Filming Locations In Athens Identified

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Filming Locations Identified in Athens

Since I'm headed there later this month I've been doing some extensive Internet research and I believe I've tracked down a few filming locations in Athens.  

Where Jimmy Mitchell met his doom.  He was using the ruin as a place to hide: ... 6b69eL.jpg

Where Scotty recited some Greek writings to Laya:

The fountain where Scotty and Laya hung out near the Royal Presidential Guards:

And I'm pretty sure this is the very important restaurant where Scotty and Laya dined: ... C_0036.jpg

Russ Conway

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Hi Russ,

I’m away on assignment at the moment, so I can’t photoshop some THEN & NOW photos for you. But I loved those 360 degrees photo views on those websites.

But I can confirm that your restaurant is correct. It is on Mt. Lycabettus. I was there years ago. There is a small chapel at the very top and the restaurant is on the level below. You take a funicular/cable car up there. The view at sunset is really beautiful.

All my best,
Tatia :-)