Ernie Frankel's Unproduced I SPY Script "The Day They Gave The Bride Away"

Ernie Frankel's Unproduced I SPY Script "The Day They Gave The Bride Away"

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Ernie Frankel's Unproduced I SPY Script "The Day They Gave The Bride Away"

Something special tonight!!

I'm in touch with Ernest Frankel, the wonderful writer of Philotimo, Apollo, and Turnabout for Traitors, who would have become the co-producer, with Art Seid, for the fourth season of I SPY, if the show had continued on. He was also Earle Hagen's dearest friend.

Ernie is a true gentleman and scholar ... straight down the line. He is also one very charming fellow. I had asked him a long while ago about others stories he had written for the 4th season of I SPY. He told me that he had donated all of his materials to the University of North Carolina, and that if any of you are ever in the area, you can see them at their library. Ernie's long career writing career for television includes scripts for Perry Mason, My Friend Tony, Mannix, The Mod Squad, and numerous Made-for-TV movies.

But several months ago, he received copies of 2 of his unproduced I SPY scripts The Day They Gave the Bride Away and The Choice from a gentleman with UNC. Ernie most kindly and graciously sent them on to me to have a "look-over"!!

Because of legal and copyright restrictions, I was not able to make copies of the scripts before I sent them back to Ernie .... but I did take copious, voluminous, and a "whole bunch" of notes. And that is what has taken me so long to share them here -- I had to decipher my scribblings and organize them in some sort of coherent manner.

Well, I finally have "The Day They Gave the Bride Away" ready to go. The story is set in Oxford, England. I will post this in parts and include some photos of the locations Ernie has described in his script. I will try to go into as much detail as I can, so you can get the full flavor of the story.

A few quick comments first ....

The most enjoyable side activity to reading these scripts was trying to cast the roles with different actors from the 60s. This really has been a lot of fun, and I will share my choices at the end, and hope to hear yours.

This story is straight drama -- in the serious, darker vane of "Turnabout for Traitors" and "Apollo." Ernie has included some humorous banter between Kelly and Scotty, but truth be told, you can just see where Culp and Cosby would have had a field day in some sections adding their own "unique touch" to some of these moments (to the total chagrin and frustration of Mr. Frankel, I am sure. )

You can clearly picture Kelly and Scotty throughout. Ernie captured them and their "actions and reactions" perfectly.

Here is the "Teaser" where the storyline is set-up and most of the characters are introduced - and where we learn a little something about each of them.

The Day They Gave The Bride Away
by Ernest Frankel

TEASER -- Oxford -- St. Mary's Bell Tower

The scene opens with a view from the Bell Tower, the bells are pealing, and we look down on the serene Gothic architecture -- which is suddenly interrupted when a small open foreign sports car comes careening in -- brakes squealing as it pulls up in front of the Oxford University Church.

Kelly scrambles out from behind the wheel and Danny Lee, a young Chinese scientist, hurries out of the passenger side. Both of them are dressed in formal morning suits. As they dash into the church, they pass Anton Kono, "a squat, pocked-faced, memorably ugly Albanian with a facial tic." Anton appears to be aiming his camera at the scrollwork by the church doors, but abandons the pretense after he sees them, looks at his watch, and half-runs out of the scene.

As Kelly, Danny, and Scotty enter the church, 3 ushers dash up to them -- and begin asking what took them so long?

And Danny replies, "My friend Kelly, who managed to get me out of China, couldn't get his dress shoes out of a locked suitcase."

As Scotty and Kelly enter a side room, we see Lian, the beautiful, radiant bride. She smiles warmly at them. Kelly, who is holding up his brown loafers, has a give-and-take with Scotty about his shoes. Kelly points out that "he" is the best man and will be walking down the aisle and standing in front of the altar, in front of everyone there. He also points out that Scotty, on the other hand, is giving the bride away and will then sit down in a pew. So Kelly insists that Scotty give up his dress shoes and trade them for Kelly's loafers. Scotty is not buying this at all. Lian laughs, and says in that case they should all take off their shoes and walk down the aisle barefoot ... she says everyone will think it is a charming Chinese custom.

