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August 3, 2005

President of the Republic of Brasil
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Brasilia, Brasil

President of Republic of Venezuela
Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias
Caracas, Venezuela

President of Republic of Argentina
Nestor Carlos Kirchner
Buenos Aires, Argentina

President of Republic of Cuba
Fidel Castro
Havana, Cuba

Dear Sirs:

Although I am just an ordinary Canadian citizen, in 1970 I was honoured to be served with official credentials as a representative of Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Brasil (Igreja Catolica Apostolica Independente do Brasil)by the Archbishop Patriaca, Don Manoel Ceia Laranjeira. These credentials were also recognized by a Canadian Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and I understand also they are for all the North American continent. I still have them in my possession. Delivery of these credentials was brought to me by hand delivery, by Monsineur Ulisses Martins of the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Brasil. During his visit to Canada he made an interview to a Canadian newspaper, The Victoria Colonist, which I believe he appeared on the front page saying words to the effect...."when Brasil rises, the world will shake...." "Quando Brasil se levante, o mundo vai estremecer.....".

The intent and the powers of these credentials had various aims. All of them to help the people of Brasil and Latin America. I don't believe I ever have used them, but as they are in my possession, I take the liberty to direct myself humbly to the four of you Mr. Presidents, because in your hands and your power and the willingness of your great people, you have the strength to change the course of history and the destiny of the world. I do believe that in this world only the fittest will survive. Today you are facing the most terrorist nation in the world, the United States of America and the only one convicted as a terrorist nation by International Tribunal of Nations in Hague, Holland, with a government of deceitful, dishonest and unscrupulous liars and put together criminals. By a flood of information no honest citizen can fail to see what you are having to face. I cant stop to say how honoured I am to see a country and the Government of Spain, misled by lies, dishonesty and deceit by George Bush and Tony Blair and their band of criminals protected by diplomatic immunity, realized what crime of genocide was taking place in Iraq and withdrew their troops.

Today Iraq, Afghanistan; Tomorrow will be Venezuela, Brasil in Amazona, Argentina, and there will be no end because no one can stop the diabolic empires of United States and England who will come for you, and don't you doubt for a moment, and so is my belief. After I saw on the CBC in Canada, a documentary by Barbara Trent "Panama Deception", and I read how President Bush and the State Department stop a documentary by Oliver Stone about Cuba and President Fidel Castro titled "The Commandant", (both of them American producers) and all the flood of information through the internet, newspapers and television, I come to realize the only way your countries can survive is immediately unite in a military block, acquire and produce nuclear weapons to protect your people, your nations and your borders. Be very well informed the rich don't want to die. If united as a block you become a power to reckon with. If you stay divided you will be swallowed one by one. If nuclear weapons are so bad, how come the United States want more and more and more. Don't have illusions that they will respect any treaties, and a good example is Malvinas, part of the national territory of Argentina. Where a community of nations, the United Nations have voted so many times, and Organization of American States, also voted in April 18, 1982, that this is territory of Argentina, I believe. This shows to you clearly that the law is upheld by a power of nuclear weapons. These organizations are a total world farce in my belief, because no one enforces none of the resolutions. The five members of the Security Council with the power of veto all have nuclear weapons.

I believe that you should open your markets to China, Russia, Canada and all other nations and do not forget for a moment that a diabolic empire of United States and England cannot survive without exploitation of Latin America. They themselves will completely disintegrate as soon as your great countries unite. This is my belief. perhaps these credentials which have been given to me have served to alert your great minds.

