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Rules for Trading Places [list]
[*]A member must have ten posts on the IPMS Ireland Forum before they can use Trading Places.
[*]One of the ten posts must be a representation of the members modelling projects; either a past or ongoing project will do.
[b] [i]Explanation: [/i] [/b] [i]The IPMS Ireland Forum is dedicated to building a community. We would encourage you to become an established member of the community before attempting to trade within it. Trading with established and trusted individuals is safer for the community overall. [/i]

[*]No links to eBay, Done Deal or other online sales sites.
[i] [b]Explanation: [/b] Trading Places exists to promote and facilitate direct trade between IPMS Ireland members. Off-site sales links will be removed. [/i]

[*]All requests to purchase items in a sales topic must be posted publicly in that sales topic for all other members to see.
[i] [b]Explanation: [/b] The IPMS Ireland Forum is dedicated to promoting an open atmosphere for members to engage in commerce. Attempting to buy items in a sales topic through private message can be misconstrued by other members as shady or underhanded. This causes unnecessary conflict. Any member found to be engaging in commerce through private message may find their sales topic removed. [/i]

[*]The IPMS Ireland Forum cannot be held responsible for any bad deals that occur on Trading Places. You engage in commerce on Trading Places at your own risk. If you do not feel confident in the member you are trading with then don’t do it.

[*]Only paid-up members of IPMS Ireland can put up items for sale, or can offer items for trade on the forum. (Anyone on the forum, of course, can buy or respond to a trade request.)
[i] [b]Explanation: [/b] Trading Places exists to promote and facilitate trade by IPMS Ireland members. Use of the facility is one of the perks of membership. [/i]
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