Location Ohio, the bombshelter state. |D
UTAUloid or Project Name Kenage Kaisho | Bion Kimusume
UTAU Status VCV+CV β Released! | Beginning recording of Bion Kimusume
UTAU/Project Info My first UTAU, Kenage Kaisho (健気カイショ), is downloadable in my signature. To see her information and listen to her before downloading, go here:

Her VCV+CVs are in beta stage now available.

I'm now starting recording for another UTAU, Bion Kimusume. She's a bubbly, sweet voice in contrast to Kaisho's strong, deep one.

To see what USTs I'm working on, watch this video (A bit outdated):

Kaisho and Kimusume are members of an UTAU group that's in the works called UTAU SoundScape. Very WIP. Website should be up by the fall.
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~ If you cannot use a Hiragana encoded bank, use her CV Act 1.0. ~