Antonio Farinha
321 Alberni Highway
Parksville, BC V9P 1L7 Canada
(250) 248-7673

Meetings of World Globalization,NAFTA and the rest of the Bandwagon-
I believe that sooner or later The Rooster Will Come Home!
Autor: Antonio farinha Date:08-08-01 10:44
I strongly believe that no matter how many demonstrations take place, nothing will change the rich people's and corporations agenda. Behind closed doors are one big army of corrupt lawyers, accountants and politicians with a no end drama. Equality is in the constitution of fools, equality only exists at DEATH, which comes and does not discriminate betwen poor or rich, white or black, young or old, communist or democrat, catholic or jew. Everyone is equal when their number is up, therefore I also believe the birth of anything is created with pain, hurt, violence and death. The birth of any nation is created by violence. Talk and more talk only create abortions. Take USA for example: it was born out of violence by becoming a Republic. If anyone believes that Canada, Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth countries are independent nation, they are out of their minds. These countries are make-believe. They are all English colonies like puppets on a string. The Queen and her troops are at the head of the state. The government and all the politicians have one simple job: ACT. ALL of them are actors for the rich and powerful. Their job is to make believe just like the church tries to make you believe in God. For this they get will paid from the slaves called "the public".
The rip-off countries call themselves the "G8". In the last 10 years Latin America for example, paid over 987 billion dollars, all of that money in interest. Not one single dollar has been paid back on the loan. The rest of the countries in the world are even in worst situations. However, everything is bound to change in this world overnight. I believe the rooster will come home and then the people will realize what kind of politicians they have. There is one thing that scares the rich, and that is Equality with the poor at time of death. The Russians claim (from a very reliable source) that 160 suitcase size of nuclear bombs have disappeared. Where are they now? According to what I have read some of them are already on USA and British soil. I believe that when death comes in the form of equality, the rich don't want to die but want to live forever. Please read a book called "Through The Eyes Of The Enemy". There are also many other documents relating to the suitcase nuclear bombs. It was even exposed on CNN.
When I listen to the media and read the newspapers, it is a constant 24 hour around the clock lies and more lies. I come to realize that, the rich people never go to these meetings but they send their lapdogs, the politicians, as actors. One of the biggest actors is the Pope. He also has many other crooks, masters in the art of deceit, like ministers and public servants. But the real controllers, the rich and powerful, are always behind the scene
sincerely Antonio Farinha
321 Alberni Hwy
Parksville BC Canada

The Enigma

Six to 10 million years ago, humans began to evolve from the chimpanzees and gorillas, which started about 37 million years ago. Even today the genes of the chimpanzees are 98% identical to humans. We can receive a direct blood transfusion from the chimpanzee except the Group O because it is the human species heredity.

Since then humans have come a long way. Scientifically we become very advanced perhaps but collectively we are a sea of ignorance. Ready to be exploited and brainwashed by any individual cult, institution, religion, media or government etc.

Why? We as ourselves? Lets look perhaps why.

Failing to understand their own power, inner strength and emotions, most people spend most of their life doing what other people want them to do. Instead of what they want to do themselves. Most people, perhaps you, are haunted by self-destructive feelings, and headed on a collision course with their own destiny, which they dont understand.

These are feelings that might frighten and depress you. For example: the constant fear that other people are somehow better, the fear that you are now and will always remain a second class person in life, or realization that you always feel poor no matter how much you earn, and always feeling inadequate no matter how great your accomplishments are.

Because of two crippling pressures, the constant attempt of other people to exploit you and your emotions, along with self-destructive feelings of inferiority, you spend your life in an emotional prison instead of a palace.

You allow yourself to be surrounded by enemies and users instead of friends. You accomplish only a fraction of what you are able to accomplish and you find yourself constantly driven away from the real meaning of life.

Failing to see there is no softer pillow than a clear conscience, and what you think means more than anything else in your life. More than what you earn, more than where you live, more than your social position and more than anyone else might think of you.

Finally in reality, what really counts is you but you are not alone in this confused world. Observe and study. There are big cities within their intricate streets and thousands of busy people going in different directions from a far distance which will look chaotic and unorganized but when we take a close look at short range we find that every single person has a sense of direction and a course towards a daily task in their life no matter if they travel in opposition directions or in an erratic way. They are creating a bubble called status.

What makes status?
A goal in survival and achievement. They will be givers, the takers and the Users of the Givers and Takers. Their life will revolve around the triangle of: Food, Water and Air. To survive and the triangle of the vagina, penis and power To conquer.
One in twenty will be a Leader. One in seven will be a Traitor. In ten people eight will reveal anything private or secret. At any time in your life you will have only two real friends and there will always be three kinds of people:

1. The ones who make things happen
2. The ones who watch things happen and
3. The ones who will never know what happened

The first ones are: The people who care and have values. The second ones are: The users and the opportunists and the last ones are the ones who lack knowledge and valor. The fact is that they are alive and their life has a function and a purpose on this planet. They are humans and as humans they have the ability to write and record their knowledge from one to another and to pass from generation to generation and therefore becoming masters on this planet of ours and charters of our destiny. But how can we understand this? If we look closely at beehives, a wasps nest, and an anthill or cell formation in any living matter, everything operates as a big, busy city with the same special purpose in life. Although first, a person must understand life.