More of the shoe bantering continues as they leave the anteroom and see Max Jedenoff entering the church. "Max is of the old-school of Russian agents, a 60 year old, wizened, courtly man of intellect." Surprised to see him, Kelly confronts Max and asks why he is here at Dr. Lee's wedding. Max replies in his courtly manner, "that a ceremony at St. Mary's -- where John Wesley preached? Is that not enough to bring an old Marxist to church?"

Kelly's not falling for any of this ... but just as he is about to enter the sanctuary doors, Kelly eyes Jedenoff 's black shoes ... and starts back with "Oh Max!" ....

The scene cuts to the outside of the church just as an ambulance pulls up. Yovkov , a huge Albanian, gets out, along with Anton Kono. Both of the men are wearing white attendants' jackets. They go to the back of the ambulance, take out the stretcher, and cover up a large rusty pipe in it.

The Wedding March begins to play, the bridesmaids start down the aisle, and Lian takes Scotty's arm. Lian tells him, "Scotty, when the Reds forced Danny to return to China last year, I was certain there was no hope for us ... and until the very moment, 2 months ago, when you and Kelly brought him back to me, I never thought I would see this day ..." Scotty replies warmly, "I don't know why not. We specialize in happy endings."

The scene shifts to Kelly and Danny standing by the altar, waiting with the minister, when suddenly we hear Lian scream. Everyone turns around and Kelly, followed by Danny, run to the doors where the bride was to enter. They can't open them, because a large rusty pipe is wedged through the handles on the other side.

And on the other side of the door, we now see Scotty lying unconscious on the floor and Lian's bridal veil on the threshold -- as we hear an ambulance siren wailing in the distance.

End of Teaser .... Act I next!

As always,


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New Story

Hello, Tatia,

This is a GREAT idea and I want to Thank You for taking so much time and effort to recreate this never produced story for us. I am going to really enjoy finding a brand new "I Spy" story to "watch".

Great teaser! Can't wait for more!

Hey, please don't include any commercials!


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New Script

Oh, gosh this is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much, Tatia, for all your tireless dedication and your commitment to giving us such special items here on the FORUM. I know you will give it all it deserves in your special way with words and pictures so that we can really "see" this episode. We are the most lucky recipients of your labor of love. I love this script already and cannot wait to read more. I'm with Mona - no commercials!

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I concur with all!

(Just got the I Spy book today--yes, I am way behind!--but will relish reading it.)

And thanks for the post. Yes, as Mona said, let's not have any commercials (unless it's for Jello, or the coffee Bob advertised in the 80s!).


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The Day They Gave The Bride Away - ACT 1, Part 1

The Day They Gave The Bride Away
by Ernest Frankel

ACT 1 - Part 1
(With no commercials interruptions, as requested! )

The scene opens in a living room in an English cottage, Danny Lee's home ...

It is described as a "pleasant, comfortable room with dark paneling, a bay window with dark paneling overlooking a garden, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves." The furniture is simple - desk, sofa, leather chairs, coffee table, and a dining table in front of the window with a tape recorder on it.

Scotty is stretched out on the sofa with an ice pack on his head. Danny is distraught and pacing back and forth.

Danny is distressed and complaining that there has been no note, no phone call, except for a message from Scotland Yard saying that they have nothing as yet.

Scotty tries to be reassuring and tells Danny that it has only been a little over an hour since this all happened.

Danny replies, "It must be the Russians who have Lian - why else would Jedenoff appear at the wedding?"

Scotty tells Danny that is who Kelly is looking for right now. Then adds that it's obvious, all right, but the problem is that "Jedenoff doesn't normally do the obvious!"

Danny counters with growing anxiety - "What if it isn't the Russians? - Suppose it's some ... some assassin sent by Peking?"


The scene cuts to Lian -- we see her gagged and tied down in the stretcher, still in her wedding dress. There is a puff of smoke above her, and a hand comes into view waving it away. The camera pulls back and we see Anton Kono (the squat, pocked-faced, memorably ugly Albanian with a facial tic) sitting behind her as the ambulance speeds through the countryside. He is smoking a cigar and looking smug and satisfied with himself.

