For Russ Conway's Trip - That Restaurant in Venice

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With Russ Conway's Grand I SPY Tour trip coming up, I checked back on my "great Venetian discovery" of Scotty's balcony at the Hotel Marconi (previously the Hotel Marconi E Milano in I SPY days) AND the restaurant in front of it, where Kelly and the Mattisons and Gianna had dinner.

1-Restaurant Watch & Rialto DUO.jpg

I was SO excited to discover the Hotel Marconi and Scotty's balcony right there by the Rialto Bridge, I forget to check on the name of the restaurant in front of it. I recognized it easily by their distinctive hanging lamps which thankfully have not changed in 50 years. 
2-Kelly resturant bldgs across DUO.jpg

So, I just glanced through Bridge of Spies and heard Gianna say that they had dinner reservations at the Vincentia. But after checking, there are no Vincentia ristorantes listed for Venice today. So "Research R Us Tatia" searched around for all the restaurants around the Rialto Bridge. It didn't take too long going through the photos of the different websites, to find those distinctive hanging lamps. Once I had pinpointed the restaurant, the shots of the Hotel Marconi and Scotty's balcony came right up behind it.

3-Caffe Saraceno - lamp canal-1.jpg
The restaurant is known today as the Ristorante CAFFE SARACENO.
San Polo - Riva del Vin, 726 | 30125, 30125 Venice, Italy
+39 041 522 5556

11-Cafe Saraceno menu address.jpg

Here are some of my photos from last year matched up with photos from the Trip Advisor site for this restaurant today.
4-Restaurant goodbye & Rialto.jpg
And currently ...

5-Cafe Saraceno - chairs & lamps.jpg
And Scotty's Balcony ...

6-Scotty balcony screenshotDUO.jpg
right behind the restaurant ...

7-Scotty hotel balcony DUO.jpg
And currently ...

8-Cafe Saraceno & Marconi Name-2.jpg 10-Caffe Saraceno name & balcony-2.jpg

9-Caffe Saraceno sign big.jpg
Fouad was a master at just turning his camera 360º and capturing all the sights around to him.

But Russ, I am not quite sure this restaurant would actually be a good place to eat - (maybe coffee and dessert)?  
Here's a recent review on Yelp.
You go there for the view. Right next to the famous Rialto bridge.
The food is OK but the big thing is the waiters are rude and don't give a damn because, unlike most restaurants in Venice, a 12% tip is already included. So more orders from your table means more work for them but same 12% tip. Anyway, I give it a 3/5 because of the view. Without the view with it's terrible service, this place would get a 1/5 or 2/5.
The other reviews were 1 and 2 stars and not very complimentary. Guess it has fallen down a good deal since the Mattison's last visit. :-)
Here's the link for my Venice posting about discovering the restaurant and hotel and Scotty's balcony - with photos and a map.
continuing-up-here-venice-i-spy-then-no ... t3369.html
And here's Trip Advisor's listing of the restaurant with LOTS of photos ... eneto.html
And as I discovered last year - Gianna and Kelly would never have taken a gondola ride "home to his hotel" after their dinner, because his hotel was right there behind them. But poor Mrs. Mattison had to trek halfway across Venice in her high heels and mink stole to get back to the fancy Hotel Danieli.
All my best,

Tatia :-)

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Thanks a million for the info, Tatia.  We will definitely take in a meal there!  We're currently in Rome and getting ready to head to Florence.  I made a quick trip to Frascati today and discovered that the opening scene from Tonia was filmed there!  I finally tracked down the cafe where Scotty was talking about how good the tortilinni was and where he punched the guy out who was rude to Tonia! 

All for now.  Gotta head on over to the train station!