Like a person who turns a television on and just sees the picture there but doesnt have the faintest idea how the music or anything takes place or works, a TV turns on and off, a radio turns on and off, our life turns on and off.

It is due to electricity. All life is electricity and what is electricity? We really dont know, but believe it to be radio waves according to human formulas and studies and we know how to control to a certain extent, electricity. We also know the electromagnetic force and their influence in all life and elements on this earth such as moon influence in sea tides, animals and other species life cycle.

There are an estimated 100,000 galaxies in our universe. Each one of them contains thousands of millions of stars. One of such galaxy is the Milky Way which contains some hundred thousand million stars. One of such stars is called the sun. It is just another star orbiting and around the sun are nine planets.

Remember you have heard before many times that the number 9 is the number of God Our Creator. The third planet out from the sun is a blue green sphere about13, 000 kilometers in diameter called Earth. The planet is unique in the solar system, having 70% of the surface covered by water and possessing an atmosphere rich in oxygen that together creates condition necessary for life, as we know it. If it gets 100 degrees cooler or 50 degrees hotter, all life on this earth will disappear.

This earth is home to 2 million species of life forms, one that is human kind. We orbit the sun at an average velocity of 107,000 km per hour, 90 times the speed of sound and travel 2.5 million km in one day along our solar orbit completing one circuit every year.

As stars grow old and die, they disappear in an explosion that throws out energy at the rate of 10,000 million suns. It is this debris that enriches the universe with new elements. It is of this cosmic dust that we are literally made of 90% water, 10% iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals.

Through evolution, life starts to grow from these minerals. DNA which turns to acids to bacteria similar to the slimy mould, which grows as plants, turns into a crawling miniature worm that settles down and grows as a plant again until it seeds again.

Bacteria are the first form of life. This is why when we eat moldy rye we have LSD hallucinations that will let us remember when we were in the womb of our mother. We will hear her heart beat in our body and will remember our journey in the vaginal track with other 350,000 brothers and sisters who have died in the journey by being devoured by vaginal cells and amino acids.

From the sperm, a swimming and crawling life form, to when we develop in our mothers womb, we take many prehistoric life forms like the cocoon of the butterfly. We will have gills and tails as fish, our body will cover with hair like dogs and we breathe air like a fish with gills and we have a tail like a tadpole.

Amino acids, carbon, iron, water, oxygen and other chemicals are our seeds of life, and they are our body. They have arrived to the earth on dust that fell from the sky of the disintegrating comets as the earth orbited through huge dust clouds that were rich in organic molecules. Our life is the Sun and magnetic fields of the 9 planets orbiting around the sun are our creator.

The sun contains in the core an energy of about 48 million degrees of heat. Anything that comes close turns to gases and ultra rays. It is this ultra violet rays that break the amino acids and at right tuned frequency allows the sperm to enter the egg and create a fusion of the cells. It is at this moment that a soul or spirit Will enter our life and will remain until our death when 69.5 grams of electric energy will leave our bodyThe Soul.

When the egg accepts the sperm at right tuned frequency they fuse and they form a cell which starts to separate into two and four and eight and sixteen and thirty-two. One cell will be the brain, one the nerves, one the placenta, etc. until they form the embryo. If the embryo is frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature minus196° Celsius. In this temperature the embryos can remain frozen without deteriorating virtually and indefinitely for more than thousands of years. The Spirit will remain with the embryo because for each human individual there is one and only one unique and indivisible spiritual substance of Soul.