He tells her his name in Chinese. And then informs her that in only six months in China he speaks the language "like Chairman Mao's laundryman." Then he says, "My Albania is very small country with very big women - China is very big country with very small women!"

He is now leaning over her and starts to stroke her face, running his hand down her arm. He tells her that he prefers small, delicate, fragile women. "I prefer the doe to the cow."

Lian stiffens and tries to turn away from him. He cups her face as she cringes. Anton continues, "Never mind Little Doe, there will be time to know me better ..."

The ambulance jolts to a stop in front of the Stratford Brewery, an isolated building with huge grain elevators. There is a sign outside with weeds growing around and the paint peeling from it that says "Property For Sale or Lease Inquire at Custodian's Office."

Inside is Chen Quo ("a slim, acetic-looking Chinese in his early twenties who looks even younger. He's on his first assignment abroad, and is consumed by zeal and anger.") He is in an office with the custodian, who is tied to a chair.

Chen tells the custodian bitterly, "You English like better to give orders ... as you do in Hong Kong. Do you know about the concessions in Tientsin and Shanghai and Peking. ... where English parks had signs which said: No Dogs or Chinese Allowed? ... Where English masters beat their Chinese servants?"

" Your time is over, English! Now it is our time. Now you take the beatings, English!"

When Anton arrives, he goes to the office and informs "Comrade Quo" that all went well. Quo tells Anton to kill the custodian, but Anton balks. He advises Quo that this is unwise, that they need the custodian to answer the telephone, they can not do it.

Chen continues to rant on in a maniacal manner, insisting that he is in charge, he will make the decisions, and his orders will be followed! Anton recognizing Chen's authority here takes out his pistol, but at the last moment Quo says he will take Anton's "suggestion" in this instance. He looks at the custodian and tells him "Tomorrow English - when we no longer need you!" They leave the office to go to Lian.


The inside of the brewery is described -- a window with bars high on one wall, a series of pipes and hoses leading to old beer casks. There's a small overhead crane with operating cables tied out of reach. Yovkov stands between two casks.

When Chen sees the girl, he advances on her. He slaps her hard and yells at her in Chinese. Lian falls to the floor. She struggles to her feet and tells him that she understands little Chinese, but if he is asking for information, she has none. Chen is furious and calls her a traitor - to her country and to Chairman Mao.

Lian replies that she was born here and has always lived her. She says, "England is my country." Quo shoves her hard against the wall, she hits her head and crumples to the floor. Chen continues to scream at her, that she is Chinese, that China is her country, and before another day ends, she will beg to help it ...

Act 1, Part 2 next time ...

As always,


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The Day They Gave The Bride Away - ACT 1, Part 2

The Day They Gave The Bride Away
by Ernest Frankel

ACT 1 -- Part 2

We return to Danny's cottage ...

Scotty and Danny are sitting on the sofa. Danny is drumming his fingers nervously on the coffee table. He tells Scotty that Lian "may be ... dead already ... retribution for what I did!"

(I just learned Lian means "love" in Chinese -- nice touch, Ernie. )

Scotty reassures him that Jedenoff is their one lead and Kelly will find him.

The phone rings! Danny rushes to it, as Scotty hurries to turn on the tape recorder. It is Chen Quo telling him that the woman will be returned unharmed, in exchange for certain information about experiments Danny has been conducting on propulsion dynamics, fuel analyses, etc ....

Scotty tells Danny to stall, and Danny says that he does not have those figures with him and it will take time to collect them.

Chen replies, "You have two hours." Danny tells him that is not enough time, and Chen tells him that is all that he has.

Chen says, "You will take the materials to Radcliffe Camera."

"You will purchase a tourist ticket and climb the staircase to the balcony. And you will be alone! I warn you! You will be alone!"

Scotty whispers to Danny to say that he wants to talk to Lian ... Danny says that he must speak to Lian, "How do I know she is with you ... that she is alive?"

Chen signals to Anton who twists Lian's arm, until she screams. Then Chen threatens Danny that if he does not provide the data in two hours, Lian will not be alive. Then he abruptly hangs up.

