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Limerick City Timetables - 9th July, 2000

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Hopefully, all logged-in members should have access to my images folders.
I've scanned and uploaded eleven timetable sheets as issued when there was a "big bang" in mid-July, 2000, related, I think to the viability plan agreed with the unions.

This timetable change saw the public introduction of the "3xx" number series which had been used internally anyway since GSWR days.

The design was an improvement on the hideous appearance of the previous timetable, which I'll try to scan in as well.

Some points - 

There was more recasting in 2005 but the 306 was untouched (I think!)

301 - only operated as a through service in the evenings and Sundays. During weekday daytime hours, one bus operated a shuttle from City Centre to Shannon Banks and two buses operated a "307" service between O'Malley Park and Greenfields (acutely angled routing).

302 - Because of severe traffic congestion on the Ennis Road and Shelbourne Road, inbound services were rerouted back to the previous routing from Caherdavin (old "6") via Thomondgate and the Strand after three months. Because of traffic congestion, morning peak and Sunday frequencies were reduced from September 2002.

303 - For similar reasons, 303 northern leg services ran to Ballynanty only instead of Craeval Park, also after three months.

304 - A route number used for both Raheen to Pineview and City Centre to St. Mary's Park services. Again, as a result of traffic congestion, the northern leg was rerouted by the Strand in December 2000. Because of traffic congestion, morning peak and Sunday frequencies were reduced from September 2002.

305 - Five months later in December, 2000, the new 305 City Centre to Coonagh Roundabout came in to being, removing services from the Clareview Estate, with the exception of two runs at 10.00 and 12.00 from town. A new 309 linking St. Mary's Park with Lynwood Park was brought in. 

306 - survived unscathed until September, 2012. Note my comments above and below about the 307.

307 - Not shown on timetables but shown on DMD displays.

308 - Because of traffic congestion, morning peak and Sunday frequencies were reduced from September 2002.

309 - See above

At the time, there were also infrequent services to Clareview (from December 2000), Georgian Village, Mulcair Road (Raheen), Monaleen and Rathbane.

Also - the KCs were being withdrawn and the MCs and DWMs weren't introduced till late August and September so services were operated by a rag-tag fleet of white Dennis Darts (DPCs) with corriboard signs propped up against their windscreens, 2 VWs from 1997 and decrepit KCs, both types fitted with number scrolls capable only of showing route numbers 1 to 20. I wasn't in Limerick at the time as my commuting was being done on Bristols on Belfast routes 79 and 84 but I remember how weird things looked at Limerick that late summer. So far as I can recall, there wasn't a public furore over the three digit numbering system.


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Interesting stuff Paul . Maybe its old age ! but I seem to remember the 3xx numbering system in use in Limerick prior to 2000. It dosen't matter either way I could be confusing my visits ! I often wondered why Limerick adopted that system while Cork and Galway had the traditional system . Seems that someone there was way ahead of the rest of us because they could'nt have forseen the NTA or their numbering system nearly a decade later. Great research by the way well done.

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Sorry Noel, it is old age. The new system definitely came in that time IN PUBLIC but the "3xx" system had always been in place internally and if you have a look through Cyril McIntyre's book, I think there are some shots of buses displaying '303' and '343' in the 1940s.

I'm about to post images of the prvious timetable.