BCTA Photo negatives

BCTA Photo negatives

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BCTA Photo negatives

Hey everyone!

As you may recall, Tatia told us about several BCTA photo negatives from the SFX Archive being available on eBay back in May. You can read the post here:http://www.network54.com/Forum/172251/t ... 7t+Have+To+....
I bought the negatives and promised I would follow up. As with the previous set I purchased, I had them developed into 8 x 10s. This time I also had them put on a CD so that made posting them up easier.

I've posted them all at TheConsummateCulp site.
http://theconsummateculp.com/2012/06/wh ... ta-photos/
Specifically, the seven that werent shown in the auction are these....


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Thanks for all the hard work, Lisa! Much appreciated by me and no doubt others on the list!

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Thank you so much, Lisa ... yes, I am enjoying!!

I'm just back from a short photo shoot, and am trying to catch-up with everything, including saying thank you
properly for sharing your goodies. I know that you are partial to candid shots and not just screen caps.

I, on the other hand, am not so discriminating and will take Bob anyway I can get him ...

even on cigarette lighters

on marbles

on cereal boxes

on pillows (made by Rachel Culp)

and totes

(available athttp://www.etsy.com/shop/mydeepbluec/)

on camera guns

and eating utensils

and even on coffee ads (where I can use my Kelly spoon) ....

Whew!! BUT .... I digress.

This is a thank you to Lisa and Amaryllis and B-L for all that they do
(and for everyone else to enjoy, also. )

It is the
Culp Collection of Candids... and there are a whole bunch of them.

They include photos of Robert with all sorts of celebs, at entertainment events,
sporting events, and event events. Some I may have posted before, lots I haven't.
They are from everywhere - and in no particular order. I'll add any additional
information I may have. (I thought of trying to turn this into a Quiz somehow,
but had no idea how ... ) I'll post them in several parts.

So breakout the popcorn and enjoy !!

... with Ernest Borgnine and Carol Connors having a drink

with Jerry Orbach at NBC's 75th Anniversary party

with David Hyde Pierce at NBC's 75th Anniversary party

with Sandy Koufax, Elke Sommers, and Andy Williams
at the 24th Golden Globe Awards in 1967

and another one with Sandy Koufax and Elke Sommers

and with France Nuyen and Andy Williams, at the same event, with the
guys in suits, not tuxedos - the event was held at the famed Cocoanut Grove

and another one

with Leslie Nielsen at the "So the World May Hear" Gala
for the Starkey Hearing Foundation - 2004

... that's the same guy he helped out when he was smoking,
drinking Dr. Hartwood on DR. KILDARE. I'm sure Leslie is still grateful.

More to follow ...

~ ~ ~ ~
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... and then there was the time Bob appeared on the JERRY LEWIS SHOW -
I didn't know Jerry Lewis had a TV show. It had a variety format and was on from 1967-69.
Bob guest starred on it in 1968.

and with Andy Griffith at a "Tribute to Danny Thomas and Sheldon Leonard"
at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1990.

Guess Matlock forgave Bob in the end ....

and with Cosby and Danny Thomas at the 1965 Emmys ...

and appearing on the TODAY SHOW with Barbara Walters - 1967

with June Allyson doing a radio play together for the
Philip Morris College Drama Competition - 1952

and with Helen Hayes announcing our Bob as the winner
of the Philip Morris College Drama Competition - 1952

with Keenan Ivory Wayans and Jill Hennessey,
the stars of MOST WANTED - 1997

with Lou Ferrigno and Sam Moore at the
Starkey Hearing Foundation
"Evening by the Lake" event - 2004

skeet shooting with Jackie Cooper in 1961

with Connie Stevens (PHILOTIMO's Stefan's [John Megna] sister)

More to follow ...

~ ~ ~ ~

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And for some sports ....

Culp and Cosby "golfing" with Ann-Margret at a Desert Inn Golf Tournament

and some tennis -
that's our Bob playing the back court with Johnny Carson

and more tennis with Lyle Waggoner in Manzanillo, Mexico
at the Las Hadas Celebrity Sports Invitational - 1990

with Frank & Barbara Sinatra and Carol Connors having a good time

and with Carl Reiner and Jesse Jackson and some beads

along with fellow actors Robert Mitchum, Robert Blake,
and Robert Stack dancing along and rehearsing for a
charity event in 1982

with Arthur Hiller (being honored as a Director) and Hillard Elkins,
Bob's long time agent and friend, at a Palm Springs Award ceremony in 2002.
Mr. Hiller directed Robert in Shirley Temple's "House of Seven Gables"
and Zane Gray's "Badge of Honor."

on the set of CAIN'S 100 "The Swinger" with Sammy Davis Jr.
Bob and Sammy fooling around with their fast draw.

and with Sammy's wife, Mai Britt, and that vertigo-inducing
striped jacket he wore in "A Day Called 4 Jaguar"

with Mrs. Anna Chen Chennault, widow of
Flying Tiger leader, Lt. Gen. Claire Chennault

with James Woods in 1994
(one of Woods very first roles was in "Hickey & Boggs")

and with Debbie Reynolds at a Hollywood Autograph Show in 2007
(and that Hughes Hall of the great Culp video memorial with them, too)

More to follow ...

~ ~ ~ ~
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And the last part ...

with Nancy Kulp (Miss Hathaway of the "Beverly Hillbillies")

and with the lovely Nancy Culp (that's the 2nd Mrs. Culp)

with Neile Adams, actress and ex-wife of Steve McQueen, in 2007

with Barbara Eden on the set of the CHANGING SCENE variety special in 1970

from TURK 182, sitting around with Timothy Hutton and Peter Boyle - 1985

and at the TURK 182 opening with Timothy Hutton and Kim Cattrall

and at the 1967 Emmys, with Elizabeth Montgomery,
presenting an award to Agnes Moorehead

that's the same Agnes that was in "Bob & Agnes & Martin & Shirley"
in "The House of Seven Gables" in 1960

and singing Happy Birthday to Earle Hagen at his 85th
birthday celebration at the Hollywood Bowl, in 2004

with Sheldon Leonard flying off to some exotic I SPY location

and behind-the-scenes with Inger Stevens, showing
her some gun handling tips for the "Calico Bait" episode
of the ZANE GREY THEATER - 1960

THEN and NOW with Fraulein Gretchen (Siv Aberg) from
"Honorable Assassins" - and in 2006 - at the Best Friends Lint Roller Party

and Candace and Bob with his best bud, Hugh Hefner, at the Playboy Mansion

Hope you had as much fun with these as I did!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All my best,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia

~ ~ ~ ~


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Tatia, that was a wonderful collection of pics to browse through! Thank you for putting those together, that was fun!

And hey, I'll take Bob in whatever format too.


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Wow, what a staggering collection! Thanks, Tatia. I especially like him in those skin-tight jeans in the Turk 182 photo. Yummers.


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Re: BCTA Photo negatives

In Bob's I Spy DVD commentary he mentions about getting a tan to avoid going to makeup. This caused a pre-cancer on his temple. As I look at some of these pictures above, I think I can see what he's on about. The close-ups give a very clear view.

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I agree, these are all very fun! I have to admit I'm partial to the NBC 75th party w/David Hyde Pierce, just because DHP looks so thrilled and happy to be talking to RC ... and also apparently all the 'stars' were wearing little lapel pins denoting their contribution? RC's looks like a tiny version of Kelly's backhand!

thanks Tatia!