Danny is stricken when he realizes that he has been cut-off. Scotty tries to reassure Danny telling him that it was all staged for you. He continues that they are not going to hurt Lian as long as Danny has what they want.

Danny tells Scotty that he doesn't know these people -- these are not logical men. He learned that -- when they took him from Oxford back to China. And Danny assures Scotty that the man on the phone was indeed Chinese. But Scotty is still sure Jedenoff is involved in all this in some way.

When Danny heads for door, Scotty stops him. Danny says he has to get to his laboratory. Scotty tells him that when Danny goes, Kelly and Scotty will go with him. He tells him that the data has to be "sanitized" first, so it appears genuine, but actually gives them nothing.

Danny tells Scotty that there is something he needs to understand. He thanks Scotty for saving his life in China. He owes his freedom to Kelly and Scotty for rescuing him from the beatings, and malaria, and taking turns carrying him on their backs across the rice paddies to safety. But, he needs Scotty to know that it was Lian who convinced your government that I should be rescued. She nursed him back to health and sanity and got him back to his lab, his work. He says, "I'm alive because of you and Kelly ... but I'm sane, I'm useful because of her!" He will "not" take any chances and risk her life.

The phone rings, it is Kelly, and he tells Scotty he has found Jedenoff. They are going to meet up at his hotel to question Jedenoff together.

Scotty asks Danny to trust him. If he gives them what he wants, he is risking the lives of a billion people. Scotty promises Danny he'll be back within the hour and that Danny must stay put until then -- and he assures Danny that he will get to Radcliffe Camera in 2 hours. But by then, they will have the area staked out, so they can spot the pick-up man and follow him back to Lian. Danny hesitates, but then agrees.

The scene cuts to Kelly and Scotty arriving at Jedenoff's hotel -- the 15th century Mitre Hotel.

When they get to Max Jedenoff's room, they pull out their guns as Scotty prepares to launch himself against the door, but Kelly decides to knock instead and say that he is from hotel maintenance.

We see Jedenoff inside his room sitting in a comfy chair wearing slippers, sporting rimless glasses on the tip of his nose, and reading a book of poetry -- he is the anti-thesis of a sinister agent.

Kelly does his best British workman's accent and asks if he can inspect Max's radiators, because they are having a "bit of a bother" with the boilers.

Jedenoff gets up and detaches a pistol device he has aimed at the door, pockets the gun, and checks a shaving mirror he has angled over the transom, so he can see who is outside. Then sits back down and waits for them to enter.

He calls out to tell them to come in, and lets them know he knows it is them, by telling the "workman," "If you would be so kind, before you inspect my radiators, to leave word at the desk for Mr. Kelly Robinson and Mr. Alexander Scott ... that my door is always open to them."

Scotty tries the door, pushing it in an inch ... it is open.

Kelly and Scotty come in with their guns drawn, and we see the room worthy of the 15th century Mitre Hotel -- white walls with black oak timbers, brass and pewter plates on the walls.

They immediately start questioning Jedenoff, showing the urgency that is pushing them. Scotty frisks him and removes Jedenoff's pistol and tosses it on the bed. Scotty tells him they are rushed for time and want the girl now! Kelly adds that they'll encourage him by breaking fingers.

Jedenoff counters, that Kelly and Scotty are typical of what's wrong with espionage these days. It "is no longer a place for men of style, grace, of imagination!" He then insists that he is retired, that he has resigned and is not involved.

They don't believe it, he just happened to be in Oxford, and at the wedding when Lian was kidnapped. Max gives them a long story about being on his retirement leave before going home to Russia to live on his pension -- that he is only here doing a pilgrimage of English literary sites.

Kelly & Scotty tell Jedenoff that they know he tried to get Danny to defect to Russia last year, and Danny turned him down. And they don't buy the coincidence.

Max asks for 2 minutes to explain, and they agree, pocketing their guns. Scotty glances at his watch.