Our sex will be determined, male or female at the time of the moons position at time of conception. The sex will be a male from full moon until before the new moon and will be female from new moon until full moon. Everyone is a male for the first three months in the womb. After the genitalia will split if it is a female, however, both male and female will have remains of both sexes hidden. A woman will become pregnant in the same moon cycle as her mother did. If several women are put together in close quarters, their period will synchronize the cycles by the full moon. Other animals in the world also have the same cycle. The reason for this is for protection as a group of the offspring from their predators. This is natures way for survival of the species.
At time of conception our life span is programmed by nature as follows: The year has 365 days divided by 120 peaks. Each peak has three degrees. Our life, destiny and profession are dictated by each peak of three degrees, which is called harmonics. For example in the 5th harmonic, it will be doctors and nurses. In the 7th harmonic it will be clergymen. As is similar to the anthill where you see a very well organized society of soldiers, caretakers, nurses, laborers, babysitters, etcas in beehives.

Humans are similar. So it is in the beginning in life, our heart starts beating in the seventh day and will beat one billion times before our biological clock will order our body to start being destroyed. The brain function will occur at the end of the sixth week after conception. You will be in your mothers womb for about 270 days. At the moment of birth you enter the biorhythm cycles of life. These cycles influence our physical, emotional and intellectual states.

The physical cycle is 22 days long. For the first 11-½ days, you are in the positive half and you should have a feeling of physical well-being, strength and endurance. During the second 111/2 days you are in the negative half and this results in less endurance and a general feeling of fatigue.

The emotional cycle lasts for 28 days. During the positive half, you feel more cheerful, optimistic and co-operative. In the negative half, you tend to be moody, pessimistic and irritable.

The intellectual cycle lasts for 33 days. The first half is a period in which you have greater success in learning new material and pursuing creative, intellectual activities. During the second half you are supposedly better at reviewing old material than attempting to learn difficult new concepts. This alternate current cycle will continue until you are dead.

After our technical death, 69.5 grams will leave our body. This is our energy, our soul, as the common layman knows it. In this energy, which leaves our body and enters the stratosphere and universe is our imprint of everything we are. We will remain there for eternity until the right time to return according to the tuned frequency of the planets.

Like a computer chip every seven years, based in the law of the universe mathematics, exactly when the nine planets are in synchronized frequency of such energy. Thousands of life forms and thousand of human beings will be born in this same second. Your energy, spirit or soul will never die. With the same personality, destiny, future, features of characteristics as each of us are, will be millions born alike but with our energy. Only we will return time and time again with different bodies for billions of years to come.

When you become a human being
You receive a body
You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours
for your entire period this time around.

You are enrolled in a full time informal school called life.
Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to
learn lessons
You may like the lessons or think them to be
irrelevant and stupid.
There will be no mistakes, only lessons
Growth is a process of
trial and error, of experimentation.
The failed experiments are as much a part of the process as
the experiment that ultimately works.

An event will happen time and time again
A lesson is repeated until learned
A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it,
you can then go on to the next lesson.

Growth in life or knowledge of learning lessons does not end
There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons.
If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.
There is no better than here, when youre there has become a here,
you will simply obtain another there that will, again, look better than here.

You cannot love or hate something about another person unless
it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.
Others are merely mirrors of you.
The answers to life questions lie inside you
All you need to do is look, listen and trust yourself.

You will go through changes, both good and bad, and you will come to
appreciate the worlds beautiful people who keep alive laughter, love and
hope and you will be one of them.

You will have a great gift and that gift is yourself.
Many people would like to thank you for choosing to share that gift
with them and others and though no one person may be able to change the world,
I want you to know that you made a significant difference
in their life and they appreciate you.
Look inside of you for the reflection of your beautiful soul
that makes you large than life.

And then every day of your life, you will be happy and enjoy it.
You will be yourself and love the world as the world will love you for being human.
And dont take life so seriously, youll never get out alive,
But you shall return.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
We set our sights on a destination beyond the distant horizon then we make the road by walking.
In the journey of life, when one had done what one supposed to do and knew what one suppose to know, death would no longer be feared. Traveling is a miniature version of life. When one have seen what one wanted to see and experienced what one expected to experience, the journey home would be calm and satisfied

Research by:
Nuclear Engineer in Astrophysics
Antonio Farinha
321 Alberni Hwy
Parksville, BC V9P 1L7

The body is composed of 90% water, 10% minerals. The Twelve Tissue Salts are: Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulphate, Phosphate of Iron, Potassium chloride, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Sulphate and Silicic Oxide.
Table of Minerals:
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