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Dublin routes quiz

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February 25th, 2018, 10:12 pm #1

So it occurred to me an hour ago that I haven't made a quiz yet.
Here you are. Yes, there are points, no, there is no prize other than satisfaction 😜

1. There are five route families which have 30 or more boards (not including Euros and Universals) on Mondays to Fridays. They are: 15/A/B/D, 27/X/77A, 40/B/D, 46A/47, 145/84X/184. Which one of these five has the most? [1pt]
1a. Bonus points if you can list their order from most to least. [5pt]

2. Dublin Bus have two depots which are outside of Dublin - in Skerries and Bray. How many boards each are operated by these two depots from Monday to Friday? [2x1pt]

3. There are thirteen route families which have handovers that are outside of the general Dublin city centre area and are not pull-ins into garages. Which routes are they?
Note: routes with handovers at Ringsend garage are considered Dublin city centre area, and thus do not count here. [13pt]

4. Which route has handovers in two different places that are along the route? (ie. not at the terminus and along the route, but both at intermediate locations) [1pt]

5. All five of the current dual-garage operations are because of mergers of separate routes into a cross-city route and the two garages keeping a portion of the new route. What routes were absorbed into which dual-garage opearted routes? [5x2pt]

6. There are two garages where there are late evening trips that work to the garage. What garages are they and which routes are these trips on? [6pt]

7. Occasionally one might find that the audio announcement doesn't match the stop name at all. Name one example from Dublin 9. [1pt]
7a. Bonus point if you add what announcement actually plays. [1pt]

8. There are 10 termini operated by one route and 2 termini operated by multiple routes that will see a complete takeover by Go-Ahead Dublin in the next 12 months. List them all. (Note: this does not account for routes PASSING through that terminus, only for routes terminating there) [12pt]

9. Which three termini with more than two terminating routes will see all but one terminating route go to Go-Ahead Dublin? Which route is the one to stay with Dublin Bus in each case? [3x2pt]

10. Which is the odd one out?
1, 4, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 27, 39a, 40, 41, 44, 46a, 83, 122, 123, 140, 142, 145, 151

There are 59 points available for this quiz. I'll post the answers on Sunday 4 March sometime after 19:30, as well as announce the winner then.

Joined: October 12th, 2016, 4:34 pm

March 4th, 2018, 7:39 pm #2

Seeing that nobody gave any answers, here's the correct set:

1. The most Mon-Fri boards: 15/A/B/D. Between Harristown and Ringsend there are 42 boards.
1a. From most to least: 15s (42), 27s (41), 40s (39), 145s (32), 46s (30).

2. Skerries have 4 boards, and Bray have 16.

3. 4, 13, 27b, and 83 have handovers in Harristown. 33/a have handovers in Skerries. 46a and 145 have handovers outside Donnybrook Garage. 45a, 59/111, 63, and 75 have handovers in Dún Laoghaire. 84/a/185 and 145/184 have handovers in Bray. 130 has handovers outside Clontarf Garage.

4. 145 is the only route to have handovers at two different intermediate positions - outside Donnybrook Garage for Donnybrook boards, and in Bray for Bray boards.
The 13 would not have counted as the Harristown handovers of the 13 are at the terminus (practically speaking in the garage itself actually), and not at an intermediate point :)

5. The 13 was made from the 13s and 51s. The 14 was made from the 14s and 20b. The 15 was made from the 15 and 128. The 27 was made from the 27 and 77. The 40 was made from the 40s and 78s.

6. Conyngham Road have garage workings on 68, 69, and 79. Summerhill has a working to garage on the 33, cleverly hidden as Mountjoy Square.

7. Stop 225, Shanard Road, Shanowen Avenue does not have a matching announcement in D09.
7a. The announcement that actually plays is for "The Thatch Road". This announcement was probably intended for stop 215, which should actually play Collins Avenue (I cannot confirm personally what actually plays).

8. The following termini will be taken over completely by Go-Ahead's operations: Sutton Station [102], Swords [33a], Swords Pavillions [33b], Kilbarrack [17a], Ballymun [220], Clontarf Garage [104], Chapelizod [76], Killiney [59], Dalkey [111], Ticknock [114]; Lady's Well Rd [220, 238], Bray Station [84a, 184, 185].
At the writing of this I realized that Rialto on rte 17, and Palmerstown on rte 18 are also single-route termini to be taken over completely by GAD, that I did not include in the possible termini...

9. Dún Laoghaire DART Stn. will see all but the 46a go to GAD. Blanchardstown Shopping Centre will see all terminating routes but 37 go to GAD. Last but not least, Blackrock DART Stn. will see all but the 46e go to GAD, although one could argue that with just two MF trips this terminus might just as well be considered to go to GAD completely.

10. The odd one out is 41, as the only non-cross-city route in the set.