Kelly starts rummaging around the room and Max warns him that the drawer he is looking at is spring-loaded. Kelly says no one has used that trick in years. He pulls on the knob and it flies open smashing him in the chest and knocking him to the ground. Scotty rushes over to him. During the diversion, Max has taken out a miniature gun he had in an ankle holster and is now sitting in his easy chair aiming it at Scotty & Kelly!

End of Act I - Act II next time.

As always,


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Act I

Well, hmm, not so sure this scene worked for me so well (although those photos setting the scene, Tatia, are BRILLIANT--thanks so much for finding them!). For one thing, I was taught in writing class to show, not tell, so having Kelly find Jedenoff off camera, and call in saying where he is seems an odd, cheap and easy way out plot point.

Also, Kelly falling for the spring-loaded knob trick, and then Scotty going to help him leaving them both disarmed and able to be captured by Jedenoff is rather unimpressive for two of the Pentagon's best spies.

As the imaginary commercial airs, I hope the scenes in Act II return us to a great story otherwise.


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Re: The Day They Gave The Bride Away - ACT 1, Part 2

Well, quite a story! Thanks, Tatia, for the commercial free presentation! Poor Lian getting beaten around for being Chinese but English, Danny with his anguish, Scotty's bad head and now Kelly whacked by that spring loaded drawer! I do fear for Lian at the hands of those men. What are they going to do to her? Just how far will Danny go to save her? We know our heroes are on the trail, but will they get there in time?

Evocative photos, Tatia, just a perfect addition to give us a real sense of what the episode might have offered by way of locales. I was most impressed by those of the abandoned brewery. I miss seeing Scotty and Kelly inserted in here somewhere. I am working on my ideas of guest stars for this episode!


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Saving for the money shot

In TV and film showing costs $$$ -- as far as I can tell that's why everyone loves to talk about new, clever and especially cheap efficient ways to to put out info without actually showing things. Though, yeah, just saying things is probably a bit on the easy side... On the other hand, thanks to a small investment of time and "show" we do know that Jedenoff doesn't want Kelly or Scott dead since he disabled his first booby trap... though it's unclear if Kelly or Scott know that...

Let's just hope there'll be a payoff (and some payout!) in the coming acts. Time is money!

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The Day They Gave The Bride Away - ACT II, Part 1

The Day They Gave The Bride Away
by Ernest Frankel

ACT II -- Part 1
The scene opens with Scotty and Kelly sitting on the sofa in Max's room, side by side, hands behind their heads. Jedenoff, still holding his miniature pistol on them, sits on the arm of his chair.

Max again tells them that he has nothing to do with this kidnapping.

Scotty says, "Yeah, you told us ... you're here to take one last fond look at this cradle of culture."

Jedenoff says that it is true that he is retiring soon, but the part about seeing the sights may have been a "simplification." Then he proceeds to ask them about the nature of Dr. Lee's work.

And when they do not answer, Max laughs and says, "I could break your fingers!"

Still laughing, Max backs to the window shade, pulls it down, and removes a piece of paper taped to it.

While Max is doing this, Kelly asks Scotty how he missed Max's little ankle pistol? And Scotty responds saying "that gadget went out with invisible ink" -- who else but Max would use one.

Max crosses back to them and reads the paper. "Priority of Peking Intelligence is data on missile propulsion systems ... then some facts I am not at liberty to share." He asks if Dr. Lee is working in this field?

They remain silent, and Jedenoff picks up the phone and asks the operator to call Dr. Lee's home. He then tells Scotty & Kelly that one of them will tell Dr. Lee to meet him here. They refuse. Finally he patiently tells them that they can be of service to one another. That Chen Quo, formerly of the Red Guards, is in the country and was followed to the Albanian Embassy in London. "I picked him up there ... 2 days ago ... and then lost him."

Scotty and Kelly react to this news. The operator then comes back on line and informs Jedenoff that there is no answer at Dr. Lee's home.

Scotty is upset and says that Danny is going to try to meet the kidnappers on his own -- that they have to stop him at his lab. Jedenoff says that they cannot do that "as long as we are at odds, eh? And we will be at odds as long as you do not trust me."

Max studies them for moment, then to show his good faith he hands Kelly his little pistol and ankle holster ... "a gift from one man of honor to another." Kelly is astonished, and takes them.

