The House of Random Nothingness

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The House of Random Nothingness

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Hi Everyone! Seems like I'm the topic starter here.. Hope you'll participate and be a housemate in The House of Random Nothingness

Let's have 5 characters first OKAY? I'll go on.. Please follow the format so the readers won't be confused. And please use your forum name.. ahahaha... so it would be more easy..

STORY: The House of Random Nothingness is a rental house in the heart of Tokyo. Its open for everyone and the landlady is mostly away of the house. The flow of the story is about the everyday life of 5 different people, living in one house. Let us continue on and find out if there will be couples, nemesis or outcasts. Let the fun begin!

Name: TypeHere M. Keyboard
Sex: Female
Interests: Mangas and playing League of Legends
Character: kinda stuck-up, has wild imagination and madly in love with Ran Tachibana of Hana ni Arashi.

TypeHere entered the house after standing at the gates for a minute. The house was quiet, though, some little noise can be heard from some rooms. A smell of burnt cookies was on the air. She climbed the stairs and looked for her room. The doors have names and her room was the first one.

Before she opened the door, someone peeped on the other door and...