequent participant again. I am back in the US (not the Colonel, the real me) and once again working in my home town of Charleston. I've had a few new adventures since my last post here, was doing more development work in Asia.

I saw an exchange a few months ago between Tatia and Maya where I was mentioned and Maya had asked if in real life I was in government/intel work. I would have responded at the time, but couldn't find my password to the forum. No, never done intelligence work. I have been doing deveopment work, working on projects in developing nations to help them strenghten and democratize their governing bodies, especially parliaments. But tatia was correct when she stated that it was my teenage viewing of I Spy that first got me interested in international relations and led me on the path to several years of living abroad.

Anyway, to forum business: I recently finally purchased a copy of the I Spy book and have really been enjoying it. I like the way they have done in the book what I have always doen myself, grouped the episodes into blocks - the Hong Kong Block of Episodes, the Japan Block, the Spain Block, etc. It's a very thoprough and entertaining read. I see that they even took a quote or two from old posts on this very forum, back when we were reviewing episodes about 10 years ago.

Also, in the past couple of years, I have bought the entire DVD collection of Robert Wagner's spy-series "It Takes a Thief", and also the Man From UNCLE and Girl From UNCLE DVD's, the Danger Man/Secret Agent DVD's and the Mission:Impossible DVD's (and even Get Smart, to round out my collection of 60's spy shows).

It Takes a Thief was a recent purchase and I am just now getting familiar with it, but enjoy what I've seen so far. The third season of this show was filmed on location in Europe, taking a lesson from I Spy, I suppose.

Secret Agent is my favorites of these, however, the only one that is almost as good as I Spy. Secret Agent and Mission:Impossible went a long way toward helping me while away rainy weekends in South Asia during the monsoons.

Anyway, I hope the folks on the forum who remember me are well, and I look forward to stoppin in more often.

Col B

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Colonel Benkovski!! Colonel Benkovski!!

Dear Col. Benkovski,

Dobro pozhalovat' domoj!!! ... errr, ummm ... I mean Welcome Home!!!

It is really "wonderfulness" to hear from you, and to know all is well with you. I am also delighted to know that you "hope to be a more frequent participant again." I hope so, too.

AND if you ever feel like taking up the gauntlet again and leading us off on our "reviews," Oedipus at Colunus is the next episode up for review (we're still following the original DVDs order). As I remember, that episode was a particular favorite of yours. Jimmy Mitchell, who I know you will like immensely (both of your intellectual and descriptive talents should meld well) has been starting us on our review efforts in your long absence. But truth be told, we have all been very erratic in doing so ... and I am sure Jimmy will be happy to transfer the mantel back to you, so "your mission is, if you decide to accept it ....." (sorry, wrong show).

What is a real plus these days, is that I SPY is happily back up on HULU.com, so people have easy and free access to the episodes in the U.S. And hopefully others, outside the U.S. have the DVDs. And I SPY is also airing on Retro-TV and Magic Johnson's new Aspire channel.

So welcome home again, Colonel Benkovski ...

(Oh, I really meant to be looking at you, Col. B)

~ ~ ~ ~ All my best,

~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia

~ ~ ~ ~


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Re: Colonel Benkovski!! Colonel Benkovski!!

Hi Tatia, thanks for the welcome and nice to be back! I think the last time I posted was shortly after Mr. Culp passed away.

I had not realized that the reviews were still ongoing. So there is still a,large segment of Season 3 still to go, huh? Be glad to put together one on Oedipus this week, Tuesday or possibly Wednesday, probably.

Where can we look at the old reviews, do you have to scroll back through the pages of the forum or are they together somewhere?

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I SPY's "Search" Feature

Hello again Col. B,

Several years ago, as a gift on one of I SPY's anniversaries, I paid to have the FORUM move up to Network54's "Premiere" level. And I've continued to do so every year since. That means we don't get ads plastered everywhere all over the FORUM, and we have a "Search" feature.

Just go to the first page and you will see "Search" on the gray bar on the right, next to the POST NOW link. When you click on it, you'll get a "Search" box and a choice between Match or Date .

Just type in the episode name and use the Date button, and you'll quickly be able to scroll through the references and find the most current (and older) reviews.

Welcome back again!!

All my very best,


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Happy to Return the Torch/Mantle/Gauntlet

I'm delighted you have returned to this corner of the universe Colonel. I'll be even delighted-er if you take over the "first chair" duties in the I Spy review department. Tatia has been unwavering in her faith and support in me as a leader of men, but I've been doing a pretty poor job lately.

Isn't the DVD box set the greatest invention since--well--I don't know what. Maybe seedless watermelon. Someday it may be looked upon as the cultural high water mark of the human race. I just powered through all 7 seasons of Doctor Who (the 21st century version) and I'm still kind of on a high. Now it's back to finish off Star Trek:TNG, Chuck and the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes. So many sets, so little time.

Anyway, I see you have already posted your review of Oedipus at Colonus. Thank you.



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Re: Happy to Return the Torch/Mantle/Gauntlet

I know what you mean. For abut 6 years now, I have been building up a collection of my favorite old programs - just this week I received the newly released first season of Harry O, and last month I treated myself to my favorite early 80's show, Tale of the Gold Monkey. However, my collection currently only runs through the mid 80's, Remington Steele's final episode in early 1987 pretty much marks the end point of my interest in television programs.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, and it was very enjoyable to get back into a review, I think it has been 9 years since the last one I did!