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On the old forum we had a section at the very bottom called Active Discussions which showed the last five threads to have been replied too. A handy feature to say the least although a few people did ask if it could be increased from five to ten. Unfortunately it couldn't but no matter as we have a new system here.

At the very bottom of the forum are a number of very useful links that a lot of will probably enjoy.
  • Active Topics: By clicking this link you're taken to a list of every topic that has been posted on within a 24 hour bracket; midnight to midnight.
  • Replies to Your Topics: If you're only stopping by for a short visit and want to see how your own topics are doing then this is the link for you.
  • Mark all Forums\Marks all Topics Read: Does exactly what it says on the tin; marking either topics or entire forums as read so they don't appear active after you've checked out everything you care too.

A black on blue arrow represents a forum area with new content. A single blue arrow represents a forum area with no new content. You can mark a forum area as read by clicking on the black arrow.

Just something to note; I've noticed that even after reading every topic in a forum area it may still show up with a black on blue arrow indicating new content. After a while the forum recognises that you've read everything and removes the black arrow but you can preempt this by clicking on the black arrow yourself or marking the forum read from the link mentioned above.
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