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Location uuhh.. sekarang sih saia tinggal di bandung...mudah2an untuk seterusnya jugaa....
Interests -Current Hobbies :

Drawing (manga or doujinshi)

Music (no hard music though)

Playing game (ps 2 of course...)

Allow my imagination get out of my head (although if that thing is crazy)

Spending so much time in front of my Zeldic (nick for my computer )

-Favorite Quote :

?Do'Ahou? ? Slam Dunk (Rukawa say it for idiocy of Hanamichi)

?Let me show you something. And then I'll tell you everything I know about this world...? ? Shinonome (amatsuki)

?Okay. It's payback time.? ? Rikugou Tokidoki (amatsuki)

?Who's the SUPER SMALL SPECK?!? ? Edward Elric (hagaren)

?EAT GOD HAMMER!!? ? Edward Elric (hagaren)

?I'm the kind of person who only believes in what this one eye can see.? ? Date Masamune (basara)

?OYAKATA-SAMA!!? ? Sanada Yukimura (basara)

?Hadn't you better hurry up and leave?? ? Suikoden 5 (Lucretia say it with gloomy face)

?Would you like to find out just how cold the water of the Feitas river is?!? ? Suikoden 5 (Miakis say it in order to scared Euram)

the truth is... there's some more about it... but I think I wouldn't write them on all...

-Favorite Genres :





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...KILL is meaningless...

...but...sometimes it's feels GREAT...

don't mention it... just a
crazy words...

Here my FFn~