Scotty grabs the phone and tells the operator to call the University Science Center, and Kelly asks Max what he wants. Jedenoff tells Kelly that he wants to work with them. His country "doesn't want China to have the means to deliver the Bomb any more than yours does."

Kelly looks at Scotty, and they agree, but insist that they "run the show."

After speaking to someone at the Science Center, Scotty hangs up hurriedly. Scotty says that Danny has already left. They all rush off to Radcliffe Camera, the rendezvous point, knowing that Danny has no idea what he is heading into.

Ernie added this Production note: This has been set at Radcliffe Camera since according to research material, the Christopher Wren Building is surrounded by "an exceptional view of the spires of Oxford." Tickets are sold to tourists who wish to see the view from the building's exterior balcony. The balcony and the winding staircase to it offer a unique setting. However, if preferred, the scene can also play at Carfax in the busy hub of the town.

The scene opens with Danny, carrying a dispatch case, hurrying to Radcliffe Camera. Anton Kono and a husky, bald Albanian named Enver are watching Danny. Enver is looking through a pair of binoculars. Anton gives him a small can of chloroform and tells him to wait until exactly 5 o'clock. Enver nods and heads towards the building, as Anton leaves.

Back to the Mitre Hotel ...

We see Kelly, Scotty, and Max jump into the little sports car that Kelly was driving to the wedding. Just as Kelly pulls into traffic, a large truck rams into them trying to back into Kelly's parking space. Kelly and Scotty jump out and check the front of the car -- where they see water pouring out of the car's radiator.

We cut back to Danny who is coming out on the balcony of the Radcliffe Camera to wait for his contact.

Enver comes over to Danny, as a group of tourists begins to leave. Meanwhile, Yovkov waits in the ambulance wearing the same white attendant's jacket as earlier, with Anton next to him struggling to get into his jacket. Anton tells Yovkov that he will do the talking - I will say something about a heart attack on the balcony. He looks at his watch, the time is ten minutes to 5.

We switch back to Kelly and Scotty trying to hail a cab with no luck. They all start running towards Radcliffe Camera. Finally out of breath, Jedenoff stops, flags another cab which stops, and he gets in. It catches up with our running guys and they get in, also.

The scene jumps back to Enver on the balcony. He has taken out the chloroform, but has to pocket it quickly as another tourist comes through the door. When the last tourist has left, we see Enver grab Danny's neck and cover his mouth with a chloroformed handkerchief.

The next thing we see is Danny stretched out on his back on the balcony, and we hear the ambulance siren in the background. Enver is looking out off the balcony and sees a taxi pull up. Scotty, Kelly, and Jedenoff get out. Kelly motions for them to separate, having Scotty go around the building and Max staying by the gate.

The ambulance starts to pull up, but Anton sees Kelly and Scotty and frantically motions Yovkov to keep on going. Enver on the balcony with the unconscious Danny realizes he's on his own. He screws a silencer on his gun and goes to the stairwell. Kelly is now climbing the stairs two at a time. Enver waits in the shadows, as we hear Kelly's approaching footsteps.

Enver attempts to shoot Kelly, and we next see Kelly lying on the steps as Enver comes and looms over him. Kelly quickly kicks out with both feet and a huge fist fight takes place, with them rolling down several stairs. Once Kelly finally knocks Enver out, he rushes out to the balcony.

He sees Danny and his briefcase and the handkerchief. He sniffs the handkerchief and realizes it is chloroform. He drags the unconscious Danny to the far side of the door, sits him up, and loosens his collar. Just then he sees Enver's hand inching out the door, and Kelly slams against it. A second huge fight ensues, and Kelly's gun is knocked away. They wrestle, Enver retrieves his own gun, then there is lots of choking, kneeing, panting, and finally a gunshot that grazes Kelly's temple ... Enver decides to sneak around and attack Kelly from the back, but as he gets close behind Kelly, we hear a shot! Enver staggers back and falls off the balcony. We next see Kelly crouched, holding Jedenoff's miniature pistol and wearing his ankle holster.

More to come ...

As always,


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