Exorcist: Minamoto, Haruka

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Exorcist: Minamoto, Haruka

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Name: Minamoto, Haruka
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Job: Exorcist
Branch of the Black Order: Asia
Weapon: Parasite Type? (Iono) He has a very wierd? Unique? Power. He is able to persuade and sometimes tell people to do things, (if they aren't alert about it.) and kill using his mind. He has a mark on his head, and it serves as the Innocence. His is called the Mind Crack, by using it he can attack from far away or close. He can also read minds and such. (Am I allowed to make his weapon like that? If not, then I shall change....)
The guy on the left, of course, I wonder, does the girl on the right look like Korinna with short hair and casual clothes? lol
Personality: Haruka is a very calm person. He may seem very cold but that's just his skill of indifference! He is very nice and though he doesn't show many emotions in front of others, his girlfriend, Korinna, Head Chef of the Asia HQ, can think of a few ways to make him laugh. He is a very HOT looking guy, many girls really love him, but because they know that he has a girlfriend, they only talk to him. He is actually rated as one of the top five guys with skills and looks, including many like, Touga and such. He is very skillful in many things, but he rather spends time with his girlfriend, since they do not meet much because of missions, and her job.

Haruka as a child was very obedient, he listened to whatever his father had to say but one day, his mother, the one that abadoned him with his father, came back. She came back screaming and yelling, his father, of course, didn't want anything to do with her. It seemed like she was crazy, she started to throw things and....
suddenly she had knife, one that could kill very easily. His father noticing that something was very wrong with his mother, told Haruka to run. Run away, and call the other village people to come and help. Though, after 10 minutes, Haruka came back, only to find his father dead on the floor. His mother who had killed him had gone insane and had suicided then and there after his father died.
Three weeks after they had occurred, a man showed up, asking, "Would you like to see your father?" Dazed and confused he listened to the man, but everything was not like he imagined, his father tried to kill him, but as he ran into the forest he noticed something shining. Thinking it was something he can hurt the akuma with, he ran over to it. Only to see it was some kiind of glass container. Still scared, he picked it up and was about to throw it, but it had suddenly merged with him and with that he was able to defeat the akuma.
But suddenly, at the shock of his akuma weapon, he fainted. He was in luck because someone who knew about the Black Order had found him, and took care of him. Thoughh he didn't know who it is, he was grateful for that person. Since, that person had helped him alot by healing him and that person had placed him in the care of the people at the Black order. To find the person who had helped him, he had stayed in the Black Order, and if wasn't searching for the person, he was on missions, by the Black Order. He was very happy there, espeicially when Korinna had arrived, and there he begin his life with other exorcist.

(Afterwards, he fainted, but someone found him, brought him to the branch and then left. He awoke there, and people knew he was an exorsist, so they had explained everything to him and from there he had gone on various missions...)

Elborating (Haha, yup I shall, I thought I rushed it too much too, lol)Hope I got more details!

nessa: very good, could you elaborate on the last part of the history in parantheses? After that, you're good to go :]. This character looks very hot~~
kyonie: HAHAHAHA ATSU-ATSU!!!!!!!!!!! :hahaha: