1984 & Big Brother & Bob ...

1984 & Big Brother & Bob ...

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1984 & Big Brother & Bob ...

Hi Everyone,

In my recent YOU TUBE explorations, I ran across a very rare one ...

It's the 1953 production of George Orwell's 1984.

This was its first adaption for the screen and was filmed for the prestigious Westinghouse STUDIO ONE.

The production, which appears much like a stage play, with very stark and surreal backdrops,
starred Eddie Albert as Winston Smith and Lorne Greene as his tormentor, O'Brien.

And if you look very closely at this videoclip, you will also see a
very young Martin Landau as one of the shouting crowd.

And where was our Bob??
Well, 23 year old Robert M. Culp never appears on the screen,
but you will hear him the minute the videoclip opens.

This is listed on IMDB as his second television performance, after YOU ARE THERE.

Even at 23 he had that polished stentorian voice

- he is the voice of Big Brother's telescreen.

I had seen this production several years ago, renting it from some small on-line company. It is no longer available from them, but it
is available as part of the wonderful STUDIO ONE ANTHOLOGY DVD, which is a 6 DVD set that also features the original production
of Twelve Angry Men "and includes "early performances by Charlton Heston, Art Carney, Jack Lemmon and Leslie Nielsen
as well as teleplays written by Rod Serling and Gore Vidal." For more, check on the description on Amazon.


Here are several more photos from the production.

Here is the videoclip of 1984 - it's short, but very good.


And here is a site with an interesting synopsis of the production and more photos.
There's also a short videoclip of the ending scene included.
It can be found set into the third photo from the bottom.



And with all these recent links up to so many of Bob's performances,
anyone have any comments??

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ All my best,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tatia

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Re: 1984 & Big Brother & Bob ...

That voice! Man, he sounded like that at 23?!